20 Surprisingly Motivational Riff Raff Quotes

Riff Raff is an American rapper known for his album Neon Icon. He has made appearances on major Tv series, such as Major Lazer and One Life to Live.

In 2004, he released a video entitled, “Why Do I Need You” [1 ], where he portrayed a character that represents the average man. The video became so popular that it helped him find a record label, and eventually become a musician.

I’m an artist. I’m an artist. I’m an artist.
This is the world. This is my art.

I’m an artist. I’m an artist. I’m an artist.
This is the world. This is my art.

[Original] : “I’m a musician. I’m a genius.”
I am a musician. I’m a genius.

20 Surprisingly Motivational Riff Raff Quotes

1) I believe in the pursuit of happiness. It’s not a static idea. I’m learning how to better pursue it in my own life.
2) I like to “think of the world from my own personal point of view.” Not everyone may.
3) Growth and success are key.

Riff Raff, a rapper who is a part of the Los Angeles hip hop scene, is quoted as saying that people’s perception of him is not as important as that he is happy.

Riff Raff is the funniest comedian of our time. He is such a powerful presence on stage that it’d be hard to find anyone who doesn’t find him hilarious.

He’s been pigeonholed as a “rapper” and a “movie actor” but he’s not about any of that.

Riff Raff said that he is the most underrated, the most hated, and the greatest of all time because of his fans. He also said that people constantly flag his videos for copyright issues.

7th of 20 Riff Raff Quotes 

Riff Raff said that Julio Franco is a famous rap game from Brazil, that Chuck Norris is a famous guy from Texas, and that his hands look like he slapped a penguin.

When the world was born, everything was naked.

I’ll be in the history books, and I’m sure your name will be next to mine.

Malibu is a pretty nice beach in California. I like surfing there.

He says that people are asking him questions all the time because they can Google his name, watch his YouTube channel, watch his Vine videos, and follow him on Twitter. He doesn’t have a hard time answering these questions, but he also doesn’t really have a hard time talking.

Until the album is perfect and every song sounds like a single and has a world-renowned icon on it, it’s not done.

Riff Raff makes the case that he didn’t start out as a rapper, but as someone who started out in the streets. He says there is no plan, and that you don’t have to start out as a rapper to be someone who can rap.

He loves the beach, but doesn’t have a house on the beach.

My tattoos are a record of all that I have been through.

After I saw “Mary Poppins,” I loved the music, but also the message. I remember always wondering if the character of Mary Poppins was a feminist; she was so strong and independent! I liked thinking about the fact that even though she was from London and was British, and lived in a world that looked and sounded like the English countryside, she never forgot the fact that she came from an era where women were expected to stay in the house and be the caregiver, be a perfect wife, and I love that it was a sign of her independence that she left those expectations behind and found a more prosperous life for herself.

17th of 20 Riff Raff Quotes 

Riff Raff has made it clear that he is not trying to make friends with anyone and that his only goal is to be himself. He also says that people are not as excited about him as he is about himself.

Riff Raff is a multi-platinum recording artist, rapper, and producer. His most recent album, Sex & Murder produced by Kanye West, is certified Gold. In addition to being an artist with a huge following, Riff Raff is also a successful entrepreneur who has developed a clothing empire. At the age of 15, Riff Raff became the youngest artist to receive a major recording contract and release two albums. He has sold over 5 million records and has received many Grammy and MTV Music Award nominations. He is one of the most recognized hip-hop artists of all time with over 10 million records sold. He has also sold over 750,000 “Casa de Riff Raff” T-Shirts to date. Riff Raff is a very successful businessman and community leader in the New Orleans community.

James Franco has studied my style for months on end, and he should win a Grammy.

Riff Raff said that there are a lot of people who are successful and have a lot of money, but you can almost see their limitations because they have these walls around them. Harmony Korine exceeds those walls. Harmony Korine is a great example of that.


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