22 Greatest Brendan Schaub Quotes

A comedian, podcast host, and former professional mixed martial artist who has held the UFC heavyweight title twice, Schaub is a regular at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, California.

The comedian is known for his appearances in various shows and his comedy movies. However, he is mostly famous for his roles in the television sitcoms ‘The Office’ (2009-2015) and ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ (2013-2019).

I’m gonna beat the living shit out of you tonight.

22 Greatest Brendan Schaub Quotes

Schaub states that he is the best to lose to, but has lost to the best, in his opinion, of all time.

Schaub went from being a Denver Bronco in his earlier years, to going to the UFC, and then leaving the UFC. He talked about losing a love for the sport. Schaub is now starting his own MMA gym in Austin, and will be teaching there.

 I’ve seen where the Madden creators get all over the NFL guys for their ratings and how they don’t look good. One of my buddies plays in the NFL and he was so excited to be in Madden, but then we got the game, and he was a 58.

Schaub decided to take the challenge like an old pro. He knew how to tell the story his way. “Fighter and the Kid” is a character built for him. He knows how to tell a good story, and even better, he’s always true to himself. The character is based on a real person.

Schaub is taking an interesting approach in this bout with the main talking point being the UFC debut of a certain Mr. Miocic. With that being said, Schaub makes sure to stress that he has no problems winning from the bottom. You can read the full article over his quotes here.

Schaub is a former UFC fighter who says he hasn’t got time to spend on his marriage or kids. This guy is in a new TV show called ‘Skew It on the Bar’. The show follows a man who is divorced with two young kids. The show follows his attempts to get back into the dating game, trying to make it to the next level.

While the UFC’s recent woes have been well documented, and the organization has fallen from its postion of dominance as the most dominant mixed martial arts promotion in the world, fans will likely not want to hear Schaub’s thoughts on the subject.

8. They could be the worst name they could possibly be called, they can still be Tiger. I hope they can’t be named Tyson, cause that would be horrible. I hope they can’t be named “Pax”, that’s bad. But I hope they can be named Tiger.

 I’m not sure if he’s just talking about those guys off the field, but we do know Schaub and Tebow have a friendship that goes back a few years. Schaub has even referred to himself as a “Tebow fan” and “a Tim Tebow fan” a few times.

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 Brendan, you fought the best on The Ultimate Fighter and you’re a household name now, but it won’t be the last time you make a name for yourself. Good luck on UFC 140.

I mean, what’s not to like? It’s got all the ingredients of a great show: a retired WWE superstar looking to make a name for himself after the sport he dominated is making a comeback for the first time in ten years; a scrappy fighter trying to get back into the UFC; an enigmatic fighter with nothing to lose and everything to prove; a wrestler who thinks he’s a boxer; a guy who is not really a boxer at all; and a goofy friend who is a bit too happy to be there.

I didn’t get knocked out in my underwear in the Octagon. I was a little bit embarrassed about it, but it’s not like I got knocked out in my underwear in the Octagon. I got knocked out in my underwear while I was fighting Matt Mitrione.

I’m not sure that I really loved the UFC when Schaub was there. I did like him during his time there, but with him leaving, I feel like things start to change. I feel like it makes sense for the UFC to want to be more open with its stars. I think it’s a good thing for the organization.

While he’s been a fan of surfing for years, the Texas native has only recently learned to master the art of stand up paddle boarding (or SUPing, as it’s now called). The ability to go for a morning jog, head to the beach, and then paddle out into the waves without having to worry about getting wet or missing your footing is a blessing, and a skill Schaub clearly enjoys.

Brendan Schaub, a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, gives advice for those looking to pursue their MMA dreams, as well as those who have already begun their journey. He shares his own story of overcoming adversity to achieve his goals, and explains what he sees for the future of the sport.

This show was the first of two episodes of this particular show. For more information on Brendan Schaub, check out his website.

When someone has done more for us in an arena that most other people have, it can be easy to get jealous. At times it can be used as a reason to dislike a person. Most times that is not the best direction to go. We should be thankful for what we have received.

 Brendan Schaub is an experienced fighter, but he does not really know what goes on in the Octagon. He just fights and looks pretty good, until someone hits him and it hurts a little bit or even a lot.

 Since Schaub isn’t on the UFC Now show, that means that Big Brown won’t be seen on an MMA show on that network.

Brendan Schaub was disappointed that his character wasn’t included in the game, but says that he probably would’ve been able to take some shots on his feet if they had.

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Brendan Schaub thinks of himself as being in the middle of a big circus. As long as he is playing his role in the big circus, he can’t think about anything outside the circus.

I’m just pushing myself for more rounds at a higher pace in training. Your focus should be grounded in what you do and that’s fighting. I’m getting my cardio that way.

While he’s not speaking publicly about the current state of the UFC, but when he was asked about his former organization, he said he didn’t like his current home.


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