50 Meaningful Dianne Feinstein Quotes

One of my favorites is that if she’s going to get something done, she doesn’t just say it, she does it.

Dianne Feinstein is an American politician. Being a member of the Democratic Party she holds the current position of the U.S. Senate from California. Before that, she was the mayor of San Francsico from 1978 to 1988.

She is the longest-serving U.S. Senator from California, having served since 1992. In 1992, she became, at the age of 87, the oldest woman to ever be elected to the Senate. She was the first woman to be appointed to the Senate Rules Committee, and the first to chair the Senate Intelligence Committee.

During her time as a congresswoman, she was able to have the ban on assault weapons.

Feinstein was born and raised in New York, and in 2013 was elected to the California Senate.

50 Meaningful Dianne Feinstein Quotes

When the gunman realizes that nobody else is armed, he will lay down his weapons and turn himself in. That’s just human nature.

Unethical medical professionals have continued to be a serious threat to the health and safety of Americans. Simply, medical professionals continue to violate medical ethics, providing dangerous drugs to the nation.

What a strange thing to say considering that the US State Department has issued a travel warning about the entire region.

The United States should continue to beef up its immigration and passport control system to prevent terrorists, including lone wolves, from entering and spreading deadly attacks.

There will be a bill banning the sale, use or manufacture of assault-style rifles.

The United States is on the other side of the world from Iraq, but chemical and biological weapons can be used against us from anywhere. This makes the threat of using those weapons against the United States very real.

Feingold criticized Feinstein for opposing the Iraq war.

In the US, citizens can no longer exercise freedom of speech, religion, and conscience if they are religious minorities.

It was a good idea to expand the number of stem cell lines available for federally-funded research, but only if you aren’t too concerned about how much money is being wasted when you expand the number of stem cell lines available for federally-funded research.

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Domestic violence causes an estimated 3 million incidents of domestic violence each year and approximately three million women in the United States will be abused by their husbands, boyfriends, and partners on Valentine’s Day.

Feinstein says the border can be managed and enforced, although I don’t understand the statement.

While it is technically true that the military is not required to hire homosexuals, it should be noted that homosexual service members can be discharged based on homosexual misconduct, and the military does indeed discipline them.

On the other hand, the military is not legally required to accept homosexual applicants, and the military has a long and sordid history of discrimination against homosexuals.

As a result of this and some other things, I have begun to research the feasibility of building a self driving car and have found some interesting things in my research.

It’s not hard to see how Feinstein’s words could be misinterpreted, but in context, she was referring to the fact that she knew that even with the full support of the Democratic Party and the Senate Judiciary Committee, she had no chance of passing DADT repeal. She was making a point about the difficulty of getting anything done in Congress.

I still believe that marijuana will be legal under federal law.

If you don’t believe that winning is everything, why do you play the game to begin with.

You can’t just walk into a gun store and buy an assault weapon without special permission and you certainly can’t walk into any store to buy a pistol and have it ship directly to you with no background check or registration.

Tax credits are a form of government handout. When you give someone something for free, they will generally keep it.

The US Senator says girls and women have to be protected from domestic violence. She says that the problem is particularly acute for girls because they are more likely to be abused by boyfriends.

Diane Feinstein says that one in three girls knows someone who has been a victim of domestic violence. She says that there are many more boys who are victims of abuse than are known.

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The medical industry has been trying to convince the public that health care is a free market instead of a government run and regulated industry. The medical industry says the government should not be concerned with how much money the industry receives or how much it pays doctors. Instead, they say the government should make sure healthcare is affordable.

A lot of our political issues are caused by leaders that get nothing done. They are always trying to find excuses why they don’t do anything.

[Video]: I am sorry to say that the leadership of our country, they, they — they’ve been so divided on the war and on the foreign policy that I don’t think we’ve had any leadership for the last several administrations.

Federal laws and regulations prohibiting hunting ducks with more than three rounds are being ignored. State laws are also being ignored. Federal and state gun laws are being broken.

