40 Greatest Laura Osnes Quotes

– That’s a very strong question.
– Because she is
beautiful, smart and talented.

Laura Osnes is an American actress and singer. She is most famously known for her musical performances on the prestigious Broadway stage. She performs as the leading lady in Wicked, for which she was nominated for a Tony for Best Leading Actress in a Musical.

Osnes also received Tony Award and Drama-Desk nominations for her portrayal of the main character in ‘West Side Story’. These shows were made for all ages, making them the perfect fit for the family theater experience. In addition, her work in musical theatre is also well known for being filled with heart, comedy and drama.

Osnes has been successful in the entertainment business as an actress and producer. Her notable TV shows include playing the role of Jo Lynn in the USA drama show ‘Elementary’. She also has acted in movies such as ‘Dynasty’ and ‘Dirty Love’. She has also produced her own TV series, the ‘The Osnes Project’.

Laura Osnes is known for her great acting, beautiful voice and adorable personality.

40 Greatest Laura Osnes Quotes

Laura Osnes says in an interview that she’s wanted to be on Broadway for as long as she can remember.

Laura’s love of musicals started when she was in high school. By her senior year, she decided to study musical theatre at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. It was a decision she was very glad she made.

Although she’s a stage veteran with multiple awards for her performances under her belt, Laura says her first experience playing a role on Broadway in 2016’s The Light in the Piazza was everything she dreamed it would be – and more. Osnes stars as Elphaba in the new musical adaptation of the Stephen Schwartz musical Wicked, opening on April 5 at New York’s Palace Theatre.

Laura was born and raised in Burnsville and got her start in musical theatre in her hometown of Eagan, which is just two and a half miles away.

According to his Instagram account, he started practicing yoga at the age of 6.

He is the founder of a nonprofit called “The Yoga Project”. Its goal is to have every school in the country teach yoga, and to have yoga in every school. According to an interview with him by The Times of India, he was inspired by his yoga teacher.

I was a part of the first musical on the Disney Theatrical Group stage. I didn’t want to wait till I was 40 to dance live on stage. It was very daunting but once I got to the rehearsal room, I loved it. I loved the way that the music was all sung live.

Laura Osnes began performing for the first time in the musical, as the title character in the musical Little Shop of Horrors at the age of 5.

While we love acting, family is one of the most important things in our lives.

This quote came in response to my question of how she feels about being a part of this season. I know that she is extremely proud of her sisters, the Cobalts, and she doesn’t want to step on their shoes. It took her 10 years to get in the door of the group and she is super excited to be there.

10th of 40 Laura Osnes Quotes

A lot of my favorite shows are musicals – musical comedy – and I learned that I was really great at watching other people perform, but not as good at performing myself. I was terrible at it. But I think I had the best time of anyone and it was great because I got to watch my friends sing.

The actress plays the role of a young girl in the play, a part that is hard to describe because it is so different from her previous roles. She also had to learn how to dance the dance while filming.

I was only a freshman in high school, and we saw four shows in the Big Apple, including Contact. It was during that time that I fell in love with live musical theatre. I knew from an early age that I wanted to be in theatre, and it was a dream come true to begin rehearsals for my first Broadway musical a few short years later. That first big show was a Broadway classic that continues to inspire me to this day.

There was one guy who was so important in my life that I named three of my daughters after him.

Laura Osnes has admitted that she feels like “a kid in a candy store” since she began her acting career, and she’s very happy to be on stage doing what she loves.

I think that you get to show so many different sides of yourself. Being an actor I think is such a great thing because you get to be able to try out so many different roles and it lets you show a lot.

The former “Glee” star started taking dance classes at age 5; then she went to college at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, where she majored in musical theater and dance.

It was not until she was 17 that Laura Osnes realized she had a voice that was not just a good fit for a Broadway show, but for a recording of an original cast album. She started performing in a community show, and the show became a hit with a couple of her friends.

Laura Osnes has been at the forefront of the national conversation about mental health and suicide prevention for many years. The daughter of a school bus driver and retired police officer, she experienced her fair share of trauma and bullying as a child and teenager, ultimately resulting in PTSD.

