30 Amazingly Motivational Meek Mill Quotes

Meek Mill is a rapper who has been part of the hip hop music industry for about 16 years. He was born on April 16, 1988 and was raised in Philadelphia. He also did his high school education in his hometown and graduated.

Mill is an Atlanta-based rapper who was signed to No Limit Records by a fellow rapper named T.I., however Mill wasn’t happy with working for T.I. so he decided to jump ship and sign with a different label.

After Mill moved to Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group, Meek Mill released his debut studio album titled Dreams and Nightmares, which was a perfect representation of his talent and promise as an artist.

After the release of his second studio album, Meek managed to make a name for himself in the industry by being the youngest artist to ever receive a no.2 spot on the billboard.

Meek Mill is saying that even though he was wrong, he is still the smartest in the room.

30 Meek Mill Quotes 

Meek Mill’s comment comes after a lengthy Twitter battle with Drake, who last month criticized Meek for sampling Drake’s “Back To Back,” off his 2017 mixtape Dream Chasers.

There are a lot times when rap is just about the music. It’s not about the money. It’s about the music.

This was one of the most interesting things we have seen Meek Mill say. It is kind of like a rapper’s version of how he felt when he made it to the NFL. Many said he was way overrated, but then again, he was. He has all the attributes of a good rapper but he is way overrated. Meek Mill said a lot of things that show he is no good.

Money is basically everything. So you can’t say that money ain’t nothing.

I had to remind myself, that on my worst days I live like somebody on their worst days.

When you are with your family, friends or colleagues, you must always make sure that you do not let them down.

As the rapper continues to deal with his legal problems, it has become obvious that his enemies will be around for a little longer than he anticipated.

I don’t necessarily agree with this, but I appreciate how hard it is to achieve anything worthwhile that you truly love.

Meek Mill spoke about the difficulties of success. He noted that people don’t look at him the same when they see his success compared to other rappers.

10th of 30 Meek Mill Quotes 

They say that money rules the world. You can’t pay God with it.

I think everyone has been betrayed a couple times but just this time it’s really bad ’cause it was my brother.

The music from the East Coast and the West Coast are very different, but there are still some important similarities between the two coasts. Maybe Meek Mill needs to remember these similarities instead of being so arrogant.

I know that Mill has the talent to make music, but he didn’t work hard enough. He wasn’t there at the right time period. He was a little out of place. He was too early.

I don’t like a girl on social media, when you have an open inbox, answering questions from dudes left and right, every day. What’s the point? It’s like having your number all out. I’m not trying to be one of those guys that’s never going to come across any girl, but at least be selective with your time. Don’t answer all questions, and especially don’t give out your number.

When I turned 12, 13, I started using rapping as a way to get girls.

I don’t want to just be fully living my life. I want to go beyond living. I want to go beyond the world. I want to go beyond the universe. I want to go beyond consciousness. I want to go beyond life and back.

Meek Mill has always been very respectful about his work. Although he might be humble, but he still loves to be recognized. There’s no way for him to not be all over his music album. However, he still expresses that he’s not tripping off no ego. It’s a great reminder how much of a talent he really is.

“I am proud of the work I do here and am humbled by the opportunity to play for the most storied organization in sports.” He said he’ll be back on the court in Philly before the All-Star break.

20th of 30 Meek Mill Quotes 

Meek’s got a lot of confidence. When he’s not in the booth he’s laid back, but he’s also a rapper that goes all out. His first songs were pretty energetic because he liked those rappers’ energy too.

21. The rapper Meek Mill has worn a variety of brands during interviews, including Givenchy and John Elliott.

I’m a huge fan of Meek Mill’s music. I’ve heard it on every station but it’s especially nice being able to just listen to his music and not have to hear any of the radio talking.

I like when people are like, “Wow, this is who you are! I just got to know you more.” It’s cool when people know you more, but I like people to treat me like a regular person when they see me.

Philly’s seen its share of violence, and Meek’s ready to continue living up to his title as the city’s Most Dangerous.

  Meek Mill’s claim that he has 1.5 million Twitter followers is a total lie.  Meek Mill has a few thousand fans, but he definitely has no more than 5,000.

We can’t really change anything about rap because it’s just a whole different world than anything else.

Jay Z is a businessman, not a manager. A manager would not control the artist, would not collect all of the money, and would not be in control of the artist’s life.

I have a story to tell. I was not a monster. I was a good person. I was a kid from the hood selling drugs. I could have been the next Tupac. I was not a monster.

Mill says he doesn’t like the current version of himself, who he calls the “R&B/pop version.” But he doesn’t want to go back to the “real” version of himself, which would mean he’d have to grow his hair.

You have to get your head right when it comes to your brand. Your brand is basically your name. A lot of people don’t know that they need to build their brand.


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