Lin-manuel Miranda Net Worth

Lin-Manuel Miranda has a net worth of about $70 million.


Manuel Miranda is an American actor and singer from Puerto Rico.

The musical artist ‘Hamilton’ is best known for being played by the American actor ‘Lin-Manuel Miranda’. This man has won many awards in the musical world. He has two Tony Awards, three Grammy Awards, an Emmy Award, and a Pulitzer Prize.

So he wrote the song that will be the opening song and the closing song for the musical.

Since his debut in Hamilton in 2015, Lin-Manuel Miranda has built his personal fortune through his music, TV shows and films.

Early Life 

Before becoming a great composer, he was a very bad singer. It was his wife, singer-songwriter, actress and actress-producer, Leslie Odom Jr., who inspired him to become a writer.

Miranda is the son of Dr. Luz and Luis Miranda Jr. His mother was a psychologist and his father was a consultant to Mayor Ed Koch.

Miranda’s early years were spent in Manhattan, and he rarely missed a month of vacation at his grandparents’ home in Puerto Rico.


Miranda started his career while working on the musical ‘In the Heights’ with John Buffalo Mailer. In 2008, Miranda made his Broadway debut. The show became very popular and he made an appearance in the 2012 remake of Footloose.

Bobby’s debut work, ‘Avenue Q’, had a huge success at the Tony award ceremonies and he was awarded for the best musical and best original score.

Miranda also appeared in the movie ‘The Last Kiss’. In 2004, he portrayed the role of ‘Dante’ in the movie ‘The Mule’ with John Travolta and was an assistant to director Robert Rodriguez.

The artist was seen as an intern and rapper in the sketch ‘Hardly Working: Rap Battle’. Through his career, he also played the role of a puppet on the children’s TV series ‘Sesame Street’.

In 2011, Miranda wrote ‘Bring it On,’ a musical based on a film of the same name. This musical was premiered at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia on April 18, 2011.

It’s hard to say what Miranda’s best musical is, but from all the ones that I’ve seen on stage, his musicals are all great. He has always had an interest in theater and music and has made great music and has a fantastic memory for theater music from the past. He’s a great singer and dancer and I enjoyed working with him.

With net worth of $80 million Miranda is among the rich and famous who can afford to pay for his own tickets to the Oscars.

How Does Lin-Manuel Miranda Spend His Money? 

He is one of the wealthiest men in the entertainment industry and a father of two children. That is why he has been in the market for a few years to buy a home that would make him feel comfortable.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Homes

Lin-Manuel Miranda, his wife, and their children live in a new home. The complex is only a few minutes away from the George Washington Bridge.

Drama Book Shop was a store that Miranda bought to preserve it for the future, but now that it is in his name, he has no intention of letting it go.


The musical grew increasingly political and social just as I got older.

Favorite Quotes from Lin-Manuel Miranda

“Hamilton” is a story and show that is relevant and important now because it tells the story of what America was and what America is today and the struggles and conflicts that America faces today.

3 Motivational Lessons from Lin-Manuel Miranda 

You can’t always wait around for your big break and you also have to be prepared for lots of rejection. But if you keep at it and don’t give up you might just make it one day.

1. Manifest Action 

What you have to do is be there when people suffer, and you need to be there when you are suffering too. You can’t have one without the other. And you’ve got to be there for people, not just for people with a mental illness.

2. Go Play 

You’re perfect for your role. Miranda means don’t get attached to the role and don’t think of anyone else being in it.

3. History 

History is so subjective. The teller of it determines what is truth, and what is reality.


[The Hamilton Mixtape] is a hip hop album that tells the real story of Hamilton’s creator, Alexander Hamilton.

Although Miranda’s work is best known for its ability to bring people together, he once had a very personal experience. Miranda’s mother passed away when he was twelve and he took on the responsibility of raising his siblings.

After making his first film ‘Innocent Voices’, he worked on numerous other films and series such as ‘Moana,’ ‘Mary Poppins Returns,’ ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,’ ‘Do No Harm,’ and ‘DuckTales’.

As of July 2022, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s net worth is approximately $80 Million.

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