30 Truly Inspiring Demi Lovato Quotes

In my opinion, some Demi Lovato quotes of the year 2016 have to be her quotes about “I Am Independent” and “Dont let anyone tell you otherwise”.

She is one of the most accomplished female singers of today. She has performed at some of the biggest stages in the U.S. and has won over 60 awards for her work in music, film, and television.

In her acting career she is known as a versatile artist. She has made a great impact and raised awareness for various issues that she has taken a stand on.

This is a collection of the most inspiring Demi Lovato quotes ever! Have a look and share it if you like it!

I’m still a little confused…

30 Truly Inspiring Demi Lovato Quotes

As a human being, we can make a difference in the world. A lot of people think they can’t, but if you think you can and you work at it, you can.

2. Everyone is beautiful, no matter their shape or size.
You can’t be any happier than I am to be a woman, no matter what size and shape you are.

You will be an inspiration to others one day. It might be just a single person.

Being down isn’t necessarily the end of the world. You can rise above it and overcome it.

Every day is a new opportunity to change my life, and be who I want to be.

It doesn’t matter what you think about the things you like, if you’re happy with yourself, you’re going to go far.

7th of 30 Demi Lovato Quotes 

You have no reason to feel sad, life is only difficult if you make it that way. No one can take away your happiness, you are in a golden place and you deserve to smile, laugh and live a happy life.

I think it’s important to know that you don’t have to be ashamed to ask for help. Be willing to learn about yourself and learn how to overcome your obstacles.

I was terrified when faced with the realization that I could not rely on the safety of someone else to save me. I had to rely on myself.

I believe there is no real reason to be perfect. Being imperfect just makes you that much more human and therefore, infinitely valuable. I’m going to be my own imperfect hero, who never knows where my life will take me, and all I can do is hold on and keep falling more in love each day.

Demi says that she prays every day, and she only starts acting like a bad, lying bitch when she gets drunk.

Demi Lovato told People magazine that her love for music and the art of writing is what helps her go through her own demons.

Demi is really a cool person. We all remember how she came out when her ex-boyfriend died, and she was also there for her friend, Britney Spears, through her pregnancy with her second child.

Some people are being pushed out of the music industry and they’re not being heard. I’m going to start speaking up for them by writing songs and making their voices heard.

Demi Lovato says that no matter how small or big your story, sharing it with the right people will help you in the long-run.

There is no single person that could change the fact that we’re humans. We’re not perfect, but we’re all worthy and amazing just the way we are. We do what we can to improve and sometimes, we feel like we’ve really improved and sometimes, the next day, we feel like we haven’t. But just continue to love yourself and work as hard as you can to be the best version of you that you can be.

17th of 30 Demi Lovato Quotes 

The singer learned that self-confident is not having a lot of people that think highly of you but having a lot of self-esteem towards yourself and your talents.

I do think that no matter what others say, we need to do what makes you feel good and what makes you happy. No one else but you should get to make those decisions.

19. You’re stronger than you think you are. Keep pushing forward, never give up on your dreams and don’t let anyone stop you.

If your dream is something you want to do, don’t give up, and don’t get distracted with other things.

Being humble and keeping your power is hard. But being the hero and not letting others take away your power is even harder.

Some scars are worse than others. And some scars are worse than you are. You can always get a new one.

I really want to be healthy and fit, but I just feel like I would be the worst when I’m really healthy. I’m not going to sacrifice my mental health to have the perfect body.

The line in the original is “you know my name, but not my story”, whereas in the paraphrase it is “you know my name but not my story”.

The word ‘name’ in the original is singular, while in the paraphrase it is plural.

If you were imperfect, you would be someone else. But you are imperfect, and that is what makes you beautiful.

If you are unsure, think of your next move and kill, until you become more confident. The best strategy is to start with your strongest weapon and only use your weaker weapon later, after you know that you are more comfortable with your movements.

27th of 30 Demi Lovato Quotes 

I feel very fortunate to have these amazing women in my life and I am so proud of them. I love you all so much.

The beauty of this quote is that Demi Lovato’s life is a great example that things will work out the way they are supposed to. No matter what the circumstance, if you can keep your head up and smile it through, everything will work out for the best.

The mirror can help you focus on your best features. When you look in the mirror, try to look for your best features instead of your flaws, and appreciate them.

No matter how we look or what we do or what we say, we’re all the same: humans.


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