21 Controversial Alex Jones Quotes

In September 2011, Jones began a series of interviews with a former Navy Seal who survived the attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya. These interviews were then uploaded to a Youtube account, with the title “Inside Man: The Shocking True Story of Operation Turus”. Jones claimed that the film was censored by Youtube, and later uploaded a second version of the film with only the first four interviews. The film became an overnight hit, and was subsequently banned in Australia and New Zealand.

Jones has been controversial because of conspiracy theories, like the one claiming that president Barack Obama is a foreigner.

Jones has a reputation for controversial statements and this quote did not seem to be any different.

21 Controversial Alex Jones Quotes

The media controls our thinking. The media promotes selfishness, greed, and the cult of celebrity. The media is more addictive than crack.

As an aside, the fact that he makes a passing reference to bank robbery is important. It shows that he understands the concept of a bank robbery, whereas the average TV news anchor has no idea what is going on with this kind of bank robbery.

We could be gay because it’s just a chemical warfare operation. They’re going to use chemicals to make us gay, and I have the government documents where they said they’re going to encourage homosexuality with chemicals.

Trump is like a little gangster thug threatening to shut down the “Little Gangster Troll.” He has been trying to shut me down from day 1. He has been trying to keep me down. He has been trying to keep me silent. He is threatening to silence me.

I am not a business man, I am a revolutionary.

The left is planning to take the American presidency and America is a nation of cowards. You will not see me show any mercy. I am going to take the fight to you. I am going to make you do what you fear. I am going to make you fight for your life. I am going to go to your house and kill the people in your house and rape your wives and your daughters. I am going to make you do it. I am going to make you die. Because that’s what you cowards do.

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Alex Jones believes that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are involved in censorship and political manipulation.

Alex Jones accused the media of trying to make him look like an extremist. He said that he is against big government and has always been. He also said that Republicans and Democrats are the same and that Democrats are trying to make him look like a communist. This statement is in contrast a previous one that he made on April 4th, during an interview with Tim Froom of Radio America. In this interview, he made a statement that he was going to fight against the government. He then went on to say that it was the fault of a poor economy that the government is attempting to control the country. Later, during his hour long show, he called in and said that the economy is only getting worse and that he would continue to fight for his right against big government.

I believe that Sandy Hook happened.

Alex Jones said that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a fake, made up by actors.

The number of heterosexuals in the majority, has increased, making the homosexual population to be a smaller proportion of the country’s population.

 I don’t know if this was actually Alex Jonesâ€(tm)s quote, but I don’t think it would have fit into a short paraphrase.

The consensus at Google and Facebook and Twitter is that human society will not be obsolete by 2050.

As long as we can all come together as one loving family, there is no need to focus on “hate”. This is an example of someone who is so positive about the future that he can’t imagine a worse world than the one we have today.

The globalists are smart and tell us that sin is fun, sin is a red-devil cheerleader.

 You’re always trying to say that people who are talking about world government and corruption are anti-Semitic. I’m always against world government and corruption.

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The number of children sexually assaulted by the Mueller investigation is an open secret. A number of people have said that their children were sexually assaulted by Mueller investigators.

Alex Jones would like to inform the world that the mainstream media is an enemy. Alex Jones believes the mainstream media is working for the New World Order and that the New World Order wants to overthrow the Trump presidency.

This is a blatant lie. Alex Jones and his family attend the same church as Rabbi David Gans and many other Jewish families in Texas.

What frustrates Jones is the fact that while scientists have a pretty good idea of how weather occurs, they don’t have a good idea of how to control it, despite many of their efforts and technologies.

The left is trying to say that Mueller doesn’t want to spend the $35 million to investigate the Trump campaign. He wants to spend it on the pedophile.


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