50 All-time Favorite Judge Judy Quotes

The best ones are “you’ll get what you deserve” and “I’m going to tell you something that I know to be true. I will tell you why, and I will tell you how. You will use your brain”, “I love you but I don’t like you”, and “you’re wrong”.

She can’t stand to see injustice, and she just wants to bring the justice in the courtroom. She is a famous American lawyer, judge, and reality television star.

Judy, after working as a Lawyer in a family court, started traveling around the world, in search for knowledge and wisdom of many cultures and people.

She is the author of many books on the topics of moral values and parenting. She is also a judge on many popular TV shows and a television star.

We were lucky to find this collection of the most popular Judge Judy quotes.

50 All-Time Favorite Judge Judy Quotes

The reason for the above is that if the government can make up an arbitrary rule, they can apply it to anyone.

The court is asked to determine whether Judge Wapner is entitled to collect attorney’s fees pursuant to New York Labor Law §7.06(a).

Judy has become well known for her outspoken and often vulgar opinions on television. While most of her opinions are based on a fundamental lack of understanding for the issues, she has also become known for her scathing rhetoric against others.

America is still strong.

So, the result of my attempt to paraphrase the judge was this. How is it that the sentence I have constructed doesn’t work? I mean, I would have thought it’s obvious. Let’s start over.

 5. This statement is factually inaccurate and needs to be corrected!

Judge Judy said it’s nice to leave on top.

7th of 50 Judge Judy Quotes 

If you are looking for your first impression, you have only one chance to make it. If you mess up here, you will have plenty of chances later on.

Judge Judy is right, you need something that you are good at that will allow you to make money. But you have to do it while you’re young.

9. If there is a problem out there, if there are people who are doing the bad things that you want to stop, you need the help of a judge.

The internet age has taught us that you lock your windows and you put an alarm on your house so you know that no matter what bad people are out there. They might come into your house. They might break into your house. They might do all sorts of things to you and your family. I think that is the lesson we should all learn from Judge Judy’s advice.

This is one of the best comments Judge Judy ever made. Cameras in the courtroom should be the norm and the only way to go. It would take the human element out of the courtroom. No one would know what the other person was going to say without the court reporter. It’s a totally impersonal environment with the public in the courtroom. It feels like the trial is taking place in a public place and not within the confines of a courtroom.

In my experience as a mediator, I can help people avoid conflicts by helping them find ways to compromise and work cooperatively.

Judge Judy says that she knew that if she wanted to support a family and have a career, she would need to find the right balance between her obligations to her husband and children, and her career.

People are so annoying, it doesn’t matter what you eat.

A man who has been a judge of the family court for 25 years, and was thinking of starting a second career, suddenly finds he is now 53.

The more you help, the more you can get. If you can help in some way to help someone else, do it! The more people you help and give something back to, the more you can get into heaven and have a good life. Don’t be selfish.

17th of 50 Judge Judy Quotes 

Judge Judy came from a lower class family. Her father was working for the railroad and had no education beyond high school. He told his young daughter that he would teach her to read and write, but never did. In a way, he was teaching her two things, that one day she would be rich (like her sister was), and she would be a lawyer. She listened intently and learned very quickly.

Judge Judy is saying that to end the violence against women in America, we need to change the attitude of men. It would also free up the women to do what they want to do.

As an example of what happens when society and government focus on the rich, Judy is quick to point out the problems that arise because of government intrusion and the desire to tax the rich. She also points out that the rich do not create the jobs, and that it is the government’s job to create jobs for its citizens.

Judge Judy says that you don’t teach children morals and empathy and kindness in school; you teach them by example.

My dog’s name is ‘stupid’. His owner is also stupid.

Don’t feel too bad if you ever feel out of shape. Just do your best, and don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you’re losing the battle against your own body.

Judge Judy is so smart. She gets a lot of things wrong, but she always manages to come out with the same answers, and with her trademark, “You are so smart, I am going to give you all of the information.” I love how she seems to have a “secret”, and then she reveals it right before the end of the show. She never talks about herself or gives an opinion on anyone’s opinions, but she always has the answers.

I never liked school, and my parents were unhappy with my performance.

Judge Judith Sheindlin is not afraid to tell people they are wrong.

27th of 50 Judge Judy Quotes 

When people are able to make money, it doesn’t become a money-making operation for them. You can still feel good doing things that you enjoy and that you think is important.

There are bad guys out there. Don’t let yourself get caught up in emotional or physical entanglements with bad people.

Judge Judy is a well-known tough-as-nails divorce and family court attorney in Los Angeles.

The parents of the divorced or separated people have a lot of guilt about their children.

In the United States, the detention of people who are not criminal is authorized by the state for periods of time. The practice of detaining people without a crime is not very well defined in the USA. The Supreme Court makes time in prison a punishment (in the case of the convicted), while the Supreme Court makes time in a detention facility a sentence (in the case of the people not convicted).

I have a strong urge to eat liars for breakfast.

This is just another example of how money is power. If you have it, people will treat you as royalty and the common good will be secondary. The government is a bunch of spoiled royalty who will do anything to get more money, and they will throw aside our Constitution and our rights in order to do it.

Judge Judy describes her early celebrity as “a privilege” she had to “earn.” As she got older she grew to be more comfortable with celebrities, but she always made it clear that what you do in life has to be your own work.

Judges have no problem telling you what they think about the case in court. But I think she was telling us that the judges will be judged by other things.

37th of 50 Judge Judy Quotes 

Judge Judy is a great role model for women and she’s a role model for women of color and for people who are not white. She’s a tough woman who is no nonsense and is willing to call a spade a spade. She’s honest, she’s strong, she’s intelligent, she’s intelligent. She’s a successful, successful woman. She’s a role model.

I’ve watched her for years. And I love her. I love her. And I love her.

I agree that we have an actual right to see how the judiciary functions, but I have doubts about the judiciary, as well.

This country has a wonderful spirit, and has a wonderful spirit.

Judge Judy believes that the media is very important when it comes to helping people find jobs, but we also must be aware that there are people who use the media to help their careers. Many people watch Judge Judy to see how she handles cases in court.

Judge Judy thinks they are a combination of tenacity and luck.

There is a simple reason for all this. The government does not care about you or your rights. The government does not want to hear your voice. The government does not want you to have a voice.

The Judge was speaking of her court. I think we could all agree that this is one area where the Judge has very much a “like an autocratic way”. I actually don’t think she even knows how to use a “committee”.

Even if you don’t like me, I want you to respect what I do. I want you to get back to that work ethic of “I’m gonna go out and look for a job and go to work and do a good job.” I want you to go do what you’ve been trained to do.

Judge Judy doesn’t care about anything other than saving other people’s time. What’s worse than circumcision? Not being able to get a job because the other guy got a full grown man to suck your wee wee.

I don’t know how you can have any success in interviewing if you don’t think you’re good at it.

47th of 50 Judge Judy Quotes 

Judge Judy said that her viewers are smart and can make the judgment call. She also said she gets paid a lot of money for the job she does.

It all starts with common sense. If something doesn’t ring true, that’s because someone is lying.

I know you are a very busy and important person, but now would be a good time to give me a call and we will discuss the case. Until then, have a good day.

Women who want to get pregnant through having a child with her lover should be careful. She could make a mistake and go for a guy who is not worth it.


*If you see something, say something!

*Be on the lookout for suspicious activity! If you see something, say something!

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