50 Famous Robert Pattinson Quotes About Life

“I love to kiss a girl with a beard.”
I really like that.

Robert Pattinson is a British actor, who has been a part of the Twilight franchise. He is best known for his role in the Twilight franchise. He was featured in the Forbes Celebrity 100 list.

Pattinson’s movies include ‘The Lost City of Z’, ‘The Childhood of a Leader’, ‘Damsel’, ‘The Lighthouse’, ‘The Lost Highway’, ‘High Life’, ‘Good Times’ and ‘To the Wonder’.

He is always smiling. We cannot find a person like him. If you look at the Hollywood actors, none of them will behave like this. He is the one who is friendly with everyone. He always gives support to his family.

50 Famous Robert Pattinson Quotes About Life

You know how the movie was announced in Paris, and it was in Cannes and it just got huge in England and then in the United States, and then it dropped off the radar for a while, then it came back on the radar. And we were just as surprised as anyone.

He was born in the year of the horse. He had a little bit of a temper and a lot of self-confidence. He’s an idealist. He has a lot of integrity. He’s in love with the idea of love. He’ll do things at any cost. Robert Pattinson’s first wife is the first of the Hollywood couple to divorce, ending their 10 years of marriage after Pattinson had cheated on her with a friend.

 I’m hoping that England will have a lot of fun with this crazy situation and they’ll somehow get back on TV when it’s all over.

Robert Pattinson is now having a really hard time finding a role after the Twilight Saga. He is still struggling to find ways to make a full recovery from his face-lift.

I agree. Acting can also enable you to act out your fantasies, which is liberating and I like that.

I don’t know how to translate this correctly, but to paraphrase, he doesn’t want people to find him bad, and he wants people to like him.

I never knew that I could be strong enough to live even a single day.

In his interview with Empire Magazine, he talked about the good thing about having different directors. He said that he had to change up his routine by staying on his toes and not falling back on his old behavior.

As we were walking to pick up a take away, Robert Pattinson was yelling at a bunch of girls in the background to go around and stomp on everyone, and he’s just going to get ruined by a bunch of women.


Also in response to your question; Yes, Pattinson was being ‘pally’ with the director, and yes, I was paying attention.

10th of 50 Robert Pattinson Quotes

Robert Pattinson admitted that he tried to copy the style of Jack Nicholson when he was younger. “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” is one of his favorite movies. Because of this, he decided to try and copy Nicholson’s mannerisms in everyday life. Because of this, he became the person who people thought of when they thought of him.

It seems like Robert Pattinson is really into acting! While he is not a shoe shop, he would probably make an excellent shoe rep.

Pattinson would love it if he could live in a cardboard box. He would feel great being able to fit into a small box. There are so many things to learn about the man, and we’ll get to that soon.

I know that you’re an eating disorder fan, but it’s okay to be a little self-conscious about it. It’s part of growing up, and it happens to everyone. It’s okay to talk about it, but it’s important to remember that your body will also change.

It’s not the first time he’s complained about his eyewear. In November 2016, the actor appeared on the Conan show, where he talked about his Ray-Ban Aviators. “I have a pair of Ray-Bans. They’re quite beautiful, but they’re too small. They’re just like my mom’s glasses. They’re way too small. I think every man should have his own pair of Ray-Bans,” he said.

Pattinson describes how he never wanted to play the part of a pretty, polite, well-mannered young man.

Robert Pattinson is a famous actor in the world. Robert Pattinson is famous because of his movies. He played the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise. His movies are like blockbusters. They are huge in the whole world.

Rob Pattinson gets more hate in England than in America. It’s just that British people don’t like the idea of him dating Kristen Stewart and other Kristen Stewart’s.

Robert Pattinson said that the most normal people are probably the craziest ones.

Robert Pattinson said that monetary success isn’t necessarily beneficial. Sometimes the financial freedom it provides is just that, it keeps the door open to make what they wish to make.

20th of 50 Robert Pattinson Quotes

[Pattinson’s] answer isn’t surprising, though it does explain a bit about Meyer’s creative process. It’s not like Meyer was sitting around one day, writing Twilight, and suddenly had a brilliant idea for a vampire love story. I think she had all kinds of ideas for stories that weren’t Twilight, and then decided to explore them through a very specific lens.

There may have been something primal in Robert Pattinson that made him a part of these groups, but the real attraction for him when it comes to Twilight was the fact that they were so accessible and so available. He had never really seen himself as a member of anything, and so the idea of being a Twihard was incredibly exciting to him.

