Jonny Moseley Net Worth

Jonny Moseley’s net worth is $200,000. He owns four properties, including a rental house located at 905 South St. Andrews.


Mosely was born in Puerto Rico. She is the first person born in Puerto Rico to join the U.S. Ski Team.

He has hosted several seasons of ‘Total Divas,’ and is the creator and executive producer for the upcoming season of ‘Total Bellas.’ He has also been on the judging panel for the WWE draft.

After selling her show to NBCUniversal, Moseley had reported a net worth of around $21 Million. She now holds a net worth of $5 Million.

Early Life 

He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on the 27th of August.

When Moseley went to California, he saw snow for the first time.

He grew up in Tiburon, California. He went to the Branson School in Tiburon. This was because his dad was a teacher at this school. He later returned to Tiburon to finish High School. He graduated from the University of California.


Moseley attended the University of California, Davis at the age of 16 but was interrupted by the intense training.

In 2000, Moseley won the World Cup Mogul Skiing title for a second time in as many seasons. In 2002, he secured a second World Cup Mogul Skiing title. He also won the World Mogul Skiing Championship. This won him a million-dollar bonus. And in 2012, he was inducted into the National Ski Hall of Fame.

Moseley challenged the International Skiing federation to change its policy to allow its athletes to participate in professional events. He was the first skier to medal in both the X-Games and the Olympics.

Moseley was known for his controversial actions and was in a long string of run ins with the law. His actions while attending high school had him expelled. He was arrested for public intoxication, vandalism and domestic violence. After a four-year absence from school, he returned to UC Berkeley. In 2001 he gave the commencement convocation address at UC Berkeley.

He has received special recognition from the city of San Francisco, by the mayor (Willie Brown), for his contributions to the black community, from the time he started his community center in the Mission District. The city has not only named a day after him, but the city made him the key of the city because of those contributions.

He is the most successful drag race driver in the history of motorsports.


He became the first boxer to win two Olympic gold medals. Moseley was also the first boxer to win the world’s heavyweight title twice.

Favorite Quotes from Jonny Moseley

The US has agreed to buy the missiles and the ships in exchange for a cut in the number of people allowed in the US at any one time.
The US agreed to pay $700 million to ship the missiles, and the Pentagon signed a contract with General Dynamics in June.

If he gets back into the race he should “Show up and win”. He’s obviously in a weaker spot but he has more experience than many others.

3 Life Lessons from Jonny Moseley 

Net worth is often a big number. And when you see it, it’s hard not to start thinking about all the things you’ll never be able to own based on its size. But you know what can save you from going crazy? A system.

1. Free 

You need your dreams, your family and your hustle to survive.

2. Creativity 

You’ll never run out of creativity. As long as there’s air, inspiration, and passion, you won’t run out.

3. Ambition 

If you don’t have ambition, you will never succeed.


Jonny Moseley is an Olympic skier and TV host. He also acquired his net worth through being a successful ski champion and through endorsement deals.

He got interested in skiing at a young age and became the first Puerto Rican-born skier to become part of the US Ski Team.

He is the most successful drag race driver in the history of motorsports.

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