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There are many possible ways to calculate the net worth of a person. For NF, the most common way is based on the income he received and his expenditures. His total assets are known from the amount he holds in savings and investments.


As of 2022, NF has approximately $6 million in net worth.

The rapper known professionally as NF is a multi award winner. He released his debut mixtape, and EP, Nathan Feuerstein, on Capitol CMG, with the first single “On My Own” and “Wicked Games.” He has had his music featured on MTV and BET.

Early Life 

At the age of 10, Nathan was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. When he was 14 years old, his mother died from a heart attack and it was after this incident, Nathan decided to leave his home and start living away from his mother.

After the death of his mother, NF went to a court and requested the return of his family. In 2013, there was another trial for the two girls involved in the kidnapping case. According to the court’s decision, they should go to foster care and be removed from the house of their grandmother.


He is known as “The Rapper with a Heart for the Gospel.” His first major breakthrough was in 2012 with the release of his first studio album ‘Moments.’ The album was very well received and he was signed for a contract with Xist Music.

In 2014, he signed with local label, J.O. Records in New York and started recording his first album. This album, Sailing, was released on August 14, 2014.

This became a hit, and it reached at number 14 on the ‘Billboard’s Christian Albums,’ number 4 on ‘Top Gospel Albums,’ and number 37 on the ‘Top Rap Albums.’ The EP received three and a half stars in various reviews.
A documentary about it, “An Invitation to Hallelujah,” was released on the iTunes Store on September 23.

Since the album released, they have released about two singles. ‘Outro’ is a song that talks about how the singer feels whenever he is separated from his lover. ‘Green Light’ is one of their most popular songs.

He had a chance to join the US hip-hop scene with big names like Kanye West, Ludacris and Fat Joe, but he failed to capitalize on the opportunity. He’s not the first rapper to have a big voice and not hit the big time.

The value of the company is around $6 million.

As of June, 2020, his net worth is $2 Million.


This is one of NF’s most impressive feats. He can take on 3 or more opponents without showing any signs of weakness.

Favorite Quotes from NF

This is the second album he has released this year, the first one was not a commercial success and I guess since then he’s been trying to come up with a sound that will really allow the music to stand out from the rest. From what I can gather, it worked. I’ve heard this album a few times now and the one thing I’ve noticed is how much the music has evolved over time. It seems like he’s trying to find that perfect happy medium between commercial and something that will appeal to people’s ears.

3 Strong Lessons from NF

Here are two things that stand out: 1) It’s not about you; and 2) Focus on the things that you can control.

1. Love With All Your Might

If you love someone, love them completely, and if you are loved in return, you will be happy.

2. Love Yourself 

You are a reflection of God. The quality of your life is a reflection of the quality of your relationships. If you don’t know yourself as well as you know others, you will be unable to live a fulfilling life.

3. Give It Time and You’ll Get It Right Eventually

There are many things that you should do at least three times before calling it quits. If you are struggling with something, then you should try something at least three times before calling it quits.


The value of the company is around $6 million.

As of June, 2020, his net worth is $2 Million.

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