29 Inspirational Barack Obama Quotes

Barack Obama believes that there should be more green energy in the US, that there should be more environmental protection, that there should be more government regulation, and that he can fix all this with a simple phrase.

We have put together a collection of the best quotes from Barack Obama and put them on one page.

29 Barack Obama Quotes

Change will not come if we wait for somebody else, or wait for something else to save us. You can’t wait for the next election or the next government to do what you think needs to be done. You have to take the lead, and you have to do it now.

Democracy is a system that is based on giving power to the people. Being a citizen is a duty that comes with this right given.

The government’s monetary reforms will help families and businesses to boost their finances.

 Obama is saying that his goal is to focus on things that matter in life and make a difference in the world, and not just focus on the money he can make. This is the ultimate way to live your life.

As President of the United States, Barack Obama continued speaking out. He was a leader in addressing important issues. One of his first speeches after being elected for President was in 2008 when he was speaking at the historic Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. He was also a true leader that always had the ability to move on.

Progress is the ability to know what you want, to know what you aren’t, and to know when you are satisfied.

7th of 29 Barack Obama Quotes

The police officers did their job to maintain public safety and protect the people of New York, and if the person killed was committing a crime, the police did their job to hold them accountable.

The thing about Hip-Hop today is that it’s smart, insightful and it can share a complex message in a very short space.

In a campaign speech, Joe Biden, Obama’s vice-presidential nominee, said Hillary Clinton was the best choice for the Democratic Party and that the election was about the future. He also said there was still work to be done.

In a 2014 interview, Obama said that the United States needs to establish a robust strategy to fight against ISIS. He stressed the need for civilian agencies to fight and defeat ISIS and to develop a broader counter-terrorism strategy.

Obama says he’s offering Americans the choice between a politics of cynicism or a politics of hope.

It is time for Iraqis to return to the country they call home.

It was a very emotional speech, Barack Obama was talking about the fact things are getting better in the world, things are changing. In his opinion, and he always said this at every speech I’ve seen, it’s a better world.

“The reason the US is facing an immigration crisis is because we have been waiting for you”.

A president should never speak bad about himself. A president should never speak bad for his country. A president should never speak bad about anything.

16th of 29 Barack Obama Quotes

I think it is true that the change for America will come from within.

President Obama has said that the government is going to have to balance the budget sometime in the future (whether the President likes it or not). The fact is that Congress needs to do its job and cut spending, and I think it might take a while to get out of this mess.

What Obama means is that he is afraid of our Democratic voters, and the Democratic voters are afraid of the Republican voters. We do not believe it is good for America and the Democratic Party to continue to put up with political correctness run amok, which is what the Democratic Party is doing today.

Barack Obama said that the US people still believe in the country where anything is possible, but they do not think their leaders do.

Obama said that his advisors were concerned that he seemed too serious and old-fashioned. He joked that he had only four real advisors, so his advisors were actually his friends, and friends don’t say anything bad about each other. So they suggested Obama should start his speech by making fun of himself, just to break the ice.

21. We should not spend our time waiting for the American people to take responsibility with their lives and to live in a better manner. To change things in America, we must do so ourselves.

23rd of 29 Barack Obama Quotes

I was actually black before the election. It was really important for me to realise that before the election.

“The Democratic Party does not represent the American people as a whole.

I have already made my decision on who I will be voting for.” – President Barack Obama as he announced his decision to run in the 2008 Democratic Party presidential primaries.

Hope is the bedrock of this nation. The belief that we, the people, will not be taken advantage of, will not be allowed to have our hopes crushed by an oppressive bureaucracy. We will have free reign to have dreams and will not be told our dreams are too ridiculous to even think about. We will be allowed to have hope and will not be allowed to have the hopes crushed.

Let it all go Barack and it will all make sense. If you keep trying things that don’t work, eventually you’ll figure out what to do better next time.

Obama said that the US is in a mess because people are too immature, and need to be put in their place.

This is absolutely insane! Jay-Z is one problem. There is an entire list of people we should be worrying about, and now he’s number one.

The government is currently in possession of a spacecraft that is on the exact same mission as Area 51’s mission. This information was revealed to the public by the Obama Administration.


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