35 Most Badass Samuel L. Jackson Quotes

Samuel L. Jackson is the richest actor of all time.

As a man of many talents, Samuel L. Jackson is able to switch between movie genres seamlessly.

I like to think that I am a man of many talents. I am an actor, a singer, a producer, a director, a philanthropist, and a writer.

35 Samuel L. Jackson Quotes

“I just always knew that I lived in two worlds. There was the world of my house and community, but to make my way in that white world I had to modify the way I spoke and acted.”

I sit at home and read books… I’m not a big party guy.

The shooting at the movie theater where the movie was playing has brought attention to the problem of mass shootings and guns.

I am happy that I am more alive than the time I was in my teens.

When the restaurant asks him to sign a menu, he stops eating. He doesn’t even have to say no, he just kind of stops and looks at them. Oh, okay. I’ll come back.

Every opportunity you have to use your voice is a good opportunity.

It’s easy for a franchise to become stagnant if the villain is too similar to the heroes. This is a constant struggle for writers and directors to keep a series from becoming stale or repetitive.

“I don’t understand how we can live without our own company,” – Samuel L. Jackson says.

10th of 35 Samuel L Jackson Quotes

He is not a great director, and he does not think that it is. Instead, he just makes sure that he is ready by doing other things, like making sure he can have a good time on the set.

In this world, there are people who live by their own rules and don’t care if the rules don’t make sense to others. These people will be the ones who can change things. And these are the people who will be influential.

“I see myself as a storyteller. So, when I read something, I see the story-in my head, in a certain way. I always want to see ’em, see me in ’em, see it my way.” So, with Jackson’s character, I always want to see the story on the page, I want to see the story on the page in my head, I want to see it onscreen, I want to see it my way.

I mean this is the only scene where Samuel L. Jackson actually has a purpose in the movie and so it’s very good.

I like to get up in the morning and I like to work. What more do I have to be happy? I work all day. I do yoga and I’m working out. I have a lot of work to do, so every day is a good day.

The ability to create whole characters means a knowing where the actors come from. In order to create whole characters, you need to know how to make mistakes and how to overcome things to make yourself stronger.

Sam was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he has never been one to take advantage of opportunities. Instead, he has always been self-sufficient and driven to create his own opportunities. He has always had his eye firmly set on the prize. And, with the kind of experience he has, he will continue to create opportunities for himself.

This quote is from a movie. I’m trying to figure out if the quotation is from the movie or the movie is from the quotation. Any help would be appreciated.

Jackson mentioned that he went to see the 1975 movie The Man with the Golden Gun when he was young, and now that movie is being remade by him. The remake should be released in the next few years.

While a single act of violence is devastating, over time, the effects compound over time. It is therefore more powerful than a single act. Imagine that you had a family where the father was shot and killed and the mother, who was in the home, was beaten and raped. In the first instance, a single act of violence has taken place, but over time the effects of this violence compound and the damage grows and grows until the woman grows ill from the violence. She may die as a result of this violence but her death is only the manifestation. The violence has had a debilitating effect on the family and a single act of violence cannot heal those wounds. This is the same with the soul.

20th of 35 Samuel L Jackson Quotes

I don’t know what I can honestly say to someone who’s suffering from a mental illness other than “I’m sorry”.

Money won’t make you happy, but it will allow you to indulge in many things that might give you happiness. As long as you are not being wasteful, it is a good thing.

Samuel L. Jackson is excited about comic books, and he wants to take you to a comic book store.

When Samuel L. Jackson talked about how he had not had a drink since 2004, he was not boasting a sobriety that was unshakable. In the same breath, he admitted that he had not been entirely sober for a long span of time. As a matter of fact, Jackson admitted, he would often partake in alcohol when he went to various movie sets.

I think probably the worst day of my life since I had a car accident happened when I had an overdose in the car. The only person who is there with me is my best friend’s wife.

I’ve voted for Barack Obama for years because he’s black. And I still think that’s the reason other people vote for other people – and that’s American politics, pure and simple.

He started his career as a stand-up comedian and then branched out into acting. His career was largely defined by two films: Die Hard and Pulp Fiction. He continued to work in the genre for four more decades.

When I’m not working, I like to relax in the backyard.

I have the audience’s sensibility when I go to the movies.

3.3 Confusion
As with the previous two examples, the source sentence is not ambiguous but the paraphrase is. The paraphrase is more often than not more natural and, as such, it is a better alternative.

The first example is the best candidate of the three as the original sentence is perfectly understandable without the need to paraphrase.

Yes, I’ve seen the trailer and they are doing really well in the theaters so I believe you can make a sequel.

30th of 35 Samuel L Jackson Quotes

There is no one good guy here. Everyone is evil.

In addition to being a character in numerous films, it is common for Sam Jackson to share this saying.

Reading is important. It can contribute to your enjoyment of life and endure challenges.

Samuel L. Jackson says Don’t make me put my foot in your ass.

If someone is a big bully, they will not take kindly to people standing up to them. Even if they are not a nice person, if someone is trying to help them, then they will know that this person isn’t to be trifled with. This goes with anything in life, from dating to business.


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