Jeremy Meeks Net Worth

At the time of this writing, Jeremy Meeks’ net worth is estimated to be $500,000 dollars. The net worth is calculated based on the average prices of Jeremy’s past earnings.


Meeks is a fashion model and actor from California.

The Stockton Police Department had to call the FBI as people were calling the department to complain about the pictures. After the social media pictures went viral Meeks was featured in various media outlets in the United States.

As of July 8, 2019, Jeremy Meeks’ net worth is $5 Million.

Early Life

Jeremy Ray Meeks is known for his acting career. He has received a lot of attention for his portrayal of the role of Michael Scofield in the TV series Prison Break. He was later played the role of Mariano in the film The Great Debaters. Jeremy Ray Meeks is an actor from the television show Prison Break as Michael Scofield. He also played the role of Mariano in the movie The Great Debaters.

The boy tried to fight back, but Meeks threw him on the ground, got on top of him and began to beat and kick him, striking him with his fists, a shoe, and a knife. Meeks was convicted.


In October 2006, the New York Post reported that Meeks had joined a new modeling agency called White Cross (whose name was meant to suggest the organization’s commitment to “white collar clients”).

Meeks made his runway debut during New York Fashion Week on February 2017. After his appearance, Vogue magazine described him as a “buff bad boy”.

Carolina Lemke is a company founded by Israeli fashion designer Ariel Lemke that started as a sunglasses brand. A few months later, Meeks was on the runway for Carolina Lemke.

The campaign released a statement saying that the campaign was different than the first campaign’s campaign, and that it would release a statement regarding the issue.

In 2014, he participated in the Russian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, called X Factor.

His net worth was at a peak of $5 Million after the release of his new video which was viewed millions of times.

He has made $5 million in total earnings from his career.


He was arrested and charged with kidnapping and rape. He was also booked for drug possession, domestic violence and vandalism.

Favorite Quotes from Jeremy Meeks

Meeks has a close friend that has been killed by gun violence, and he is very passionate about gun safety. He has advocated for change on the issue of gun regulation in New York, and on his show “The New Jeremy Meeks” he brings in guests that have a unique perspective on gun violence. Because he lives in Harlem and has a connection to people who have been killed by gun violence, Meeks has had a personal perspective on gun violence that other people may not have.

3 Powerful Lessons from Jeremy Meeks 

It is easy to earn a lot of money in the world of sports, but it takes a lot of hard work to keep that money.

1. Take Small Steps Forward 

The process of taking a chance starts with one little action. It begins with a little bit of faith. It begins with a little bit of belief that things are going to be ok.

2. The Voice of Confidence

You need to make sure that you have the right words that are powerful enough to drown out all the lies about what you’re afraid of. The truth is, you only get one life. Don’t waste all that time on things that will never happen.

3. Your Reputation 

Your reputation is built on the foundation of your character. Your character depends on the things you say and the actions you take. To have a good reputation, your character should be the highest priority in your life.


Jeremy Meeks is an American fashion model. He was convicted of four counts of indecent exposure and one count of battery after a January 2015 incident in which he exposed his genitals to a victim and a bystander before exposing himself to a police officer. Meeks had been released on bail. He pleaded guilty to the charges at a later date.

His net worth was at a peak of $5 Million after the release of his new video which was viewed millions of times.

He has made $5 million in total earnings from his career.

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