25 Wildly Educational Robert Owen Quotes

He was a Welsh socialist that was one of the founders of utopian socialism.

He used the money he made from the cotton business to open the New Lanark Mill in Scotland, where he developed a model factory town, employing unskilled workers and providing social services.

John Wesley planned a settlement in the U.S. and he hoped to make it a community of free, virtuous Christians who cared about each other and their communities.

I have never seen anything like “Robert Owen” in my life. In fact, I’m sure this is the first time that anyone has ever seen Robert Owen.

25 Educational Robert Owen Quotes

A chastity society is an organization of men and women founded on the concept of sexual abstinence, or chastity.

It is important to have some facts to base beliefs on. I may start out with a few beliefs that are based on facts, and then later find out that those facts have changed. So when I am reflecting on what I believe, I should be sure to look deeper into my beliefs to be sure that I am not basing my beliefs on faulty information.

The well being of the human race is the highest goal of all humanity, every person should be placed to find his or her greatest joy through the practice of promoting the well being of the other humans.

4. Most people are a product of their environments.

Avoid arguing with people by repeating your point. This is easier to do when you are in a position of authority, but you can learn to be assertive by repeating your point to avoid fighting with people.

A machine is used to make something else. Inanimate mechanisms are used to create humans. Human labor is the most expensive and dangerous machinery, and there is no reason to make something with it. To create a human being, use a human to make it, and you cannot pay a machine to do what a human could do for free.

All of us every time when we breathe experience health and disease. Those who understand the causes of disease know that impure air is most unfavourable to the enjoyment of health.

“There is no other way to live together in order to create the greatest happiness for the greatest number”, than to have everyone work for everyone else, and accept all the obligations resulting from such a system.

Organized education has always played a very important role in the modern society. It not only promotes individual self-development and social progress but also provides more and more job opportunities.

10th of 25 Robert Owen Quotes

The law is a collection of rules that cannot be found in people, and it can only be the cause of anarchy.

The original quote is by Robert Owen. In this quote, the word god is being used in the singular sense of “God” and the word Doctor is being used in the singular. This is because the phrase “God and the Doctor we alike adore” is in the singular.

My life has been useful. I have taught important truths to the world. It was only for want of understanding that they were disregarded. I have been ahead of my time.

A problem that we, modern Americans, still have to deal with is that our children and our society are all raised in an environment of ignorance. They don’t understand that there are other ways of life. And that is one of the biggest obstacles to social progress.

For those who don’t know, Robert Owen (the one who founded the co-operative movement) believed that a revolution would have to take place to make this utopian society, and he was correct that the world would have to be ‘greatly altered’ before it could develop into this perfect society, however, he forgot to mention what had to happen in between, and that was that the world had to be a place where ‘crime, poverty, sickness, and misery’ could be eradicated.

The biggest challenge to working together peacefully is when we become so busy working/raising kids etc, that we don’t tend to be able to find time to talk to each other or just get down to each other’s level.

A human being who wants to stay healthy must take care of their own thoughts and feelings.

18th of 25 Robert Owen Quotes

Men and women will be equal in everything. No longer will a man be able to treat a woman like a slave, or have the final word, and the woman will no longer have to be subject to a man. Men and women will be able to do anything they want, and they will all be given equal education, and privileges.

The minimum standard of living in this world is enough to provide food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and opportunities for the development of the human personality, and the normal and healthy functioning of human society.

I believe that religion is very important to helping our species survive and prosper. But I don’t believe that the teachings of any one religion are inherently better than all other religions. I believe that we can learn to respect and love one another by learning to respect and love all sentient beings.

The interest of each, from our birth, is that we should be well educated, physically and mentally, that in this manner our society will be improved in its character.

It is not just our physical body that has been forced upon us by society … there are also psychological and moral elements that we have no control over.

The quality of an individual’s originality is extremely important. It may be considered the most important quality of all in a worker, because it leads to a high performance in all the fields.

It is far easier, more sensible, and much wiser to adopt substantive measures to prevent disease of the body or mind. To do otherwise is to destroy the body and mind. It is to destroy society.

Yes, there are good hearts to serve men in palaces as in cottages.


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