20 Motivational Bow Wow Quotes

In 1993, Shad Moss was performing at a Snoop Dogg concert. He joined a group of little kids and sang along with Snoop Dogg. After that, Bow Wow became famous. He has performed with many singers, rappers, and actors.

There are a number of reasons why people love ‘Beware of Dog’ more than other albums by Bow. The first reason is it is a collection of some of the best work Bow has done to date, while some of the other albums are an amalgamation of different styles and musical genres. His second album was nominated for a Grammy for best rap album in 2004.

Here are some inspirational words and phrases from Bow Wow.

20 Motivational Bow Wow Quotes

I would never say that I don’t prepare for my roles. There’s always something you can learn from watching movies and from doing research. But, I don’t need to dig deep. I’ll never be that type of actor and I doubt that I will ever be.

Bow Wow was born with no money. He doesn’t know where people got the idea that he was rich because of all the money he made.

After all the hype about his “Girls wanna have fun” video and his numerous relationship issues, Bow Wow is admitting that women have a lot of issues.

Bow wow made a point of encouraging his fans to vote for Donald Trump to become president. He said that when African Americans vote they should put a person in charge who knows the value of a vote.

I can turn the negative energy of my soul into positive just by listening to music. That’s how powerful music can be.

 Bow Wow wants to portray a dramatic role as a movie star. But his real dreams are about being a movie star.

He says that he’s trying to become a young CEO, to brand himself in television and movies. I think I’ve heard this before. It sounds like he needs to add a couple of syllables.

8th of 20 Bow Wow Quotes 

My mother has always been supportive of everything I do, and she never embarrassed me. She understands what I do.

I didn’t sell the 3 million copies, but I could be considered a success considering the way the media treats black men. I was told as someone who is famous for being black, I should go into the sports game, but I wanted to do music instead. I started rapping as a hobby. And that’s when I realized that I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought.

I love my fans very much, and not just because they are buying my CD’s for me to release. They give me the confidence to continue things in life as well.

I’m loving New York, and words can’t even describe how happy I am to be here. The new me is looking at life in a whole new light.
I’m a little surprised with where I am, but I am so happy with every decision that I’ve made.
I’m loving this new me, this new life, but I’m still the same Bow Wow.

I would say music is the reason I am doing movies. acting is an escape for me as well, but I do believe that it is a bit more than just escape. I believe that movies has a way of bringing us back to reality.

While the music industry is not usually known as a place for “no pain, no gain” it is important to be careful around the people who are getting you where you want to get. Not everyone who is going to get you where you want to go is going to have your best interests at heart.

Bow Wow showed off his style by showing off his stylish, yet laid-back, look.

Bow Wow is still the biggest name in hip hop, so this statement was a little surprising. He had been in talks with BET to host shows and develop original programming long before he hit the scene, but that never happened. This was the first time he ever said that he was seeking a role at the network.

Money doesn’t change you, it changes the people around you.

Bow Wow had said something that bothered Bow Wow. Bow Wow said he will not refer any rapper as a “little” person. Bow Wow said that “those” rappers are no longer “little”.

18th of 20 Bow Wow Quotes 

Bow Wow is happy because he has just about given up his career as a drug addict and is ready to spend time with his daughter who is just a toddler.

I really like Bow Wow’s music and I think he could be a really good rapper. He is a very talented rapper and he could really make it big in the music business. He made it big with his first album Bow Wow, and I think with his second album he could have even more success. He had a lot of success and I think if he had more albums you could see him get even bigger.


All the words in this collection are all Bow Wow’s, and can be found in “Life Without Bow Wow”, a book that Bow Wow wrote that is currently available on Amazon.

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