3 Keys To Guarantee Success Even When The Goal Is New & Unfamiliar

It isn’t scary to chase down your goals.

This idea that it is not nice to be too open as in being vulnerable. Instead, we should hide our desires so much that people won’t even be able to imagine what you feel.

Yeah, but it’s pretty amazing how many other people do it as well.

I thought it was important to play a complete game even if it was a fake one and I felt bad about not reaching the personal goals I set but felt that not reaching them would be a greater issue.

3 Keys to Guarantee Success

I don’t know, I just did it and now it’s this.

The first thing is to know yourself and your strengths. It is key to get in touch with your motivations and values.
When you have made a decision, then do it. Don’t procrastinate.
Don’t be lazy, but be patient. Patience is the only virtue without which success is impossible.

1. Get Clear

I had written down some things that I wanted to do – and I had to make a plan that I can actually do.

For example, you can meet a customer’s demand by increasing your supply.

What I mean is that as my income increases, that will mean there’s more money in the economy that can be used for other things, including making more money.

Good question. If you want to make money, be specific about what kind of money you want to make. Maybe make a list of the different income sources you know about and then you can make an estimate of what each will net you. Then you can compare them.

“I don’t want to be in a relationship with you!”.

“You want someone that’s a jerk and treats you like shit? That’s fine with me! There’s a million of those out there! We’ll be happy for the rest of our lives, I promise.”
[Other]: This is a good one.
[Other]: So I’m thinking: It only took me a second to decide.

When the goal is to become a human being of pure love, you become a loving soul that is on the same planet as all animals by being connected to all living things.

2. Write Your Goal(s) Down Daily

You should never write down your goals with the expectation that you will achieve them.
You should write down your goals with the expectation that they will be your motivation, that the action of putting them down will turn into something real. That your brain will normalize it, and that it will be one of a series of small goal updates that will turn into something big through constant reinforcement.

For example, a client of mine wanted to lose 50 pounds. She realized how silly it was to be thinking about her body after a heart attack. But when she wrote down her goal to be at her ideal body weight, she could focus on getting there and started having positive thoughts about her body. She could look in a mirror and appreciate all the work she had put in. She could think about the number on the scale and think about how far she’d come already so far. That was the first step toward realizing her goal. The day she wrote her goal down, she had to work on herself for a little bit to get over the hurdle of actually writing it down.

If you think of yourself as being a person who is worthy of goals, you will be able to receive the goals that have been given to you.

I could not even imagine living in such a large house, let alone a mansion. I live in a 2 bedroom condo and think it’s wonderful.

The next section is a description of the house that we’ve lived in for 30 years.

That is true, because everything that comes from the mind will either feel expected or unexpected and so the mind is the only thing that is expected to get what it expects.

If you decide to write your goals down daily, you will be able to see how far you have come and also you will be able to see if you are doing the right things, otherwise you can use the notes to focus on what needs to be done.

Also, you can create an action plan to follow in order to reach your goals.

3. Decide

You must focus on achieving, no matter what the obstacles may be, you must focus on achieving. Focus on the vision. You are on this narrow path and you must not get off until you reach your vision.

I am going to be the person who always walks in the right direction.

The narrow path is the path that most people don’t go down, because it’s scary and requires them to keep showing up, playing full out to reach the goal. If they can’t reach the goal, it’s easy to get discouraged.

I hope you could see that the broad path is the way to go! What kind of success do you want to experience? Some people want to go far. They want to achieve greatness, both in wealth and in the ways they live. That is the path of the few. Most people will want a less than great but more comfortable life. They will not care about greatness. They will expect to get less than what they want. And they will live with the disappointment and the shame that comes from the disappointment.

In the first case, the only real “transaction” that happens is the transaction of your mind and your imagination. And that’s a rather passive process.
In the second case, the only real “transaction” that happens is the transaction of your physicality. And that’s a rather active process.

When they are in the process of becoming real, they are as fragile as glass. But they keep moving, knowing that they will eventually be strong.

In my experience, one is more likely to find the “perfect” job, the more specific he is in his search than the broader.

My take on it is that you need to have a very clear vision of the type of work that fulfills and feeds you in the way that you want to be fed.

Once you have that vision, you need to be very specific in your search.

Because this is a very narrow field, there are only a few choices, so narrowing down your selection should be much easier.

They’ll get them there even if they never do it.


But the truth of the matter is that anyone who doesn’t give up is only successful if he/she wins over others and not because it is luck.

It is not chance – It is decision of the people!

~~Well, that’s why I can’t understand why people call me crazy, because I have everything that I want.

Do you apply the above three keys to your life? Let’s talk

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