50 Unforgettable Van Jones Quotes

I think that Van Jones quotes are all over the place when you look at his work. I think that his work really exemplifies American values and principles.

Van Jones is a political commentator for CNN. He was a former political director for the Democratic Party, and a labor and black activist who has made a name for himself as a liberal voice in the U.S.

He is also well-known for his humanitarian work. He co-founded a number of non-profit organizations, including the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Color of Change and Dream Corps.

He is the CEO of Madic Labs Media, LLC, an LA-based media strategy and production agency. Jones is a proud alum of the University of California at Santa Cruz and has a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from Brandeis University.

I have the right to pursue happiness. Everyone has that right. As a society, we need to make sure that people are happy.

50 Unforgettable Van Jones Quotes

We’ve got to end mass incarceration. In today’s New York Times, Van Jones writes,

“The only certain way to avoid even more mass incarceration is to end mass incarceration.”

Van Jones is a Democrat and President of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Atlanta.

Dr. King didn’t say he had a complaint. He said, “I have a complaint,” and he started by identifying his complaint: “I have a complaint against the slums of the world.” He didn’t say, “I have a complaint against the government.” He was identifying the problem.

As we know, renewable sources are not infinite, and in order to keep up with the demand of the world’s population, we must increase our energy production and consumption.

Each one of us can do anything if we try. We can do it because of our incredible technological advancements. We are each responsible for the world around us. We have the power to change it.

Plant and animal allies are invaluable friends and irreplaceable allies to the human species. We cannot continue to be more destructive to the environment without eventually falling off our own platform.

The ethanol program was not well thought out, so it will have a negative effect on the price of gasoline, so people won’t buy more cars, and the economy will slow down.

10th of 50 Van Jones Quotes

It should be about reclaiming the earth as well as reclaiming the people. It should not just be about recycling things for a second life. It should also be about gathering up people and giving them a second chance.

Any sustainable strategy to reduce climate impacts will require that the green wave fully embrace the principles of eco-equity. This is something that will ultimately strengthen the movement and make it more effective.

The “corporate-backed” oil and coal industries have been the ones manufacturing the fossil fuel-based energy we have been using to make it possible for us to do things like travel from state to state and across the globe.

We are entering or are already in a World War II level of mobilization. The people and energy are there. We have to figure out how to use it, not just turn it on. We are already halfway there.

>A democracy does not always have its way.
>A democracy does not always get what it wants.
>However, we must always get to have our say – the way we want it.
>Democracy will always work best when we can all get to have our say.

The best ways forward for climate change is with people taking action and making it happen. This means making a better world. This means people getting involved and taking action. It means making things better for people and the planet. There’s not one way to do this, but there are many, many ways to make a better world, and it’s up to us to find the way that works for us with our current technology.

In the workshop, all the participants, all the white people – whether men and women – all had to be in the same room. They were all together and so we were all together. This is a very important thing. The challenge was to find out who the oppressor is. In the group there were a lot of white people who were oppressed. If you looked at it, there were four or five people in that room who were oppressed. And they had a lot of power. If they had not been there, nothing would have happened.

The time has come for a business partnership to fix this country and put it back to work.

We can’t wait to get back to work, even if it is for the cause of winning a better future for generations to come.


20th of 50 Van Jones Quotes

We can have productive discussions with people who we may disagree with. This can be very useful in order to learn how to better live together.

There’s no reason to get in a fight over petty, irrelevant things. If everybody would just stop fighting with each other, the world would be a pretty good place.

A green economy starts to replace the clunking, chugging, and pollution of ugly machines with the wise effort of beautiful, skilled people. That means more jobs.

Van Jones believes the American people are sick and tired of hearing from members of Congress about the past. The American people want all their Representatives to start working on fixing the nation’s problems. Van says the American people also want the House to focus on creating jobs and the nation’s economy. He says his fellow Democrats should not expend valuable time and energy defending or explaining his past. He wants all of his fellow colleagues to fight for the future.

If the U.S. starts to kick its carbon addiction and starts to adopt the principles of renewable energy, we can create millions of jobs, we can have all kinds of technologies that can lead to economic and environmental progress.

I am sharing my faith with my boys. I pray, meditate, and read devotionally. But, let me be clear: I am a “person of faith” not because I am a saint, but because I am a sinner.

Being spiritual doesn’t stop us from being active in our world. We can still be as active as ever, while also being spiritual. This world has a new way of seeing things that we can adopt, and adopt in our lives.

Even if we can solve the carbon problem for coal, it is a non-renewable resource. Coal supplies will drop at some point.

The bombs the government drops are the bombs that blow up in New York City. And, no matter what the government says about their non-existence, they are the bombs that would not have been dropped if it weren’t for Bush Administration officials.

30th of 50 Van Jones Quotes

I’m an atheist, but I believe in the idea that we all have a higher power, and I often turn to that power when I’m trying to live a better life. What do you think?

In this video, Michael Stipe is speaking to a man who calls himself “The Real Michael Stipe”.

“Food justice is a real and important part of the Green New Deal,”
which is the environmental policy that is currently proposed in the U.S. through the Democratic Party. The Green New Deal was proposed by the Senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist. The Green New Deal calls for the creation of a universal basic income, free college education, and the immediate closing of all fossil fuel industries within a decade.

Clean energy is a hippy power. It’s also rancher power. And Appalachian power. It’s a power that’s built on a lot of hard work and sweat.

We can build the momentum for broader, more comprehensive, and comprehensive solutions. When the economy crashes, when people become desperate, the movement we build to win these demands will only grow stronger and stronger, and will become unstoppable.

Coal can never be clean. It can come with many health risks and a lot of pollution. It will always be dirty. People are trying to do something about this and they’re finding new ways to burn coal.

Van Jones believes power, influence, magic and genius are at our disposal which we can use to change the way we live.

   Ocean gives the gift of passion. A gift that is so rare today. A gift that inspires and encourages people around the world. He has a way of doing that. He’s a very important part of the world. A very important part of our lives.

“Most jobs today are middle-skill jobs. This means they require more education than a high school diploma, but less than a four-year degree.”


Working class people in the Northeast want to work in green jobs. People in the Midwest want to start a green business. And people in the Southwest want to work in green jobs.

40th of 50 Van Jones Quotes

Every one of us should stop playing small and start becoming one of the giants of the new century. We will need champions, by the truckload.

“Big Government” is the new battle cry of the Obama administration. Big Government is the new political weapon to attack Republicans, just like the Republicans attacked the Clinton administration with “government is the problem.” The Republicans have been using that argument for years. The administration is now weaponizing the same argument against them.

We should stop wasting so much money on prisons. Prisons are just a waste of money, because those people are less capable and more messed up than when they went in. And the money would be better spent on true rehabilitation, job training, employment and entrepreneurship.

The choice is ours. And we’ve got to make a conscious decision to lead or become a footnote in history. To do this requires courage, imagination, and, yes, faith in the future because we cannot give these things to our children if we are not willing to risk something for their futures.

____The former reality TV host, who has since been fired from the ABC News job, was one of the first to publicly challenge the claims.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve been trying to start a conversation about what people want the next President to accomplish in 2020. I’ve been saying that for a long, long time. I’m not sure Van even realizes how much time we’ve been trying to get this on the table. He doesn’t get it.


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