50 Greatest Captain America Quotes

My favorite Captain America quotes come from the comics.

He plays the role of an American superhero who is an ally of the Avengers. His alter ego, Steve Rogers, was a soldier who after an unknown incident was transformed into a superhero. He is an original character introduced in the Marvel Comics series Captain America.

Captain America comics have been appearing in comics and other forms of media since the 1940s. He’s been featured in many serials, feature films, video games, and more.

It’s time to look back on the greatest Captain America quotes ever spoken by the man himself, Captain America!

50 Greatest Captain America Quotes

If you know who I am just tell me. I won’t listen, but I’ll know.
I can’t stop them, Steve.
I can’t save her. I’m sorry.

Some people think that fighting for freedom would be easy. But fighting for our freedom is never easy, and sometimes there is a price to pay. We all compromise to achieve something that we want. It’s a struggle. But it’s a struggle we must all take.

I’m ready to go behind the scenes and go to the place where it all started with the original Captain America.

The Captain America I know was a cold warrior. “I think, therefore I am.” The Captain America who fought with and against the Nazis in World War II was a patriot, not a communist.

5. As you can see, it just has a good feeling to it, does it’s going to be easy, and a good start.

It may be true that you may not be a threat, but you should stop pretending to be a hero.

In order to fit into his new costume, Steve Rogers is forced to lose weight. Unfortunately, this causes his body to break down. Steve Rogers has to face many injuries because of this.

Steve Rogers (Captain America) knew the neighborhood where he grew up in. We all know that Steve Rogers is a smart superhero, but for most Americans, he is not as well-known as Superman or Spider-Man.

The only people who say it’s wrong to fight for what you love are people who don’t have what they love.

10th of 50 Captain America Quotes 

I think that this quote is really important because it is a great quote that can really help some people understand what their purpose in life is. Steve Rogers is looking for a reason why he should go along with this mission that he has been a part of since World War II. Steve Rogers needs to be reminded of why he should be there and why it is important to him to help and be there for others. I’m sure that this quote helped him to remember that.

He was a strong Christian guy, but he never forgot he was a soldier. That’s why he was always wearing the uniform. He knew how important it was to be smart, disciplined, and tough, and he knew he couldn’t fool himself into thinking he was anything else.

Yes, Steve. If you sign this, you surrender your right to choose where you go in this world and you give up the freedom of your identity. You will be stripped of your citizenship and you will be taken to a camp in the middle of the ocean where no one will ever see you again.

People are more willing to accept death as part of the job than they’re willing to accept other types of compromise. In a business environment, there are always going to be differences of opinion. How we handle those differences is what separates one place of business from another.

When you’re in a war, you got to wear a uniform so you can identify with your fellow soldiers.

It really is the longest conversation I’ve had with a woman in a club or bars who was not someone I was already trying to make friends with. I was just looking for a partner to dance with. I like it because it’s one of the longest conversations I’ve ever had with a woman.

One day, we must get away from this city. We are no longer safe here. Our city is under siege from a band of madmen who worship a powerful enemy of our nation. Some of them have already fallen prey to the madness, and we must take every precaution to protect ourselves. We must find a new place to live. We will survive as long as we are strong.

Freedom is the greatest thing in the universe. It is one of the most important things that a person can have in life. I am willing to bet that this freedom is something that is important to others as well.

For the longest time Rogers dreamed about serving his country. But when he finally got everything he wanted, he was in tights instead.
[Translator]: It is really sad to not have the original German line for this scene. And I’m not the only one upset about that. Because the line is just hilarious.

A time machine is a type of time transport, a time machine takes you to a point in time in the past.

20th of 50 Captain America Quotes 

Steve is very self-effacing in the film, and his lines were definitely edited down. But they’re still good lines in context. I’m just being a bit pedantic.

I don’t know. I’m still waiting for them to put that damn box on my head so I can move around.