The program was reviewed by the committee, and they were told that the program was legal, and wasn’t being carried out illegally. Now, the only reason the CIA is in the position that we’re in is because of the lies that we have heard from the Bush Administration, and most of all, from John Ashcroft. It’s time members of the committee are allowed to know the truth.

The quote was made famous by Dianne Feinstein, the former US Senator from California, after she was asked about the status on North Korea’s nuclear program in 2013.

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The Senate Intelligence Committee chairwoman told a crowd in San Francisco that she wanted to start a nuclear arms race on June 12.

The United States Senate will not see a repeat of the 2016 elections, which were won by Donald Trump.

The fact that Dianne Feinstein says that the “big problem” in the US is “an Armageddon” demonstrates that this is not a problem of the federal government, but of the US population, or at least of some of the US population.

The National Guard fulfills the militia mentioned in the Second Amendment. Citizens no longer need to protect the states or themselves. I have also introduced legislation that would give the president the power to declare martial law when our nation is attacked.

Since the start of the 21st century, scientists have noted that the Earth is warmer than it has been in the last 400 years. The scientists said this warming has been caused by the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide in our atmosphere.

This is the kind of thing people say when they want to take your guns.

It is a legitimate topic of discussion – how to protect citizens against terrorists (a serious threat) – we need robust legislation to protect the privacy of citizens (a legitimate issue) – but the drone (a toy) is NOT an appropriate topic to discuss.

Yes, I’d certainly agree that there are some very real risks to these new technologies.

The gap in Homeland Security is going to be filled with the gaping hole in the bill Feinstein is going to pass.

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I`ve taken a number of bills, and I`ve studied the Constitution myself, I`m reasonably well educated.

Ms. Feinstein believes that there should be some kind of limitation on free speech.

I think we’ve got all the police, we have all the mayors, we have all the police officers, we have all the mayors virtually, the police chiefs virtually, the conference of mayors, mayors against guns. We have medical experts, we have all of the different groups – the medical community, we have the clergy, we have just lists and lists and lists.

The US government is holding thousands of prisoners in a secret prison camp on the US mainland. The government is now saying that they want all the Guantanamo detainees to be released. The government is now saying that they don’t want to use this detention camp anymore, the US is shutting it down. The number of prisoners in this camp is now less than 200 and they are all being considered as “prisoners of war”. The US says that this camp is not a place of torture and that the prisoners are well treated. In the US the detainees are not getting a fair trial like they are in the Guantanamo prison camp. The US says that a fair trial is not possible because the US government is denying the prisoners any rights.

James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, had harsh words for the Trump administration. He said the administration was dishonest about spying on the people and the President.

The United States is no stranger to visa fraud. It is common for tourists and business travelers to overstay their visas. These cases are often dealt with through the visa waiver program, which allows citizens from certain countries to enter through visa free if they meet certain requirements (such as no criminal record). According to the Center for Immigration Studies, the U.S. granted more than 36 million visitor visas to foreigners in 2016, a tenfold increase from just five years earlier. In 2017, the Trump administration announced that they would end the visa overstay waiver for some countries, and this past summer, President Trump issued an executive order which would end the program entirely starting in March.

“I am willing to be associated with this because it is the right thing to do and because I believe that every American should be allowed to have a gun in their house.

Feinstein, an 81-year-old senator from California, said in an interview with MSNBC that the industry was becoming increasingly unresponsive to the needs of patients and that it “is a company that is increasingly out-of-touch with reality.”

The senator said that she was referring to the industry specifically, not to the entire health care system in the U.S. and that she did not have evidence to back up her claim.

The senator and the leader of the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee believes it is time to repeal the law that prevents gays, lesbians, and bisexuals from serving in the U.S. military.

The shooter reportedly got upset with the way the media was reporting on him. [There were] very few if any reports of other people being injured, which indicates that the shooter was the only person in the restaurant at the time of the shooting.


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