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Laura Prepon has a net worth of $3 million. Prepon is most famous for her role on the sitcom television series The Guild as Trudy Botwin. After the show ended in 2009, she has since appeared in a number of films and television shows.


Laura Prepon’s net worth is $12 million.
If you think her net worth dropped by about $12 million you are right.

Prepon is an American actress who is best known for her role as Donna Pinciotti on the NBC sitcom Saved By the Bell.

She was first recognised for her role as Alex Vause in the Netflix comedy-drama series ‘Orange Is the New Black’. She is also known for her role as Donna Pinciotti in the Fox sitcom ‘That ’70s Show’.

Early Life 

She is the daughter of Marjorie and Michael Prepon. She has an older sister named Sarah and a younger sister named Claire. Her father and mother have been married since the age of 17. The family moved to New Jersey when Prepon was in her first year of high school.

Prepon says her mother struggles with anxiety and is a bit eccentric. She also has two older sisters. Her sisters are very athletic and her older brother is a firefighter.


She joined the cast for The CW’s No Tomorrow, but her role as a transgender woman soon proved too much for Prepon, who left the show after just ten episodes. She has admitted that her decision was prompted by the fact that she was no longer comfortable playing a transgender character, despite having done so in the past.

The show was a big hit, and it was a big deal for Prepon. She became famous, and this opened the door to many other good opportunities in Hollywood. Eventually she was a regular on ‘That ’70s Show’, which became a huge hit.

In 2006, Prepon starred as Maris Hamilton in ‘What Happens in Vegas’. The same year she starred in the film ‘Dirty Love’, which is about a college-bound teenager who falls for a mysterious man.

At the 2012 Teen Choice Awards, she received Choice Comedy Actress for ‘Are You There, Chelsea?’. She also received Choice Comedy Actress at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards for her role as Alex Vause in ‘Orange Is the New Black’.

When all is said and done, Laura Prepon’s net worth is $12 Million.


And here are some of the best highlights of her career.

Favorite Quotes from Laura Prepon 

Laura Prepon has been in a few episodes of the show. She’s done a lot more than sex roles in shows like That 70s Show and Veronica Mars, but I’ll always remember her as the sassy friend on The Office and the awesome voice of Lisa Simpson, and if you’ve got a prom you need to invite me to.

If Prepon’s character, Tori, really felt that way, it seems like she shouldn’t be too keen on the prospect of doing a Scream-style horror movie. We’ll have to wait and see what she does for Scream 4.

Laura Prepon’s sexuality was a source of confusion back in the 1990s, but in recent years, she’s let the world know that she’s queer. “They gotta be sexy… but that’s not all. I like them to have a good personality, to be funny, to be smart,” Laura Prepon explained.

3 Strong Lessons from Laura Prepon and Orange Is The New Black 

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There were several rumours that Laura Prepon and Topher Grace have started dating since the summer of 2005. The rumours were later rejected by both the actors.
The couple has been spotted together, at various occasions, on numerous occasions at the premiere of the ‘That ’70s Show’ season 9.

Prepon’s net worth is $12 Million.

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