35 Positive & Inspirational Steve O Quotes

I like “the best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads. That’s not who we are. We’re about how to make the world a better place.” He said that in one of the interviews I read.

Steve started his internet career as a skater and is now a stand-up comedian. He’s most known for his appearances in the Jackass movies, but has also had his own shows like ‘The Steve-O show’. His stand up also has a lot of funny stories. He’s also a big wrestling fan and has made some wrestling references.

Steve-o has two youtube channels/channels with over five million subscribers and a podcast.

I can see a few major differences, but he shares a bit more information on his past and his family. The book even has a recipe for chocolate chip cookies and his autobiography includes a few of his favorite songs.

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35 Positive & Inspirational Steve O Quotes

O’Connell is currently creating her first feature, but she has a clear path to that goal. She is starring in and directing the indie Sundance comedy, “The Night Before,” set to premiere May 14.

Steve had heard about the environmental impact and animal cruelty from his girlfriend, so he went vegan. He started reading books and researching how eating vegan would benefit his health. He eventually found out the reason for the health problems he was experiencing was related to the chemicals in our food.

He’s not only an animal rights whistle-blower, but he also does some cool vegan activism!

Steve O says he’s come to understand that his sobriety is not about control and avoiding what he can control, but about developing a sense of love and faith in the process.

When I was fifteen years old, my dad won a video camera in a corporate golf tournament. I stole it from his closet, and began filming skateboard videos with my friends.

Being a vegan just helps you build up more self-esteem in your life. It also helps you feel good every time you eat a meal.

Steve got an idea when he was in college. It came with a catch–he’d have to jump off a building–without a parachute. If he survived, he’d get recognition for being the first person to jump from a building without a parachute. If he didn’t, he’d die and be remembered as another man who fell from a building.

10th of 35 Steve O Quotes 

Eating raw is all about living foods. You need to eat fresh, organic, plant-based foods and then supplement with a healthy dose of raw, organic, vegan foods.

Steve O is talking about how when he started practicing the Dharma, he came to understand his own suffering more deeply than he ever had before and that this suffering was rooted in his attachment to his own self-image and ego.

The first person Steve calls when he gets into an episode-ending car accident is his father. Steve’s father was a policeman who was killed in the line of duty in 1988.

Steve O is correct in saying that is no ethical difference between eating a cat or a chicken.
The reason the cat, pig, dog and chicken are all edible is because they are not sentient beings.

When Steve was thirteen, he called every hotel in the Yellow Pages, asking for a room by the name of their manager in hopes of meeting the band. After two or three hours of calling, he got through to the manager’s brother. The brother hung up on him, and Steve never got to meet the band.

Steve O used to do things that were funny for his own amusement. He was an only child, and his parents are a comedy duo in the UK. They would make up funny stories for Steve and his sister, and they would do it together as a family. And for his acting, he would rehearse the lines with his friends.

Steve O says that he’s never been anti-gay and doesn’t understand why he’s being singled out and accused of being anti-gay. Of course he doesn’t like when people call him homophobic when he’s clearly not, and has no interest in being anti-gay. No one is calling him homophobic when he clearly isn’t.

 When Steve was informed of the horrors of factory farming, he became very upset. He was able to understand the cruelty, but he could not believe what he was hearing.

As I’ve mentioned several times before, people who think I’m an idiot just because I don’t know all the answers are wrong. I’m more like a very slow moron.

Well if slaughterhouses had clear glass walls, nobody would be eating meat and that’s the truth. When I was growing up, my dad had a meat market and there was no clear glass in the building, so I was not able to witness the animal suffering that was happening in front of me. I didn’t realize how bad it was until Steve O and others started educating us about the truth.

20th of 35 Steve O Quotes 

Steve O is a man who’s focused on making people’s problems go away. This is a man who, while he’s not always focused on the solution, is always focused on the problem. His problem is not you. It is he, Steve O. His problem is that the problems of others, those whom he makes feel like their problems don’t exist, are not really problems. They’re not even problems to Steve O. They’re just problems to him.

The best way to ensure that you are healthy is to have a healthy heart. So, to live a long, healthy life, you need to build a healthy heart. I’m a strong Christian and a firm believer in the sanctity of life. So, I make it a point to avoid the things that will destroy a healthy heart: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and bad habits. I hope you do the same.

Steve O has been sober since 2007, but has a lot of close friends who are not. He is not one to publicly discuss his sobriety, but he says that, “anybody that’s not supportive of me staying sober obviously has to go. But on the other hand, there are not really a lot of people who don’t want me to stay sober.” The rest of this quote is about how his sobriety has made him a better person.

I don’t say anything in a lecture. I just try to convince people on a personal level.

Steve O is vegan and advocates a compassionate lifestyle. He is an intelligent, articulate and inspiring figure. He is a vegan, not just because of an ethical commitment, but also because he enjoys food, eats in moderation and enjoys life. He takes pleasure in his life and is happy. Steve O talks about the impact of the vegan lifestyle on his life in this video. This is an inspiring video.

This is like when people talk about how they like watching your show and then change their name to “DJ Steve O”.

Steve shows his true colors in the second half of this episode to the point of being a little insane. His desire to be on Top Chef is strong and it’s evident that it’s not going to be an easy feat for him to succeed. Hopefully by the end of the season he is on the winning team.

“Steve decided to stop eating meat because of his love towards animals.”

The next step is to ask a simple question and look for a specific response. The question could be: Did you find that it made a difference in regards to your health?

You could ask how long it took him to eat the full amount for the week, and again how long he’s been on a 100% plant based diet. He may be able to give you much more information about his diet.

Steve O is the kind of guy that has a good story. What I mean by that is that he is willing to publicly admit that he has struggles, and that he has been able to overcome those struggles. And, through that his story is even more inspiring because we know that his struggles are not unique.

“I was at an old apartment which had leather sofas and this lady interviewed me in the apartment as I sat on a leather sofa.” – Steve O

There are a few things going on here. The most obvious is that the original interview isn’t a question-answer. The paraphrase is a question-answer. We can remove the question entirely and the paraphrase would still make sense.
Another major difference is that the paraphrase is missing the personal pronoun for “I”.

I don’t agree with you. I find that meat and dairy are the worst things for me. It’s the worst thing for my skin to be eating. I found when I started eating meat, my skin got flakey. I just felt like… there was something that would always break out on my skin, and it started to get really, really bad. The only way I felt that I could keep my skin clear and young looking was to start to eat raw foods.

30th of 35 Steve O Quotes 

O had been planning a trip to San Antonio to attend the Texas State Swimming Championships and he had been eyeing the city’s famous River Walk, where people can walk or ride on boats.
He was walking down the River Walk on the night of a thunderstorm when he noticed the famous bridge across the river and decided to do a backflip off of it.
He fell into the water and was rescued by his girlfriend and some onlookers, and he was then arrested because of his stunt.

Steve O had a dream of leaving it all behind and going back to school so he could go to law school. The only thing he was certain of was that he wanted to live in New York City and be a lawyer. Steve would eventually move to New York City in May of 2017.

Steve O has a lot of wisdom to share with all of you. From the beginning, from his first skateboarding footage to his latest videos, he has always been trying to improve his skills.

Steve O is a comedian and an actor. He became famous when he made a YouTube video of him eating a cookie.

What I have experienced is that even the most successful people in my life had periods in their lives where success was not something that they recognized themselves as. However, they decided to put their own plans and intentions on paper and started showing people what they had done. It made them happy and fulfilled.

I can’t think of another explanation for this quote other than Steve O is saying that all spiritual experiences are connected with a higher power.


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