11 Unexpected Rick Ross Quotes About Life

I don’t know man, I’m just happy right now.

The rapper is more concerned about his money than his friends.

A lot of hip hop people would expect that certain rappers (even after they gained a lot of fans and are still considered to be very talented) would stop producing material of a good quality. But in the type of world where the world would turn into a dark place, it’s quite rare for a rapper to be able to come up with so much inspirational lyrics.

Rick Ross is a genius with a lot of wisdom to share and I love how he shares his thoughts on life in his songs. His style of rap is so authentic and unique and he has a lot of things to say.

11 Unexpected Rick Ross Quotes About Life

If you’re living in the era of change, then you must learn to adapt and adjust to changing times.

It doesn’t matter what happens, it is life and we must learn to accept the past. Don’t live your life with regret, constantly looking back over your shoulder. Life goes on and you should enjoy it.

We need to realize that we don’t have to give up on our dreams to help other people advance their dreams.

Every day is better than the day before. We’re always learning something new or having an opportunity to improve something; if we don’t, we lose out and are left feeling bitter.

People, you don’t need to be blessed by people to be successful. Even, even, even if you are the one blessing others, do things that matter. Because if you are blessed by someone, but you aren’t doing anything to help the poor, then its not really blessing them.

Helping other people is the definition of success. The biggest effect you can have in life is that on your life, and we should be afraid to die until we’ve made a major contribution to society.

I want to remain a little soldier. I can only take so much damage to my body. My right shoulder has been hurting for months now.

Remember that you are a strong person and you have the ability to recover from any situation, by yourself or with your family.

1. My life has a lot of free time, and I spend a lot of it on the internet.
2. I spent a lot of money on the internet.

Love is not something that you can feel in your heart. It is something that you can feel in your soul.

“Every boss started as a worker.”
“Boss” is a general term used to refer to a person with authority and power over
labor, which is often delegated to management by an employer.

Everyone started at the bottom. It takes time and dedication to make a meaningful and lasting change. Don’t give up and don’t be discouraged to go for what you want in life regardless.

The rich man could be in a poor country. It doesn1t make a difference. Family comes before money always. They come first.

How to judge a man by his principles is by seeing if he has any at all.

People might think somebody is wealthy because they see the car, or they might assume somebody is wealthy because they see how much money is in their bank account. That’s a mistake. It’s important to look not at how much money a person has, but at what they’re standing for.

People will say that money is the root of all evil. But in reality, the root of all evil is people. People that don’t have a heart. People that have no compassion. People that don’t have any morals. People that are selfish. These days, we see people that are more concerned with money than they are with their own family members and God. Money is the root of all evil.

Money won’t bring you all the good you want, but it will keep you comfortable and bring you new challenges everyday. Never forget to stay humble and real to yourself.

Success isn’t a goal of mine, I just want to get a lot of love.

If you don’t have ambition in life, then you’ll never be fully satisfied. Ambition is priceless.

Rick Ross’s “Everyday I’m Hustlin” is actually called “Hustlin’ Everyday,” and this might be the only time it’ll ever make sense to you.

You shouldn’t waste day off. Make the most of every day.


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