50 Inspirational Domestic Violence Quotes

Domestic violence is defined as the intentional infliction to another person of physical harm or emotional pain or damage or intimidation or mensturation or mental destruction.

I know it’s hard to understand at times, especially when someone is mean or cruel to you, but you can take a stand for yourself and stop allowing them to take you down.

There are many ways to handle the situation and you should choose what is best for you. You can always take it to the next level and take your relationship to the next level and get it on the right track.

9. Don’t fall for the person who doesn’t deserve you.

“Domestic violence does not happen in a vacuum.”
We all have our upsets, arguments, and emotions that we deal with in our relationships.
“If domestic violence isn’t on your radar now, it will be soon.”
Domestic violence is a pattern of behavior and if it starts, it will continue until one of the parties is ready to end it.

50 Inspirational Domestic Violence Quotes

You’re not the darkness that you went through. You are light who refused to give up.

Silence is very inviting when you are suffering and you want to shut yourself away from the pain. The people who stand up for themselves, even if it is just sharing their truth, need to be recognized and cared for.

You may experience trauma but you can never be defined by it.

If you think that someone is abusing you and you feel like you are in a dangerous situation, it’s possible that you’re being abused. You’re being abused if you feel like you are being intimidated, beaten, or tortured. In other words, you feel like you are being abused on a regular basis. If you think you’re being abused, talk to somebody, and it doesn’t matter who they are. You can talk to your mother, your dad, your brother, your sister, or anyone.

If you let a person have too much control over your life, you won’t be able to have a real relationship with them.

When I was in the womb, I was hurting. And later on, I was hurt by the things people said to me. So I was trying to keep away from anyone who could hurt me. But then, I realized I needed to love myself. I need to love myself. That’s the only way to love others.

Be happy because you deserve to be happy, don’t let anyone else take that away from you, don’t let anyone make you unhappy even if they’ve done something bad.

Many people can relate to this statement in regards to abuse in romantic relationships. There is a stigma with regards to abuse in relationships, and even if you think you can get away if it, you can’t always get away.

Brené Brown says that the act of owning and loving our story is the bravest thing we will ever do.
This is the most dangerous thing we can do, and also the most courageous.
It’s the most vulnerable, and yet the most powerful.
The riskiest.
And the best.

10th of 50 Domestic Violence Quotes

I have the power to change my physical and emotional experience through meditation.

Don’t judge you because of other people’s bad actions. Instead, focus on what you can do to better yourself.

I believe that the way we relate to others is of great importance in our lives. We can learn a lot from how we treat others, and how they treat us. By doing so, we can learn to be more loving towards others.

The world is in a place of change and is being rebuilt. It requires leaders that are strong, that are intelligent, that are wise, and that use their wisdom for the betterment of the world.

I plan to love so loudly, so that my body will abandon all the demons who want to harvest me.

The enemy is a lot less likely to win when the victim decides to survive.

Don’t think that just because you have a problem or experience of grief, everyone will immediately care and empathise with you.

When you start to feel like you’re not living up to your ideals, your dreams or your values, or when you’re feeling like you’re going through the same cycle in your life that you’ve been dealing with for a long time, keep in mind that walking away is the best thing you can do for your own well-being.

If we are not safe at home then we cannot be expected to be safe anywhere.

If we are not safe at home then we cannot be expected to be safe anywhere.

If we are not safe at home then we cannot be expected to be safe anywhere.

20th of 50 Domestic Violence Quotes

A woman who stands up for herself without knowing it and without claiming it, she stands up for all women.

The abusive and alcoholic father of Olivia’s son survived because of the love and support Olivia provided for him.

When survivors of abuse smile we are reminded that they have the strength of their personal spirit and that they are capable of surviving.

I’m living despite all of the times in my life when I didn’t, but I am living.

Your growth comes not when you work harder to get something that you don’t have, but when you live in the reality of what you have already been given.

When a person who has been wounded heals and learns to express that pain, healers and others of value show up.

