53 Of The Most Precious Farmer Quotes

But in this case, he is talking about farming and not just growing flowers and nursery plants as he is also talking about growing crops for people and animals.

There are many quotes about farmers. Whether they are the best or not, is up to you. We’ve scoured the web and put together the best farmer quotes to appreciate the farmers and all the hard work they do.

But now that the farmer is the king, a collection of the most precious farmer quotes has been compiled.

53 of The Most Precious Farmer Quotes

Farmers are real artists, crafting living gardens to coax nature to grow abundantly. They are artists because they take great joy and pride in their work. They are artists because it is their job to create beautiful things from nature’s materials.

The farmer who cultivates the land and the farmer who harvests the harvest are two different things. The farmer who plants seeds and the farmer who harvests are the same thing. This means that the farmer who cultivates the land and the farmer who harvests the harvest are one in the same.

The only source I can find that quotes Samuel Johnson on this is from the Book of Remembrance. It’s interesting that the Book of Remembrance says “not only”. “Agriculture not only…” I cannot find anything on-line that mentions Samuel Johnson. This makes me think that the author of the Book of Remembrance is quoting a source within the Book.

Brett says that farming is a profession of hope.

My grandpa once said that you should choose between medicine, lawyers, and police officers, but you should never choose a politician.

George Washington said that he wanted to be a farmer. However, he was not really content until he became President of the United States.

There are many more animals (not just chickens) that are killed because they are too large or too small to feed the market. That’s why we have to use up the food.

“If you make your environment ticklish, then people will laugh at harvest time”.

When working with my husband as a mason, we’re always able to take the kids to work with us, and we can’t think of a better job or a better way to spend our time together.

10th of 53 Farmer Quotes

There was a time in our history when the goal of farmers was to produce enough food to feed their own families. We must continue to be open minded and innovative to grow food on the land. My dream is that no one is without access to affordable, good food.

If you want to flourish, you need to work on agriculture. For farmers, cities are like branches of the tree. Cities have more to offer than just commerce and industry, they are a part of the tree itself. If the tree is sick and dying, there is no vitality and no fruitfulness for the cities.

To make agriculture sustainable we need to find a balance between supply and demand. If we produce a surplus we need to export it and if we need a surplus we need to produce it.

John F. Kennedy said the farmer is the only man in our economy that buys everything at retail, sells everything at wholesale and pays the freight both ways.

A farmer has to be an optimist because he wouldn’t be a farmer if he were pessimistic.

Agriculture became essential for life. The forest and the lake and the ocean cannot sustain the increasing family of man; population decreases with a declining agriculture and nations cease to survive the extinction of their agriculture.

When we take care of the soil, it will provide us with its own nourishment; and when we take care of our health, it will take care of everything else.

“Family farmers should be the focus of farm programs.” The president believes that small and mid-sized agribusinesses need the most help.

Farm Credit Administration
In 1996, the Farm Credit Administration was created as an arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

A lot of people have a lot of opinions about what is beautiful and what is not. I am very glad that I do not have to make that decision.

We may not like to believe that the eggs we purchase come from a battery cage or that the wood we burn comes from a forest. But we do need to take responsibility for our food choices. And we can’t forget that a furnace will ultimately run out of fuel.

20th of 53 Farmer Quotes

There is no excuse for not starting a new business, or being late on an important task.
It is a bad habit to put off making a plan for the future, or starting a new business.
The consequences of not starting a new business are greater than being late on a task.

Making great games is a huge undertaking and there are so many different ways to get there. Working at Big Box is one of the ways that I have gotten into game development, and to know that I have helped people have a good time with my game is satisfying.

“Agriculture is our smartest pursuit because it will, in the end, contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness”.

The ultimate goal of farming is NOT to grow crops; but rather to develop and grow better humans.

There are some great people that love cows. I have met a few cows that I can be happy with. Cows make me happy.

While a farm is indeed a creature that keeps you from doing things now, it’s not so much of a creature as it is a constant reminder to not get caught up in the moment. It’s an internal bully that tells you to move on until the last minute and then do it all at once and then be stuck cleaning the room for the rest of your life because you procrastinated until the last minute.

