40 Unforgettable Shepard Smith Quotes

There’s no good time for bad decisions.

Smith has been doing the same job for a long time. He is known to be a hard worker. He also takes any chance to speak about the current political affairs. Smith is well known for his ability to deliver unbiased opinions and for his ability to speak out even against the current political system.

Smith: If you’re looking for something to make you happy, you’ve got to make it yourself.

40 Unforgettable Shepard Smith Quotes

I didn’t have any idea that Fox would get so political. I’m still trying to figure out how to cover it. So, the fact that I’m having to answer to a politics person every weekend is pretty surreal.

Shepard Smith is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate defenders of American democracy that you’ll ever hear, and his latest remarks show why. He is deeply troubled by Donald Trump’s refusal to condemn white supremacy.

It is hard for me to believe that there was another American president, John F. Kennedy, who was the target for such an assassination.


The quote was actually from the BBC News website. It appears, at least as I see it, that the BBC is quoting the article from Yahoo! News. I can’t tell which, though, and they’re both sourced as being written by the Guardian, which makes me think that one of them might be a mistranslation.

Smith explains that he doesn’t talk about God, because he isn’t a believer.

He seems to be saying that news reporting can’t be like the front page of the Times and the editorial opinion pages of the Post and the editorial pages of the Post and the editorial pages of the Post.

 Mass transportation is fun, and sometimes itâ€(tm)s a waste of gas, but I love it!

I came from a place where there are no journalists that look like me and were born during the Civil Rights era. I came from a place where there is no one who represents me, no one who looks like me.

Smith’s remarks were not “deviation from the truth,” but they were a “concern” or “discomfort” about what else he may say on the issue.

It’s interesting where the liberals come off as being “more elite” than most conservatives. The most conservative person in the network is a conservative “conservative”-conservative. The liberal people are always liberals.

10th of 40 Shepard Smith Quotes

When Shepard Smith was asked about the family friendly nature of the series.

I would like to say to Shepard Smith what I’ve said to others: we don’t communicate in full sentences anyway. We don’t need all those words.

Shep Smith has already said he’ll leave Fox News under his current contract when it expires if he’s not offered a contract extension.

Bagels are delicious and can be picked up at any time of the day.

The Fox News anchor was in a meeting of several anchors and reporters about the upcoming 2016 election. It was not a focus-group meeting, it was a meeting of a single reporter, and the discussion was about the upcoming election.

When Shepard Smith is intrigued by a weather event, he goes to the source.

Shepard Smith stated that he was financially well off and he tipped well.

Smith said that he likes to talk to people, not politicians and movie stars. He thinks that interviewing these people is hard because he has to ask them questions.

Smith has long criticized mainstream media for promoting what he views to be a false narrative concerning the nation’s gun laws.

20th of 40 Shepard Smith Quotes

The news director for Fox News Shepard Smith said that they wanted a news program that was just the facts.

Shep was talking about the Iran nuclear deal which was signed in 2015.

Shepard Smith has always been known (and well-deserved) for being very outspoken. In his latest tweet, he says he’s decided to leave Fox News. Smith joins a long list of notable names who have left Fox News over the years, including Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly.

I take the subway because I can’t afford the cost of owning a car, the parking garage and the gas bills alone.

Smith said we are telling more stories than any network news has in history. He said the way to get it is to have many writers. The best thing about this show is it is the most written about cable news show on the air.

Smith’s desire is to keep his Fox News show alive no matter what, even if it means going against his journalistic values.

Shepard Smith said that when people begin with a false premise and lead people astray, that’s injurious to society and it’s the antithesis of what we should be doing: Those of us who are so honored and grateful to have a platform of public influence have to use it for the public good.

Shepard Smith thinks that it is necessary that there is news at a place called Fox News.

Shepard Smith was the senior news anchor at the time and he seemed to think this was important enough to go on air and let his audience know. He was also the first broadcaster to report on the attacks in Paris.

It’s not easy sometimes when people get up in your face in public, you know? And say, “How could you? How dare you?” Well, they don’t know me.

30th of 40 Shepard Smith Quotes

This isn’t really true, but there is the idea that journalists are biased and are only there to push an agenda.

Smith is a news anchor for Fox News, and he made the comment during an interview with the Washington Post’s Erik Wemple on March 16, 2017.

Smith’s new title as host of a Fox News program is “opinion host.” Smith is apparently not quite as willing or able to run to the burning building, preferring instead to watch Fox News from the comfort of his cozy studio.

The news anchor has been grounded for 3 years because he called a white police officer a racist and the police officer sued him.

The moment President Obama said that the United States would not torture, he committed a sin of the highest order. The president who says he doesn’t believe in torture also condones it. This is the moral center of the United States that Mr. Obama has betrayed. This is the reason Obama wants to see American diplomacy fail.

This is a great example of how Fox News really does not treat its employees fairly.

I never know how some people can sleep at night because I know that there are a lot of people who are smart enough, and educated enough, to know that the lies that are being pushed forward are lies.

The rich kid was a journalist at Fox News who was a conservative.
The rich kid was not a rich kid and was a liberal and a journalist at Fox News.

It seems to me that journalists are just like any other salesperson. You try to sell the audience the product that’s best for them at the time. Smith is selling an audience that is willing to listen to his point of view, which happens to be his personal point of view.

When it became clear that the US was invading Iraq and that there were no weapons of mass destruction, a lot of people who should have known better tried to cover it up.

Smith enjoyed reporting on the triumph over tragedies that occurred during the course of his career.


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