Owen Wilson Net Worth

Owen Wilson net worth is estimated to be $5 million.


A good portion of Owen Wilson’s net worth came from his acting career, but he also has other investments in the film industry, like through his company, Owen Wilson’s Company.

Owen Wilson is an American actor and screenwriter from Texas. He had been married to actress Scarlett Johansson, but ended their relationship in 2018.

He had a long association with Wes Anderson, with whom he shared writing and acting credits for Bottle Rocket and The Royal Tenenbaums, the latter of which earned him a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

Early Life

Owen grew up in Texas, but he was most influenced by his father, who was a film editor, as this sparked his interest in the business. He has two brothers Andrew, and Luke, who are also involved in film making.

Wilson went to St. Mark’s School of Texas from where he was expelled for misbehavior. He did not graduate from there. He then went to Thomas Jefferson School before going to the military academy at West Point.


‘Bottle Rocket’ is about the life of a group of teenagers, their dreams and ambitions, and their struggles to achieve it in a world that seems not to care about them. The film received mixed reviews because of the lack of clear story and the overuse of humor.

He then played the lead role in ‘The Three Musketeers’. The film was a massive hit, grossing $200 million, but was a box office bomb due to negative reviews.

In 2011, The Simpsons had a short where Bart is a famous actor who is playing himself on a sitcom called ‘Bart Simpson: The Dad’.

He was a big hit with his first big role in the romantic comedy You, Me, and Dupree, but the box office performance of his next 3 films were disappointing.

She became the official face of UK sofa retailer, Sofology in 2017, where she features in a new £20 million advertising campaign.

Owen Wilson’s net worth is 70 million Dollars.


This is the best part of Owen Wilson’s career.

Favorite Quotes from Owen Wilson

Hollywood actors are like high school drama classes. Comedy actors are like high school jocks, and dramatic actors are like cool senior students.

Owen Wilson is currently working on his ninth film, ‘The Internship’, which was released in 2013. It follows a misfit (played by Owen Wilson) who works in an office and after many years of working as an intern finally gets a job as a full-time employee there. It wasn’t until he landed this job that he realized that the company was a bunch of idiots.

The director talks about his own love affair with the film industry that he says he is still in. He speaks about how much harder he works in post-production and how important he feels his own art form is.

3 Business Lessons from Owen Wilson

A net worth is the value of all of your possessions. You can calculate net worth by looking at your assets, such as money and real estate, and subtracting your debts.

1. Always Be Yourself

2. Stick To What You Know

His career is so diverse because he is a true multi-talented actor. I would argue that his dramatic roles have been just as good as his comedic roles. But, he really is too smart to make that argument.

The same way you get better at something by doing it over and over and over and over again, you can get incredibly good at a specific task by doing it until you’re a master at it.

3. Build Strong Long-Lasting Relationships

This is about the relationships that you have with the people that you know, and the ones that you don’t. By putting yourself out there, you’re helping to grow the business and developing your own network.

Owen Wilson really wants to play this role. He’s been wanting to do this for years, and it would be a dream come true for him to see his name in lights as a director/producer. He’d love nothing more.


Wilson is famous for his collaboration with the filmmaker Wes Anderson with whom he has worked on the projects Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums, and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are considered as a couple which has been living together for a very long time now.

Owen Wilson’s net worth is estimated to be about 70 million dollars as of July 2022.

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