20 Motivational Rashad Evans Quotes

In my opinion, Rashad always does it in his own way. He is a great person and I know for a fact he tries hard everyday to be an even better version of himself. I love that. I really admire that. He is very smart and very humble too. He has always had a little bit of a bad rep amongst some fans, and I’m sure it’s because he is always trying to do things his way. He is not the type of fighter that you need to fight by the book. All he wants to do is have a good fight and be honest.

If Rashad Evans is the best fighter on the Ultimate Fighter, he can fight. If he can fight, he can be the best fighter on the Ultimate Fighter.

The UFC announced that Evans had been placed into the UFC Hall Of Fame.

He is a black belt in Gaidojutsu and Brazilian jiu-jitsu and studied karate as a child. He wrestled in high school, making it to the state finals and receiving All-State honors twice. He has featured in reality television series ‘The Ultimate Fighter ‘2. He received his black belt from Rafael Lovato Jr..

Rashad Evans is a former UFC champ who went on to be a wrestling coach. He has a very motivational attitude about life. He speaks well about how to get through tough times. He provides a lot of advice on life.

20 Motivational Rashad Evans Quotes

There are two kinds of fighters: those who have a desire to win (UFC fighters), and those who are forced to fight. Only the former are worth training.

As a student of the champion who is Ronda Rousey, I am not going to give you any advice on how to beat her. I will tell you what I learned from her. I am a student of whoever I can learn from. Whether it is a UFC champion, a world champion, or a UFC world champion, my job is to take all I’ve learned and make it my own.

Rashad Evans, who is a commentator for UFC’s “Inside MMA,” commented on the fact that many people choose to believe only their first impression. Evans pointed out that if you take a chance and actually look into things, you could actually benefit yourself.

Rashad Evans (UFC light heavyweight champion) said that to him, to live is to fight. Its about not becoming complacent.

Rashad Evans is an exciting fighter with a bright future. Rashad Evans is a very good example for young fighters, I try to enjoy life as much as possible too.

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Rashad Evans said that he doesn’t fight to prove that he’s tough, he knows he’s tough. He fights because it’s in him.

Rashad Evans has been fighting in the UFC for more than a decade. To call his journey arduous is an understatement. He is among the most decorated fighters in the history of the sport, with a perfect 25-0 record that includes six finishes in the first round. However, while there are no setbacks, there are certainly obstacles that he has needed to overcome.

The best fighters will always be the ones that can not only win a fight, but win a fight when they are down and out. Rashad will always be a great fighter.

Rashad Evans is the kind of guy whose main job is to go and have fun. He has an interesting job. The world champion is going to go and have fun and have fun with his family and friends.

R.J. is not the kind of dude that is going to roll over and give up. This dude has taken some of the most brutal beatings in the history of the UFC. He’s also beaten the odds, after being diagnosed with leukemia and coming out the other side.

Rashad Evans was the opponent of Lyoto Machida in their second fight. And they fought on New Year’s Eve at UFC 145. Evans won the fight on the judges’ decision but he lost the fight on the ground.
What happened to Rashad Evans? According to the fighter, he didn’t have much time to reflect and didn’t like his performance.

I’m a fighter.
We are all fighters
every single person who walks this earth
is a fighter
everything that lives
to live is to fight.
I fight in different arenas.

Rashad Evans, who came up in the same gym as Anderson Silva, was once a promising prospect for the UFC but he’s had a difficult time establishing himself as a top level fighter. At the end of the day, a lot of people are rooting for him, as he’ll face the winner of Silva and Sonnen.

“Fighting is all I know. I feel like I’ve been fighting for years and years and years, so when I started fighting again it was a little different. It was a little bit of a tough one for sure. I feel like I can deal with it better now than I could before.

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Rashad Evans is a good example. Once he lost a fight, he realized he was not the best in the world at his game. He has also been humbled numerous times and this has allowed him to better himself as well as improve his game.

Rashad Evans said that he tries to enjoy all the fights the same as it is all just memories that he will have.

When Rashad Evans trained for his bout with Fabio Maldonado, the fight was close to Evans’s home, he knew the weather would be brutal, but he was not expecting it to be so hot. By the end of the first round, Evans had a bloody lip and cuts on his forehead and nose. Still, he made adjustments to keep fighting as hard as he could.

Evans says “great fighters understand that the fight is mentally challenging.” he says great fighters “get off the line, they work the hips, legs, then they work the head [of the opponent]”.



“This is just a different time. I think we’re all becoming a lot more appreciative of each other. Especially what we have.

He has asked people in the company not to share too much information with people outside the company.

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