Lewis Hamilton Net Worth

Lewis Hamilton has a net worth of $75 million.


As of July 2022, Lewis Hamilton’s net worth is estimated to be around $289 Million.

He has been racing since 2005, and became a full-time Grand Prix driver in 2014.

Hamilton also considered to be the best driver of his generation. He is also greatly regarded as one of the best drivers in the history of the sport.

Early Life

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton was born on the 7th of January, 1985, in Hertfordshire. Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton spent his time being a supermodel, and eventually married the gorgeous Emma Piroska. They lived happily ever after.

Carmen and Anthony got a divorce so he went to live with his mother while his father moved to California with his new family. When he was 16, he moved to New York with his dad and stepbrother Nicolas.

He got a go-kart as a Christmas present. It was a gift, which he loved, that gave him the opportunity to learn and show his talent. Lewis’ parents noticed his passion for cars and encouraged him to compete at national level.


Hamilton started his professional racing career when he took part in the British Formula Renault Winter Series in 2001.

In 2002, Renault F1 racer and Manor Motorsport team manager, John Booth, decided to include David as the third driver for the F3 UK Championship. The season was successful for David, who gained a lot of experience and finished third in the Formula Renault 2.0 UK Championship. At the end of the season, Renault F1 team, which was at the time Lotus Renault GP, decided to enter him for the 2003 Formula Renault 2.0 Eurocup.

He did well in Formula Three by finishing 7th at the Italian Grand Prix, and then won the race at the French Grand Prix, becoming the youngest driver to win an F1 race in the process.

In the Bahrain Formula 1 race, Lewis Hamilton finished second again.

In 2012, he won the Brazilian Grand Prix, United States Grand Prix and achieved the double victory of the season at the European Grand Prix on the 24th of July. This was followed by a double victory once more in France and at the end of the season, Hamilton secured his third World Drivers’ Championship title.

The 2016 season was very successful for Lewis Hamilton. He earned the second spot in the Australian Grand Prix and won the British Grand Prix later that year. After these victories and the one from the previous year, he could claim a two-year Championship by virtue of his lead in the points.

There was no race this year in the European championships because of the accident in Austria and so Rosberg was the champion, so he had to win the title for the fourth time, which was the most in the history of the German GP driver.

Hamilton has started the 2017 season with a win in China and second in Australia. He has then won in Spain. He’s now a world champion for the sixth time.

He is a German-British Formula One racing driver who has won four Formula One world championships, three of which have been the drivers’ championship (2013, 2016 and 2017).


Here are some of the best highlights of Lewis Hamilton’s career. Lewis Hamilton won his first F1 championship in 2012 after a thrilling season-long battle with his teammate Nico Rosberg. Lewis Hamilton won his second F1 championship in 2013.

Favorite Quotes from Lewis Hamilton 

Lewis Hamilton says that he needs to be accepted for who he is and wants to be. He mentions that he is black and has a Spanish background but he wants to be accepted for who he is.

Winning is the biggest accomplishment that you can have. The lessons learned when you don’t win is what makes you stronger.

“I won’t be like other drivers, I’ll be unique in my own way,” Hamilton said.

3 Fearless Lessons from Lewis Hamilton 

After looking at the lessons we can learn about money from Lewis Hamilton: let’s look at some of the best lessons we can learn about money, and how Hamilton has achieved his success.

1. Always Focus On The End Goal

In a radio-controlled car, that became a racing car. To be one of the top drivers by age 10, he won several junior races. At age 12, he was a top race car driver, and started developing his skills on road courses.

When he first started out in his career, he didn’t have much power to drive the CART cars around. So, he had to learn how to work his way around using the rules of the series.

I’m focused on what I want to achieve in my life. I have the same level of focus Lewis has to achieve his goals.

2. Discipline Always Pays Off

It’s a long journey, but by working hard each day you will eventually find your passion and get to do what you truly love.

Remember, success comes from doing the things that you’ve been told you’re supposed to do, every day, consistently. Success doesn’t come over night, or in a series of big breaks. It’s based on the discipline to do the little things well, consistently.

3. Put in the Hard Work

I need to do more with less and I have to keep working harder at it. I have to work smarter and get my priorities straight.

If you want to get somewhere in life, you need to constantly be working towards your goal day-by-day. You will not get anywhere overnight, but small steps will eventually amount to a good outcome.


Lewis Hamilton is considered one of the best race drivers of all time, and the most successful British Formula One driver of all time. He has won a record seven world championships, and he has the most number of career points, the most number of victories in different circuits, and the most number of pole positions in different circuits.

You must be very grateful to us for helping you earn such a large sum of money.

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