My first big role was on the stage in “Rent” on the West End. It was life-changing for me. I had already been working on my other projects, but that first big role was so exciting and it was just an amazing and unforgettable experience.

20th of 40 Laura Osnes Quotes

She was really, really careful about how she looked. She wanted to be able to make the whole Broadway thing a job because she knew that when you put on lipstick and make-up, so many times your career is on the line.

The actress started in theater on Broadway. Then she found a career in television and film. She became a lead and made many TV appearances. But she was determined never to become a Hollywood star. She didn’t want to play the same roles over and over. So she studied to become an attorney and when her career on stage slowed down, she got her degree and she finally got a break. She appeared in the Broadway revival of West Side Story and then the Tony Award-winning hit On the Twentieth Century.

“I have been in Grease, where I’m still on stage, so that’s the whole point. And I was on stage for eight years as an actor. So, it was a nice little springboard for me.
And I think what I’ve done is be very very strategic about what I’ve done and what I want to do in the future.
I can see that I’ve gotten very lucky.
The things that have happened in my career have been very fortunate. And I’m very grateful for it, and I don’t want to look back on anything and wish I had done something different.

Laura Osnes feels that her songs and messages were more about the human spirit and love.

Laura Osnes has never dyed her hair or gotten highlights. Her hair products are at the drugstore!

She also notes that her favorite Cinderella character is actually the evil stepmother, as opposed to the heroine herself!

She began acting in her second grade class when she was asked to play the munchkin in the children’s movie “The Wizard of Oz.” She went on to appear in four of the movie’s subsequent sequels, as well as numerous TV shows and Broadway musicals.

It’s an honor to step in the Cinderella role and be creating the role with the team that they’ve already assembled. She’s been there since 2009 (at the Westside Theatre in Chicago) and this is her first time on Broadway.

Laura Osnes thinks that she has always been acting. She doesn’t remember a time before she was up on stage acting. She just knew that she liked it. Laura Osnes says that when she was in middle school she was constantly in the play. This led her to realize that she was a born performer.

30th of 40 Laura Osnes Quotes

I think what’s great about her is that she’s not afraid to try new things, and I think her career has been a story of growth and evolution.

I would love to do movies and TV, but I think it would be really difficult to transition into a career as an actor just because I would be so used to dancing and singing. It would be great to be cast in a musical though!!

“I loved watching old Shirley Temple and Disney movies and my parents took me to see local theatre a lot as a kid.
I liked to read and was influenced by a lot of authors.
I was also influenced by a lot of music and was very into it as a teenager.

After winning a Tony for best actress for “Sunday in the Park with George” (2008), Laura Osnes went on to win the 2009-2010 season of “Glee.” Now, she has another trophy: the Carlyle Group has named Laura Osnes as one of its highest-profile executives for 2012.

So Laura Osnes has always been quite talented. From the moment I first saw her in the musical Chicago, I was in awe. Her rendition of “Don’t Rain On My Parade” is absolutely incredible.

When she was nominated for a Tony in the Best Actress in a Musical category in 2017 and received the Olivier in the same category in 2018, she received all the attention. During her acceptance speech, she thanked the “best cast of her career.” It was later revealed that the cast also included Sara Stiles, Anika Larsen, Josh Gad, and Jonathan Groff.

Laura Osnes has always cared for herself and her hair. When it comes to styling her hair, she says she usually does “nothing.” She uses a curling iron and flat irons to style her hair.

Not me so much, but Laura did get a callback to her first ever musical [The Music Man] on Broadway.

While it’s true I love to listen to Broadway, there are plenty of musical styles out there that require no formal study or training. Besides, it’s more fun to listen to “Broadway” and hear the voices of the people who performed it, than it is to just listen to any old recording of a piece.

In the fall of 2004, Osnes and Grazer auditioned for Glee together, and Grazer sent them both to an agent so they could pursue the Glee role. Osnes chose to pursue the show instead, and she and Grazer continued to work together.

When Osnes took on the role of South Pacific’s ingenue, Michelle, she was just entering her senior year at Boston’s prestigious Emerson College. But the role of the sassy and spunky character would go on to launch Osnes into stardom.


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