Richest Horse Racing Trainers In The World

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Horse racing is a sport where money speaks. Everywhere you look in the horse racing industry you see money. From the ticket prices on some of the most popular events to taking care of a horse and the fees they pay in order to participate in an elite event, the numbers are shockingly high.

Not to mention the prize purses that some of the most popular races have. For example, the Kentucky Derby has a prize purse for the most popular race at a record high of $5 million this year.

This is also quite a popular sport for betting. Why? Well probably because of the high payouts due to underdogs winning races. If you like to learn more about historical payouts at the Kentucky Derby, check out the link below:

So, who gets the most attention after winning a race? – Well, there is no doubt that the horse is in the media’s focus. However, a horse couldn’t win a race on its own. So, who is responsible for the horse’s incredible performance?

Well, I would argue that the trainer is most responsible for the physical shape of the horse. That’s why some of the top-class trainers are paid up to $1 million in salary per year just to prepare horses for a race.

With such a high salary, what are some of the richest horse racing trainers in the world? – And no, Bob Baffert isn’t in first place.

Top 5 Horse Trainers by Lifetime Earnings

5. D. Wayne Lucas

  1. Wayne Lucas is in the fifth spot on our list of richest horse racing trainers in the world but for a good reason. This is one of few trainers that actually managed to stay relevant in the world of horse racing for over five decades.

Throughout his long career, he managed to earn more than $290 million in prize money and accumulate more than 5,000 wins. His success in the horse racing world is truly impressive.

His horses, including the legendary Lady’s Secret and Serena’s Song, have become the stuff of racing folklore, showcasing Lukas’s unmatched prowess and perpetual hunger for victory

4. William Mott

Here we have another legend from the horse racing industry with close to $330 million in prize money tucked under his belt. Throughout his career, he managed to showcase the potency of patience and skill as he got many underdog victories. He has an impressive 19%-win rate, which is rare in the horse racing industry.

On top of that, he has quite a successful stable, with over 100 horses under his care. Mott is definitely one of the richest trainers in the world.

3. Bob Baffert

Finally, we came to the most controversial trainer of them all. Many people think of Bob Baffert as a fraud due to many allegations of cheating and a ban from the Kentucky Derby for using illegal substances, but one thing is for sure, he has a talent for raising champions!

After all, not many trainers can say that they have 2 Triple Crown Wins in their career. Throughout his career, he managed to earn more than $342 million in prize money thanks to his many high-profile victories.

Despite a recent ban from the Kentucky Derby following a disqualification due to a positive drug test on Medina Spirit in 2021, Baffert’s influence and impact on horse racing are undisputed​. Who knows, maybe next year we will see Baffert attack the Triple Crown championship once again.

2. Steven Asmussen

Steven Asmussen definitely sets the pace in the world of horse racing trainers. Throughout his career, he managed to earn more than $410 million and an impressive 20% win rate. One of his money-making machines is called Gun Runner, and it is a horse that contributed a lot to his fortunes accumulating more than $16 million in career wins.

His career is full of impressive victories, and he is definitely one of the most successful and richest horse racing trainers out there.

1. Todd Pletcher

If you’ve never heard about the name Todd Pletcher, you are either new to the horse racing industry or you are not paying that much attention. We are talking about a man that has surpassed $450 million in earnings and he is on the road to reach half a billion this year.

What’s most impressive about Pletcher? Well, his win rate which sits at 23% is unheard of in the horse racing industry. Throughout his career, he trained more than 200 well-known horses and truly demonstrated dominance in the sport.

With standout stars like Honey Ryder and Ashado among his alumni, Pletcher’s success is a blend of quantity, quality, and sheer equine excellence​​. This year alone, he managed to earn more than $3 million with 44 wins, 33 seconds, and 25 thirds, and we just entered the second quarter.

Todd Pletcher is definitely one of the most talented trainers in the world of horse racing.

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