50 Of The Greatest Roger Taylor Quotes

Roger Taylor said a lot of nice things during our interviews. I think one of my favorites was, “I don’t have any regrets.” He also seemed to really enjoy playing with the new band members, including Neil, when he visited the studio.

Roger Taylor is a well known English singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is most famously recognized as the drummer for the legendary rock band ‘Queen’.

He toured the United States of America in the late 1980’s. He was voted as the eight-greatest drummer in classic rock music in a poll conducted by popular radio station ‘Planet Rock’. This poll is also credited of having launched his career into the stratosphere.

The band is the best in the history of rock music. They were the kings of rock music and they still remain a top contender. They have sold more records than any other band.

For over 25 years Taylor has been a big name in the music industry, and is a world-class talent.

Roger Taylor quotes are a collection of the most famous quotes that were uttered by the bassist of Queen.

50 of the Greatest Roger Taylor Quotes

“We are all one” (paraphrased) is a statement that you’ll find on many T-shirts, buttons, and other merchandise. This is a fairly common misunderstanding, and it’s a shame that people got the wrong idea about the phrase.

Roger Taylor said that he was lucky to have an outlet to air his opinion.

It would be interesting to work with Lady Gaga again. She’s great! And Adam Lambert is fabulous.

[3] – In 2013, Roger Taylor said that he was inspired after his return to Queen with Bohemian Rhapsody to return to the band and make another Queen album “in the future”.

We used to say that we were in the same class as Freddie Mercury, but there was no comparison about our musical talents and his brilliant ability to sing and write tunes.

But, there was a little bit of friction at first, to begin with. Freddie could be pretty stubborn, and he wasn’t too happy about the fact that he wasn’t acknowledged more. But we all respected his views because he was such a great songwriter. It was his idea that we share all the credits. It was decided all the songs would be attributed equally to Queen. That immediately got rid of the arguments. That was a fantastic, democratic notion.

It’s not just the musicians who can’t write songs, I also can’t write as well as others. My songs are simple and the songwriting is basic. You have to have a basic understanding of musicality to have a good song. The music for the whole album was written on a computer.

The first set of musicians assembled for ‘The Game’ was a bit of a trial-and-error affair, since there wasn’t really a plan in place. However, Roger Taylor didn’t want to see anyone else in the group, with the exclusion of David Coverdale, if he was to continue as an official member. The other members of Queen were not at all keen on the idea, and eventually Roger decided to give it a shot.

I know how hard it is to become a successful musician, and to have to deal with the music industry.

10th of 50 Roger Taylor Quotes

Having a parent with a steady job who made the effort to get a degree was a really important factor in my parents life, it’s something I really wish I had done myself.

There’s been a lot of moaning & groaning! The band’s been around for 50 years and you don’t think they’re going to stay in one style for their whole career? You’re missing the point.

Roger Taylor thinks they were all friends as they were growing up when Freddie Mercury was the lead singer of Queen. He says they were all co-dependent in many ways and they stuck together for a really long time to deal with the issues that Freddie faced in his life.

One of the most difficult interviews in the history of The Queen was conducted by the National Public Radio in the early 80’s. The main questions were “How would you describe Queen music?” and “What’s the difference between Freddie Mercury’s music and Queen’s music?”.

I think a lot of big musicals close because the musical rules they’re bound by make it impossible for them to be efficient.

Roger Taylor says that he will think of Freddie Mercury every day. He says it’s not just for a moment, it’s for longer.

I don’t think there’s any great frontmen anymore but what is most interesting to me is that I don’t think any of the great frontmen had a great singer either.

Roger Taylor has a unique outlook on the past. He does not really think “oh, I am seeing myself” but instead “how different we have become”.

Roger Taylor lived with Freddie Mercury from 1989 to 1992 at the house in Kensington. Freddie and Roger met in 1978 through a mutual friend, Bob Geldof. Bob Geldof introduced them both to his girlfriend who invited the boys to her flat which they shared. When Bob Geldof introduced her brother to them, they all became good friends. The boys were also housemates with John Deacon and his girlfriend Tracy.

Roger Taylor is now talking about the fact that the interest in Queen still keeps alive. The band is constantly surprised and happy about this fact.

20th of 50 Roger Taylor Quotes

One of the things we are all really proud of is the incredible musical direction that Freddie’s music took us in the 80s.

What Roger says here is true. People in theatre don’t hear much. There’s not enough air conditioning in the theatre to be comfortable or to keep the audience comfortable. The actors, if they’re playing their best, are usually playing a lot of loud music, which tends to drown out the dialogue, and they’re playing it to a small audience. So you can imagine how little can get done.

“The last time we saw Freddie it was a very sad day. He was going on tour with Queen. We were all going to see him play. I was really upset at the time.

Roger Taylor always felt he had some important role. He may not be a drummer, but he has some important role. He does important work.