He did not want to be the face of the Twilight Saga and that is why he asked for a fee of $20 million for the movie. The most expensive movie of his career and he did not ask for that, but the movie is a hit thanks to him.

The only difference between The Joker and me is that I’m more handsome than he is. Robert Pattinson is very handsome. He has a very nice face, but I have a better body. And that is the only difference between us.

Robert Pattinson was talking about a recent incident when his car was smashed by a woman’s bicycle because he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

We all know that when you put a dog in a scene, that is going to be the best scene, but some people are very good at hiding their dogs.

Robert Pattinson says as the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 approaches, the excitement is getting so intense that people recognize him in public and try to figure out what hotel he’s staying at and ask him to bite them and want to touch his hair.

If he was playing a normal human being, there would always be that, but we can see from the trailer that he’s playing a vampire, so that’s the question.

Robert Pattinson said that he was a private school student in London. His father told him that if he didn’t like university it would be better just to quit. Then he told him he would pay him back if he got good grades. Pattinson said he decided to stay in school.

Not quite. I don’t think he’s trying to sign up for little movies or that he’s doing them just to keep busy. He seems to be genuinely having fun with the role. The guy is a natural at playing a vampire.

30th of 50 Robert Pattinson Quotes

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse will be the last Twilight film. If the next Twilight film is to be made, it will be a departure from the rest of the franchise.

While making the film “Water For Elephants,” actress Reese Witherspoon was caught making out with an employee of the film company she was on.

When Robert Pattinson was in school, he was always very short and skinny. In the movie, he looked like a tall, gangly, skinny person. He was very, very tall and skinny.

“You’re trying to play an archetype on one hand and a character on the other, ”
“so I felt insanely frustrated”
“right up until the last shot”
“and then it ended.”


In the novel, the paragraph is describing the nature of love for characters other than those being portrayed. The characterizations are the same, but the words aren’t.

Robert Pattinson thinks that it’s much better to play in an American accent than it is to play in a German accent. This is probably because he’s used to playing American characters. He also revealed that he’s become more and more interested in accents as he’s become older.

The Twilight Saga actor has had several roles in his career, but he found his niche in the film industry. He became a major star after he appeared in the 2004 vampire romance film, The Vampire Diaries.

This is the end of the quiz!

I would love to work with kids and animals, but unfortunately I’ve had experience with people and animals in the past and I’m not a dog person, I’m a cat person. But I don’t think I’ve experienced working with children though.

40th of 50 Robert Pattinson Quotes

Robert Pattinson talks about people who take photos of him. They often look as if they’re up to no good or are trying to take his picture. He says that he is never comfortable with people taking photos of him. According to Robert Pattinson, it’s often his own fault if he is photographed. He likes to get his privacy.

Rob is a vampire in Twilight. However, he didn’t have the opportunity to prove that with the rest of the cast. The other three books were all about vampires, and he didn’t have the chance to show his acting talent.

Pattinson, who will next be seen in the upcoming Disney film “Twilight,” which follows two high school lovers in the years leading up to their engagement, says Hollywood’s changing business model and lack of a moral compass have made it nearly impossible to maintain any sort of privacy.

Rain has never been so consistent and in the middle of movie it’s always rain. Also, it’s weird how it rains so much when the people are actually in the desert or someplace else.

It’s always hard to know where he’s coming from. But he’s been very consistent, I think. He’s not one of those famous people that’s got different sides. … He’s always been very straightforward, and you can always get a sense of what he’s thinking. He’s not some kind of mysterious actor that nobody really knows. You can see that his work ethic, his devotion to the craft, and that’s one of the reasons why people like him. The things he does aren’t in the tabloids.

The actor said that he is not looking specifically at any genre and he even does not know what to expect from the new project.

Robert Pattinson says that the entire stadium was filled with fans when he made his return as Edward Cullen in New Moon, and says they didn’t do anything.

The Twilight movies were the beginning of a movement. The next step was Blade. I’ve never seen a more interesting vampire movie and I’d really like to see more of it.

It’s a hard life being a lunch monitor. You have to take everyone’s chips, and that takes time.

Robert Pattinson’s character, Edward Cullen, has a very unique personality. The guy is just so chill and doesn’t care about much. But, this doesn’t mean he’s not in control. He can be quite cold and controlling, but it’s never really obvious. He would rather keep his feelings to himself and act cold towards others.


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