Clive Owen Net Worth

He is worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


In the UK, Clive Owen started his career as an actor in the 1990s. Owen is very famous in the UK and Ireland.

After playing a croupier in ‘A Separation’, he was nominated for the Golden Globe as well as the Oscar for Best Actor.

In 2005, George Clooney won the Golden Globe and the BAFTA Award, and was nominated for the Academy Award.

As of July 2022, Clive Owen’s net worth is estimated to be about $30 Million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

While his net worth is estimated to be around $30 million as of July 2022, it could be worth less if he suffers any major losses.

Early Life 

After getting a degree in Physics, Owen began to study acting.
He then became a member of the Royal Court Theatre.

Owen’s mother was 16 years old when she got married to a ticket clerk when he was three years old.

He later worked as a theatre director and play writer. In 2006, he directed a stage play entitled The Way Home (about a family’s decision to leave Ireland and move to Northern Ireland just before the troubles).


The British film actor won a Golden Globe and BAFTA Award and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his appearance and performance in the drama ‘Closer’.

He also does a lot of voiceovers and has acted in a couple of movies, including ‘Sin City,’ ‘Derailed’ and ‘Inside Man’.

He became well known in the North American market in the summer of 2001 when he starred in a series of BMW short films and commercials.

In a career that started off with ‘Lucky Jim’ and ‘The Italian Job’ and came to life with ‘The Bourne Identity’ and ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead’, Tom Hardy went full force, making a career that went all the way to the title role in King Arthur.

After taking the job, he began a campaign of restoration and repair work – including the building of new seating, lighting, sound and other improvements.

As for his family, Owen’s father and mother divorced when he was around ten. Owen’s father went on to marry a second time and he has two younger brothers. Owen spends every Christmas with his family.

As of July 2022, Clive Owen’s net worth is estimated to be about $30 Million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

While his net worth is estimated to be around $30 million as of July 2022, it could be worth less if he suffers any major losses.

How Does Clive Owen Spend His Money?

He is a billionaire in real estate and he also gives away money for charity work.

Clive Owen’s Home 

A stunning, beautiful house in the heart of London.

Clive Owen’s Charity Work 

The actor spent some of his money on charity works such as Aegis Trust, Free the Children, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and Malala Fund.


Clive Owen was the best at playing characters who are just looking to get away from everything, no matter what the cost, including himself.

Favorite Quotes from Clive Owen 

He had just finished watching a film called “A Man for All Seasons”, a movie he had written about himself. The film was very personal to him.

Clive Owen’s first few films include some personal stories of his own. The first three movies he starred in by himself had a personal story that he had written.

“I work out regularly. I think it’s very important for me to work out because I do a lot of physical comedy; it’s very tiring to work with your body all the time. So I work out three times a week, and I try to get as fit as I can.” – Clive Owen


The original version uses the verb form “to exercise”.

I started acting when I was a teenager because I really wanted to see the movies that everybody else saw. To me, this is a movie about people. I’m like, “Wow, I never thought I could play someone like this,” but I can.

One of the best actors of our time has been known to wear a variety of different looks, from sports shirts to suits and everything in between, but the thing we know for sure is that his style will never change. His approach to style seems pretty simple, but it’s also not an approach that allows him to take advantage of all the new fashion trends, nor does he like people who try to make an effort.

3 Inspirational Lessons from Clive Owen  

1. It’s important to have a strong network of friends, they’ll introduce you to people who can help you get to the top.
2. You need to take opportunities when they show up.
3. Always strive to improve.

1. Watch the Eyes 

The eyes are the sexiest part of the body.

2. Journalists 

Not every journalist who is writing about politicians is being paid to write a political commentary.

3. Takes Time 

Being a kid is hard. Trying to figure out what to do in life. But to be honest, I think it’s a lot easier to think than to do.
There’s always someone you can blame your failure on though.


He rose to fame at the age of 11 and went on to become a household name after he played a lead role in the television show ‘Chancer’ from 1990-1991. Besides this, he has made notable contributions to the film industry with acclaimed performances in the movies ‘Close My Eyes’ and ‘Croupier’.

Clive Owen is a British actor who is famous for movies such as Wall Street, Black Hawk Down, A Soldier’s Daughter Never Cries, and Unfaithful.

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