Roger Taylor said he didn’t take a lot of the videos seriously, it wasn’t one of the things he enjoyed the most.

The best things in life are free, but you have to pay for the right to use them. When you’re a rock star, the wait for your next contract is a long time. Roger Taylor, who’s been away from the band for more than two years, is happy to say the wait is over.

The song was originally to be part of a track called “We Will Rock You’ which was very grand and pompous until Queen realised that no-one knows what it actually means and put on a parody version in the end. Roger wanted “We Will Rock You’” to be the opener to most of Queen’s shows but he doesn’t have the last say.

Roger Taylor said that people thought that he and the other musicians were Nazis. However, he was just a very conservative individual that found the band a very interesting thing to be involved with. Roger Taylor also said that he did not join the band because he was a Nazi or fascist.

Roger Taylor said that he is a little hard of hearing without his hearing aids in, and that he suffered from tinnitus for a while.

Roger Taylor, who is often called the “bass wailer” and the “lead guitarist,” has been dealing with hearing loss for years now. His hearing loss was probably caused by the excessive use of headphones or earplugs while playing, and he admits that he is a bit hard of hearing and has trouble using the volume knob.

30th of 50 Roger Taylor Quotes

Roger Taylor loves to work and has a lot on his plate, with many projects on the go and his autobiography to write. Despite all his commitments, the drummer still likes to get out and about and enjoy life.

Roger Taylor says that Freddie Mercury was the driving force behind the band’s success.

Roger Taylor was very specific. He said that he ‘loved drums more than lyrics’. Taylor also mentioned that his vocals were not important, only the drums and bass guitar.

When it was announced that Queen was going to record with David Bowie, Freddie was a bit surprised. I think that was the first time I met him. I remember him being very quiet and shy. He was also very young. I think the only reason he was a star was that he could sing and play the guitar. I think he saw himself as more of an artist than a rock star. But he loved rock and roll and we loved him.

Taylor got an early glimpse of women who would accompany him on almost every tour.

Roger Taylor is saying that Queen is a train that is never going to stop, it just keeps going.

I’m going to retire at age 36. It is definitely a good time to be retiring and it will not be a negative. It’s more of a positive and I feel that I should take some time off. I do not want to just fade away. I want to give the fans a good show but I will take a break and see where it goes.

Roger’s right to be upset. This is what happens when you combine a large budget and a large number of actors, all of whom expect to be on-time and on-target in terms of their salaries. The best that can be hope for in this situation is to ensure that someone in the organisation is actually on-board and can make the changes at a speed that is faster than the actors and singers need to prepare for the performance.

The band rehearsed in the lecture halls, and recorded their first album, Queen, in 1971 while Roger was studying for his biology finals, and it is amazing he passed.

When I first went with the band, I was just a kid from the North of England. I looked up to Freddie. I was fascinated by him. I loved his style. When the band started, I was living with my parents; I was 19 years old. I went to see Queen at Wembley with my father. When I went back to England, I stayed with Freddie and my father. Freddie took a lot of care for me.

40th of 50 Roger Taylor Quotes

The singer thinks that radio programming is so predictable that it’s harder for something new or fresh to get through.

Freddie Mercury recorded songs like the title track in order to make sure that when he woke up from surgery in the morning, he had something to listen to before he could face the day.

Our stories are interwoven; Freddie’s is interwoven with ours. Our music is timeless, as timeless as our story is, because it’s a sort of everlasting… income.

While it seemed like Taylor was making an effort to be fair, this is one of the reasons why he was fired from the band shortly afterwards. I don’t like the way he talks about his snare drum, and I don’t like the tone of his voice at all.

I think I saw Happy Feet in the cinema as a kid so I am sure that he enjoyed it. He also did enjoy the John Denver version of ‘Somebody To Love’ in the film.

Roger and I had been talking about how the band had gotten so big, and he mentioned he was having problems finding a band to play with. It seemed to me like Roger hadn’t quite made it. But I didn’t care. As I’m saying, I had a lot going for me and I decided I wanted to work hard and be part of something great. I was also looking for a job.

It has always been in the family for me. My Mom is a pianist. I’ve always sat next to my Dad and him listening to the music on his portable Discman. I don’t seem to remember much of my Dad’s opinion, but I do remember the love for music. As a child I was fascinated with my sisters’ singing, I loved watching them practice their songs. I love a good story, and I believe music comes from the soul, it’s very personal and it defines who we are.

“I was never in it. I was just a drummer and a singer and I used to be in a rock band called the Tylers. That was a good time. It was my band and Freddie as well.” – Roger Taylor

The Queen Queen, Queen are an English rock band formed in 1970 originally featuring Freddie Mercury (vocals), Brian May (guitar), Roger Taylor (drums) and John Deacon (bass guitar). The band’s sound incorporates elements of rock, pop, classical music and glam rock.


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