Captain America has always been a soldier and has been defined by his leadership. He is willing to lie to save lives and his leadership saves several lives. He is also willing to get wounded for the causes he believes in.

I’m not afraid of a little lightning, I’m scared that lightning will become the new standard.

This quote was used in a few places in the script, and is very similar to the version above, but changes the context significantly. It is used here to convey a sense of Steve as someone who has been living under a rock.

If their shooting at you, they’re bad. I’m not saying they’re bad, but it’s not going to help you if you’re getting shot at.

Captain America has always been a hero because he showed the world what is possible. Like, the whole point of him being a super soldier in the first place is so that a kid who was considered “weak” can be a better person when he’s older. He’s always the one who sacrifices his life so that someone else can live, so that someone else can have a chance at life.

I’d like to bring you home to eat dinner with us, but you look so miserable that I feel bad enough already.

Rogers said that if anyone has any objections, then he could shoot them on the spot.

When Steve Rogers said that line, he wasn’t thinking about who the individual that he was going to beat had any political views. He was thinking about beating the hell out of someone that had done something wrong to him personally.

30th of 50 Captain America Quotes 

This was one of the first things I noticed when watching the movie, and I thought it was a cute thing to say at the time.

Because Captain America isn’t a murderer. And he wouldn’t kill anyone without a good reason.

These men and women, you don’t understand. They’re not about me. If they were, they wouldn’t be laying down their lives for me. We are not different. We are the same.

When Steve Rogers went under, the world was at war. So did he lose, or did he win? He did lose, and for a very long time. But then it turned out the world was at war, and he won because he helped make the world a better place.

Steve Rogers believed that there was a possibility that he was in the wrong field. I think his example is a good one to use because most would agree that being in the wrong field could be a negative experience.

Dr. Erskine said that the serum wouldn’t just affect my muscles, it would affect my cells. It would generate a regenerative healing system. In other words, I can’t get drunk. I don’t know about you, but I was always the one who needed to take a nap after a night of drinking, because it was like my body just was no longer there.

The Avengers are a super hero team formed by Steve Rogers (the original Human Torch), Tony Stark (the genius genius) Iron Man, and Thor, with the help of The Wasp, to save the world from the dangerous, deadly, and evil, Ultron, and his army of robot soldiers and super-villains.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t run everywhere. You have to be selective. Only those who understand that and can apply it well will succeed in life.

A lot of soldiers know that your success as a team really just comes down to trusting each other. So I can’t believe we’ve only been in the field for six and a half months, when some of these guys have spent years preparing for this moment.

40th of 50 Captain America Quotes 

Captain America is pretty much the best man to lead us into a new world. He doesn’t want to fight anymore.
He’s ready to face his enemies.
He’s ready to fight for what’s right.
He’s ready to love and protect the people of the world.
And he will.

Steve Rogers is the only character to be killed by both the Hand and Red Skull. The Captain America mythos would likely have been very different if this had been the case.

Steve Rogers is not going to cry about this. It’s been his life goal to see Captain America live after fighting for it for decades. Now he’s dead.

Even when I had nothing, I had a strong sense of self.

When asked about the uniform of the Avengers (the first time), Captain America explains that the United States Army has been using that color scheme for decades, and he doesn’t see the need for change.

While Steve Rogers is a man of many parts, it’s his heart that holds the most weight.

I think that what we all understand is that Steve will be coming back.

I was in the middle of a fight with Hitler over 200 times. I fought him at the Battle of Stalingrad. I fought him when he was on the Russian front in Stalingrad.

People lie to people who don’t accept the truth, and people in a cult will do anything to keep the status quo.

We’ve made mistakes, but it’s not the mistakes that define us. It’s how we respond to them.

There are no books in the museum that you can read while you’re waiting for your food. You may be able to read the signs on the walls, but not on the pages of the books.


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Iron Man, Thor, and the rest of the Avengers team up to fight a group of super villains who are stealing the Tesseract.

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