25 Highly Motivational Dmx Quotes

My favorite ones are the one that I’m about to say right now. My favorite quotes are the ones that I was able to think of myself. I don’t know if any of them really stands out, but I like them all the same.

On October 9, 1999, DMX released his second album, I’m Serious, which debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, selling 1.9million copies. His third album,…And Then There Was X, was released on September 25, 2001, and would become his most successful album to date.

In 1999 DMX released an album that is still very popular. It’s called Party Up (Up In Here).

These motivational quotes by X should help you to get through your day; hopefully motivating you to go on to the next day. Here are some motivational quotes by DMX quotes.

25 Highly Motivational DMX Quotes

The curse turned into grace and hurt turned into faith when the hurt turned into a spiritual faith.

Your mouth is the size of your heart. If your heart was as big as your mouth, you would be real.

3. The greatest rapper alive. I just heard some of his shit now. It’s insane. The man knows what he is doing.

 DMX thinks that he’s a hip hop artist that doesn’t hate other people. He says this in a way that he’s just happy that the music is succeeding.

I’d like to add that you should only believe the part of what you see that you can see. But sometimes you have to believe the whole thing.

I’m not sure why it’s so hard to believe that DMX has never had a car or toys in his life. He didn’t start rapping until he was 22 years old. He also doesn’t seem to be in a position to afford such luxuries.

People with the biggest hearts and the toughest hearts have to be tough to protect it, to keep it safe from the pain of losing it.

He is honest. While on his good side, he is a very self-aware person that sometimes gets himself into trouble. However, he is able to look back on most of his actions and see them through a different lens. He is definitely an atypical rapper.

9th of 25 DMX Quotes 

DMX has grown as a man. From being a rapper, to an entrepreneur, to a father, to a husband, his life has been one of transformation. He has grown up, and he has learned a lot more what is important. The path of a man is one of building and making friends. So whether it is a good relationship with God, or any relationship with a woman, or a friend, it is all about trust.

It seems like DMX was at his most candid during his interview with XXL magazine. He said the worst part about being a rapper is that it takes away your time in the home or in the studio. He admitted that he doesn’t have the energy to focus on the negative, because it takes away from the good things in his life.

X is saying that the things that have been happening to him aren’t something that we can comprehend. They’re things that we should not even be able to dream about.

I’m not going to tell you what to say. I’m going to say what I think about personal interactions. I’m going to speak when I have something to say. I’m going to say it when it is appropriate. That’s it.

Even though you had your ups and downs, you knew from the beginning that life was going to be good.

This might be a bit controversial, but I think that a lot of people do not forgive easily.

I try to avoid doing drugs, but I get high off the compliments and the good vibes.

My favorite part? The fact that DMX doesn’t pull punches about the process. You can actually feel the pain and hardship he went through. That’s true to who he is as a rapper and an artist. He is not afraid to share his struggles and feelings with fans and critics alike.

The day I married my beautiful wife Tashera, it was one of the best days of my life. She is a huge part of my life and I love her with all my heart. I want my boys to love her as much as I do. I love my family.

Get so involved with something that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

19th of 25 DMX Quotes 

I’m gonna just do me, I’m gonna do me, I’m gonna make it work, and when someone does something that I don’t really care for, I’m gonna call him out on it, just like DMX said.

DMX said he was not going to lie about the people he loves, and he wanted to be honest about the love he has in his heart – but if you want to grow, then he said what he meant: You are expected to change what you are when you help someone else change.

 I showed you that your eyes were closed because you were seeing the world through your brain’s blind spots.

DMX seems to think that all violence is senseless violence. This is why he is not able to understand that not all instances of violence must be taken to heart and responded to.

You are a blessing, I can tell you that much. You can see your light and you can help other people see it too. The harder you make it for me the harder you make it for others to see. You will see your light too, I swear. But you will have to do it on your own.

24. I see what you see.
I do what you do.
I am what you are.
I hurt my feet.
Then I know why you do dirt in the street.

I am highly favored by God, I am experiencing great victories in my life and great turnarounds in the midst of great impossibilities.


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