Farmers do have borders. We see it every day. And yet, farmers are like a world citizen. They are like you and me. And that is why I want to live as a human being and not as a citizen of any nation.

The most important people, the farmers and the farmers like the environment.

Farmers are vulnerable. They are not protected by the laws of physics. You might find them sleeping in a field. Their fields are on the edge of a corn field, which is on a road and is on a railroad track. You can’t see them in the corn because the corn blocks the view of the ground.

Haylie doesn’t just eat food: she eats the experience of food too. And Haylie likes to make sure that her food is locally and sustainably grown and that it comes straight from people she admires.

30th of 53 Farmer Quotes

You need to become a farmer in order to be a successful entrepreneur. Start your own business. Make sure that you have a well-designed website. It is all about what you put in as opposed to what you put out.
Have you ever thought about starting a blog? You can use it to connect with your audience.

There is a big difference between the two. Farmers worry about their crops, while the rest of us have to worry about everyday things.

I can only imagine that some people are going to get hurt and feel bad about the whole thing.

The agricultural economy, the primary source of the wealth of the nation, is the basis of the industrial economy.

When one’s life is dedicated to organic farming, it is important to have a strong relationship with the food you cultivate. In addition to having an impact on your own health, organic products are in demand and are relatively expensive. This can result in a lack of trust with the farming methods of today.

The President said that farming looks easy if your plow is a pencil, and you are a thousand miles from the cornfield.

There are only a few things in life that really matter, and none of them can be forced on you.

The first step in growing as a farmer is to grow as a gardener! So if you care for the soil in your garden, you’ll care for the soil on your farm.
The second step is to respect the basics of nature. Those basics are the natural things that grow and the things that grow naturally.
The last step is to ensure the basics continue – that they continue to grow and that they continue to provide food for you and your family.

In an average year, about half of all farmland is affected by flooding. As long as most of that flooding can be contained to small areas and the people living around that area can rebuild and recover, then the small area flooded will be a net benefit.

40th of 53 Farmer Quotes

Joel Salatin believes in the importance of farmers, and he is proud to be a farmer. He also believes in the importance of farmers being compensated fairly for their work.

In 1848, on this day, as president, George Washington wrote a letter to President Van Horn in which he said that agriculture was the most healthful, the most useful, and the most noble employment for man.

While in the United States, you must plant good crops to make a living. However, farmers do not want the country covered in weeds. The farmers work hard to plant seeds and other things that people need to survive in the country.

I am not a farmer. But I do the farm work around the house. My “Humus” is the compost I have made which is now in my garden.

What I like best about a farm is that I can eat what I grow, and if I can grow it, I can eat it. A farm is a school of patience. You can’t hurry the crops or make a cow in two days.

Debbie Stabenow likes to say that agriculture is different today. Farmers use technology to manage their crops, and they have online access to real-time information.

There’s a common misconception that Lenny Kravitz is really just a rock star. But, in truth, he’s a farmer, who pulls up his own sweet potatoes for dinner.

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to be able to play a sport that I loved with some of the best players in the world. It didn’t matter if you were a great player, if you weren’t the best player, you never got a chance to play with the best.

We can have a society which respects the environment and the people in it, but only if we cultivate our own land.

The best way to ensure everyone has enough to eat is to make sure they have a job.
The best way to ensure everyone has a job is to make sure they have enough to eat.

50th of 53 Farmer Quotes

In this time of change, the farmers at Agroecology hold on to the values that they hold dear. They are rooted in community, and in the belief that their work is aligned with the health of the world. Their food provides local jobs and is a tangible connection to the land, and their practices are sustainable, environmentally sound, and ethical.

You can’t blame him for saying it. He is right, though. When people began living in groups in villages, the need for a leader arose, and since people couldn’t hunt or gather, they needed someone to get the food for them. And when they got food, they needed someone to distribute it so that all of them would get a fair portion. So they needed a leader.

Wehrenberg says his farm is “part of me.” It’s no joke, people. He means it.

The greatest teacher is “The Master,” and he can only be found by study and by seeking him out.


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