50 Best Clive Owen Quotes Of All Time

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Clive Owen is an English actor born on 10th July ’68. He is best known for his character as a struggling writer in the big-screen movie ‘Croupier’ and his critically acclaimed performance in ‘Close My Eyes’.

Owen was born in Wales, and moved to England to study English literature and drama. He has had a prolific career over the course of his life, with his first acting role coming at the age of fourteen in a production of “Julius Caesar”.

The movie ‘The Rich Man’s Wife’ was a major success in Owen’s Hollywood career. Afterward, he appeared in other movies and made his first Hollywood film with the beautiful and popular actress ‘Halle Berry’.

Here’s our collection of some of the best quotes by or about Clive Owen.

50 Best Clive Owen Quotes of All Time

Owen’s love for London never wavered, even in his recent years.

I will enjoy myself with whatever I’m doing and I will keep doing things that I like to do.

I really don’t like people trying too hard. It sounds so fake. And it’s also not attractive. There’s something so unnatural about it. I don’t like it when people are trying too hard.

I feel sympathetic for those teenagers who have to go out and work like adults when they are just teenagers.

I like the karaoke bars where you get all the people together, and you just sing. I’ve done it. It’s fun, it’s the best. I’ve been to karaoke bars in Japan where you can hire a band.

You have to be careful when you choose to audition people. You have to choose people who have the right amount of emotion for the role. As an actor, you are always dealing with emotions.

The actor Clive Owen says that he has no regrets on his career and has no regrets about his sexuality. He shares that he never believed that he had to be gay and he has seen the beauty of both sides of the coin, and now he respects himself as a man.

That’s exactly what I’m thinking as well.

I think there are a lot of overdone descriptions of action. People don’t need to be hit on the head.

Culture and Religion
In 2009, writer and filmmaker Peter Capaldi played a character called Theodorus in the BBC sitcom Rev.

10th of 50 Clive Owen Quotes

10. Action scenes are just like any other scenes, and we try to do our best to make them look like that, rather than like this.

It takes time for the brain to create a character and for the person writing the script to fully understand the character as it is developing.

Clive Owen stated that he has never considered his characters as bad guys. He also said that he is a bit perplexed on why people consider his characters as bad.

I live in London and I love living in an environment where the police have guns, and I’m tired of seeing the police with guns and of being a target for gun violence.

Good dialogue is very important. The more I talk to people, the more I realize that it’s the conversation that makes the movie.

It is my pleasure to be here today and to share my thoughts on this issue which affects our lives.

Clive Owen said that the most essential thing to him about a film is what he thinks about it.

I love the fact that he never wanted to be a movie star. He just wanted to act. I’m always jealous of the actors that I know want to be movie stars.

I find that fragrance companies love to promote masculine as a way of talking about a man’s smell. I think it’s really important to say that men’s fragrances should be about being a man and not smelling like a man. A man should be able to smell naturally without being told he is supposed to smell.

20th of 50 Clive Owen Quotes

I’ve been wanting to learn the art of acting for a long time. I’m always trying to improve and I think it’s important to do something different if you’re going to try and go into acting. You can always learn something new.

I think we can all agree that a room full of actors is a lot of pain in the butt.

While shooting the movie, they had an agreement that they could not tell their parents when the filming was to begin. He didn’t want to reveal himself yet. He wanted to go to places where he’d never been before. He wanted to keep the secret about the location of the movie. He wanted to see and experience as much as he could before he revealed himself to the world.

Clive Owen is a fantastic actor. I feel sorry for him, having to do bad films all the time. He makes a great movie though, and he’s also a really nice guy. He’s the kind of guy that makes your heart skip a beat.

The world is full of people who have done nothing of note with their lives. Most of us have not found meaning in our lives; most people are not happy and will never be happy. I am one of the few fortunate ones who can say that I have found meaning and some semblance of happiness. You may say this is luck, and I would say it is also skill!

People generally don’t worry about things they can’t control.

Clive Owen’s workout regime doesn’t require him to take his top off in his next film because he is too old, not because he is overweight.

Clive Owen stated that as he got older, he had a better time.

I don’t think Clive Owen has ever been in a fight in his life. He may have once punched someone, and definitely once or twice had his ass kicked, but that doesn’t really count. He is British, after all, and British law states that you can punch someone in the face (and kick his ass) if you’re with the royal family, as long as there’s no malice intended.

“Every journalist who isn’t too stupid or too full of themselves to notice what is going on knows they’re morally indefensible.” – Clive Owen.

30th of 50 Clive Owen Quotes

Hemingway would take his page and let it just gently float away on the wind. He never crumpled a page. He believed that if you crumpled them you’d be insane in a year.

Clive Owen is one of those actors who has a lot of charisma and presence. He was a nice surprise in the end credits scene, as well as some of the earlier sequences in this film. He looked good with this role.

I have never chosen a film because where it’s shot is convenient because I need to see locations, or I need to see specific sites. I don’t want to be led by someone else’s opinion. I want to be the leader of my films.

The actor stated that he wouldn’t give any advice to anybody about anything.

He played Romeo in the 1995 production of “Romeo and Juliet” in the West End and on Broadway, as well as playing Juliet in the 1997 production on stage in London.

Clive Owen is looking good in this interview. And he’s got a nice little story about what his eyes look like.

Clive Owen once said that he felt he shouldn’t have to belt out his lines in the theater. He felt he should be able to do it in film, instead.

I like to use the word “act” in a literal sense. I like to do full, truthful, honest performances. I like to act like I mean what I say. I like to show it in my eyes and my body language. I like to be an actor. I want to go out and make people laugh or make them cry.

You want to make a living and not just a living. If you’re out to make a living, you might as well make it and not just a living.

I was about to say “when you have idiots driving crazily in front of you, that can wind the best of you up,” but you did it.

40th of 50 Clive Owen Quotes

Terrace House in Belfast was a beautiful community in the 80s.

I’ve been there only twice, but it looked like a different world.

When his work as an actor is done, he’s still the same guy you’re hanging out with.

In his new book, the British actor talks about the process of casting roles.

In the beginning of his career, OTTY was a pop star. He had a haircut that was out of style. He dyed his hair weird colors. He listened to lots of David Bowie.

Owen was honest and said that the film was based on a person that he knew personally. This was said in the opening credits.

A tabloid is a tabloid because people are throwing papers at it and then someone is always trying to make a profit off of them.

The original is that he was going to die of lung cancer, the paraphrase is that he is choosing to die of lung cancer.

“I was married to a woman I was using and not loving for years. I felt at one point I had to leave her because my life was a mess and I was a mess, but I was in debt and didn’t know what to do with the children.

Clive Owen said that good actors are not just good actors. They are good actors because good acting is about subtext.

He is an actor that is good at playing people that are not just straightforward and nice.

[Clive Owen] was a bit sad when we saw “Aquamarine” in the theater but really liked it. He said that he really liked Phil Kaufman and would be proud to meet him when the time comes.


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