 There are many types of abusers. Some of them lie and manipulate in order to get what they want. Also, some abusers think they are “morally superior” to those around them and hate the ones who they believe “disagree” with them. Some abusers are self-centered and think that they know better than everyone else. They lack empathy and have selfish and manipulative traits.

I can’t find anything on the subject – I wish that i knew how to make this better.

I’ve been a fan of Hannah Gadsby for some time now. Her show on Netflix is consistently entertaining and she’s got an incredible sense of humor. She’s hilarious. She’s smart. And her music videos for her single “Nihilist” and “Cannibal Poem” are both great examples of the power of comedy.

30th of 50 Domestic Violence Quotes

We can count on survivors of abuse to show us their strength of spirit on a daily basis by doing something positive, or smiling, every day.

Some people feel like there’s no way out. They feel like their situation is hopeless. They don’t have the resources and tools they need to get through this. They feel so alone. I’m different. I find hope in the fact that there’s always help and hope. That there’s a way out of every situation. People can grow so much. I’m so happy to have discovered this. You’ll be too.

When a sexual assault occurs, it can be complicated and it’s not always about being sexually assaulted or even about sex. It can be about power and about feeling powerless, and it can be about not reporting the assault.

I felt shocked and numb when I was assaulted, but I wasn’t powerless. I was able to react and I was able to speak to the police about it.

Russell needs a good kick up the butt from the NFL and the NFL needs to start treating domestic violence as a serious issue.

In all of your moments of failure, you have the power to say, ‘this is not how this story is going to end’ and the courage to go for your dreams.

Lori felt a lot of regret for being trapped in an abusive relationship. Even though she didn’t wish it on her ex, she realized she was part of the problem. She also realized that she’s stronger than her ex, and she deserves to have a healthy relationship.

Casey said he was very scared when he learned his wife was missing, and he worried that she might have been hurt or taken advantage of. He was also worried about his sons and his family, who were not in touch with him and may have thought he was a liar.

Mariska Hargitay says that in order for a survivor to recover, you have to survive the trauma.

We all know that the physical aspect is just a tiny part of what makes a woman beautiful. Physical strength isn’t the only thing that makes a woman beautiful, as she also needs to have self-confidence, and a strong will to overcome life’s circumstances.

40th of 50 Domestic Violence Quotes

The hardest part of leaving an abusive marriage is that the cycle of abuse is not something you can break by changing your mind. It is something you have to live with for the rest of your life if you want to escape it. I think that is the hardest thing to accept. I also think that if you are in a healthy relationship and you really want out, you can escape.

You create your own destiny. You are responsible for your life. You are not defined by what happens to you, you are defined by what you choose to be.

A scar is the result of physical healing. It is the leftover of the injury the body sustained, thus the wound. It signifies the physical injury that we faced, we survived.

I’m not sure how I’m supposed to interpret this one because it could mean that this is the point when the pain really sets in after the beatings, but that’s not clear from how the word is spelled. So I’ll just go with “being asked to stand judgment”.

I am so proud of my sister Patricia for her strength and her determination to never let anyone ever define her. She is a survivor because she is an inspiration to so many of us.

When we are abused in any way, we should make sure to take a step forward out of that situation. We should also know that we can move forward from this whenever we choose to.

If you’ve ever had a near-death experience, you know that it’s almost impossible to not look at it as a test. A test that you passed. A test of your strength and endurance. A test in which you proved yourself to be stronger than you thought you could be. A test that you failed miserably. But after you failed, you learned something. You learned who you are, what you’re made of, and what you’re capable of.

Don’t let someone who doesn’t think you’re worth it keep you from doing what you believe in.

You’ve got your own life and the people you need to think about. You can’t go out of your way to try to make anyone else’s life better and I don’t think you should try to make anyone else’s life better.

Remember the past but don’t dwell on it. Focus on what’s coming up next.

Violent things have been normal to the boys who are in the neighborhood. They’ve become so accustomed to the violence that a peaceful life is foreign. And, the boys were her reason to stay. But, a peaceful life is now foreign to them.


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