40 Inspiring Katie Cassidy Quotes & Sayings

My favorite Katie Cassidy quote is: “I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m so grateful for the love that you’ve tried to give”.

Cassidy’s acting career has been well recognized for her performance in several high profile projects.

She served in the Malawi Congress of Democrats as the National Youth Director for the party and then was a campaign manager for the party’s presidential candidate. She later moved to Washington and served as President of the Washington Urban League.

I will say nothing, because I’m going to keep quiet.

40 Inspiring Katie Cassidy Quotes & Sayings

Katie Cassidy said she loved being on stage. She said she loved it when she was in elementary school but she couldn’t say whether it was about building characters.

Katie met her manager because her sister was a receptionist at one of her company’s clients.

I don’t think that she can be more open about her physical transformation for obvious reasons.

 Katie keeps her key chain simple because she thinks if you carry too much you’ll never get to enjoy the things that you carry. And she’s heard that having a lot of things on her key chain is too much baggage.

Katie Cassidy thinks the main difference between playing the character and playing the character as a woman is that the latter is much ‘easier.’ In other words, as a woman she can show more of her feminine side and isn’t so concerned about what others think of her.

If you’ll notice, my interview with Katie Cassidy starts with a question about her dress choices for the night. You can tell where she’s come from because she doesn’t go for the typical high-heeled look.

[9] The actress says she has a “very clean lifestyle”.

Katie Cassidy had a very good point here! Heels are not only for a beautiful lady, they can also be great for working women, who can go out without heels and still maintain a good balance.

I feel like David Cassidy was famous in the 70s and in the 90s when the show started. I was like, “What? He’s a good actor though.” But he’s not famous anymore. But yes, I’ve definitely been on the internet looking out for old photos with him and stuff. It is really fun because it would have been a dream come true to have been on this show so you get to work with him now.

Katie said she feels a bit scared about the wedding. She said it will be a natural feeling to have nerves when the wedding comes, she said she is excited for the wedding and it feels really good.

10th of 40 Katie Cassidy Quotes

In an interview she spoke of the ups and downs of working on TV, explaining that although it’s usually a pretty good experience, being on a show that has a long run can be challenging.

Katie Cassidy says that she mainly focuses on character development for her characters, but she is also interested in the larger plot.

Katie Cassidy says that she ‘keeps herself in what she’s doing’ and puts a lot of energy into developing her performance. It is a natural way for her to express herself on the stage. She doesn’t worry too much about the results.

While growing up with famous parents was an advantage, it also presented obstacles.

A true example of modesty, Katie Cassidy has used the StairMaster to strengthen her posterior. Stair master, Stairmaster!

It took David Nutter a while to believe this story when he first heard it. Then he laughed and said that he is a huge fan of the TV show Arrow, which is directed by Guggenheim. Then he said that he would be honored to work with Katie. Then he said he wanted to work with Marc for a while and then said he wants to work with Greg because they’re the best in television.

In 2016, Katie Cassidy revealed that her father was really close to her. In an interview, Katie Cassidy said “We had a really good father-daughter relationship,” and that her dad was one of her closest friends.

Katie Cassidy said that she thinks she is a nice person in real life.

Katie admitted that playing evil wasn’t really her kind of thing. She prefers to play characters that are well-written and real.

Katie Cassidy has wanted to act since she was little and even had a short-lived acting career in middle school. She didn’t see it as a realistic career option then, but her passion for the craft has paid off. Cassidy landed a role in a major film, but she hasn’t stopped since.

20th of 40 Katie Cassidy Quotes

The actress told The Edit that she has been to New York for fashion week in the past and is happy to be seen in such a large city. She was also proud to have her friends in tow, who were waiting outside a show for her.

Katie has been very altruistic since she began on the show. By giving back to the community, people’s perceptions of her change and she receives the same in return.

Katie Cassidy will be reprising her role as Laurel Lance in the upcoming Arrowverse crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths, joining previously announced characters John Barrowman (Doctor Who), David Ramsey (Supernatural), Brandon Routh (Supergirl) and Caity Lotz (Legends of Tomorrow).

Katie Cassidy feels good knowing that many Arrow fans are excited about her involvement in Arrow.

When asked about what she likes about being a part of the “Arrow” series, Cassidy says she really likes the action of the show and the mystery that is in the world.

Katie Cassidy is a child of both actors and musicians. She was born in the U.K. and raised in the U.S. Her father is singer Jack Cassidy, and her mother is actress Talisa Soto. She made her big screen debut when she was three years old in The Land Before Time II: The Continuing Adventures of Kaa the Snake. She is known for her roles in The Young & the Restless and The Vampire Diaries.

Katie Cassidy has been acting since she was 13 and has starred in a variety of films, TV series, and commercials. She is known for her role as Chloe Sullivan on CW series “Arrow”.

Actress Katie Cassidy, who plays Alex Danvers on “Supergirl,” is a self-described comedy fan.

Having built her own clothing line, Katie will be heading to Paris Fashion Week with a new collection, and has also recently launched her own podcast where she gives up-and-coming young fashion designers the opportunity to share their work.

Katie Cassidy enjoys doing both film and tv. She is the show’s highest-paid cast member.

30th of 40 Katie Cassidy Quotes

I agree. Acting is not easy and is hard on the body and mind. Katie Cassidy said that she gets up from acting classes and looks around the class. Everybody else seems so happy and excited, but you are all just feeling so overwhelmed and worried about your performance. It is hard to be happy and excited for your scene.

It’s nice when your dad is one of the only people who will be there for you.

I really liked New York City. I visited there as a child with my family. I even went back for the first time in years last summer.

Katie Cassidy says that as an actor, she likes to be as accurate as possible. She also says that she likes to be trained with real fighting techniques.

Katie Cassidy shared that when she first moved out at age 18, she had to learn everything on her own. She went through a lot of trial and error.

The actress has been working on the CW drama for a while now. She has been taking on a lot of challenging roles, which she loves and looks forward to do even more. She appreciates her “fun” characters, especially the ones who break the rules and do things they shouldn’t.

Katie Cassidy’s hair has varied from blonde to brown to almost white.

Katie has loved playing music since childhood and was a classically trained pianist before she began her acting career. She has played piano professionally since she was 15 years old and went on to become an accomplished jazz pianist.

I think that having strong female characters is awesome because they have a voice and when I see a strong female character I never associate them with one thing and that’s evil. I see them as people who have values and they’re doing what they feel is best for them.

Katie Cassidy was a freshman in high school. She usually had to audition for musicals. It was the first time she got a cast part. She felt really happy for being the first freshman to land that role and break the system.

Katie Cassidy keeps a stash of Truvia packets in her home. She needs to use healthy sugar when she has a coffee.


Katie Cassidy has enjoyed a long and successful career as one of Hollywood’s sexiest and most charming actresses. She has had the chance to work with some of America’s most famous and popular filmmakers, including James Cameron, Clint Eastwood, John Woo, and Ron Howard.

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