50 Cardi B Quotes That Show Exactly Why She’s A Boss

The rap-music industry is one of the most creative industries. Cardi B was one of the first and most successful rappers to drop her music onto the internet.

This collection of Cardi B quotes is part of our weekly series that highlights the best and most inspirational people in the world.

50 Cardi B Quotes

– A good place to start
– Keep your ideas to yourself
– Stay true to yourself
– Work hard, stay busy
– Never let people tell you what you can and can’t do. And
always be willing to give people a second chance.
– You will never know everything; stay curious and open.
– Sometimes, all you got is you.

(1) Don’t know if you heard, but Cardi is actually the first female rap artist to ever earn over one billion dollars worldwide.

If the people around you are telling you to be scared or afraid, just remember: that’s the kind of fear that makes you miserable. Don’t let it.

Cardi has taken the world by storm with her music — which is more than a little controversial since her lyrics often include rape threats that she says were intended as metaphors about her hustle.

She claimed she is always robbing the banks and other businesses because she doesn’t have a driver’s licence.

If you aren’t secure enough to be happy for me and hype me up, then you’re not one of my friends. I’m going to keep you in your place and not let you get in my way.

If you want to be successful and have fun as a rapper you should work hard and be consistent.

I think that people like us are a gift from God.

Cardi B is always willing to prove people wrong. She never backs down from anything or anyone.

10th of 50 Cardi B Quotes

You better start building your worth and stop settling for half a** s***.

Cardi B shares her thoughts on feminism and compares it to being a woman. She explains that being a feminist is about being treated equally by society and in the same manner as a man. She believes that women are the same as men and that everyone has the same opportunities.

Cardi B: You’re a real man when you look down in my direction and you’re like, “You look good, girl.” So I know you’re a real-ass man when you look at me down.

Cardi B is a powerful and intimidating woman. She’s a force to be reckoned with and doesn’t want to share any space with anyone.

Cardi B announced that there are many different types of woman, some are skinny, some are curvy, some are fat. The rapper also said that if a woman chooses to follow through with her dreams than she should be acknowledged for doing so.

Cardi B said that she would live on a tight budget until the day when she dies.

 Cardi B describes her life as an “unconventional,” and she doesn’t take too many days off from work.

If you want to go to university, you need to work hard. When you don’t work hard at university, you’ll be the first people to go. We are in this position because of corruption.

I have been that b****, since I was like 8, I’ve been that b****.

Cardi B said: “I’ll be right back,” and then she left.

20th of 50 Cardi B Quotes

I got my own people, they not with me, I’m not with them, you can’t kiss my a** if you ain’t consistent.

I don’t care if they like me or not, but I do care how my life feels to me.

Cardi B is a rapper whose rise to fame comes from her dance moves. It’s a bit of an unfair comparison, as her dancing isn’t in the same league as her music, but both are very entertaining.

Cardi B said that she’s a boss in a skirt. She also said that she’s a dog, and that she’s a flirt.

Cardi B has a very well known quote about her being too rich to get involved with the hype. She has never spoken about this quote being false.

The Grammy winner says she’s all about the flowers (and plants) — and, she’s pretty sure she’s concrete.

As someone who grew up in a society that does not take abuse well, sometimes all a person can do is go around punching, kicking and throwing bricks at people.

The rapper has been known to make fun of his looks at times.

I’m a strong, powerful, self-assured, confident, self-sufficient and independent.

I know times are rough, but remain focused and humble. I think I know what it takes to be successful and I’m going to stay hungry and work harder than everyone else.

30th of 50 Cardi B Quotes

“I’m going to help you to become a better person so you won’t give a f***.”

What makes this paraphrase successful is that it expresses the same idea as the original while using simpler language. This paraphrase works because it uses one of the original’s key idea and rephrased it using simpler language. This leads to the paraphrase’s easier to understand meaning.

A: Cardi B is a hip-hop artist from New York City who released her first mixtape in 2018.
B: Her name means “little heart.”
A: She made a couple M’s with her best friends.
B: Turned all her L’s into lessons.

I’m competing with myself because I’m my own competition.
I get mad at myself for forgetting how to be cool.
Forget what it was that made me a star.
I can feel you, I know I’m on your mind.
I can see you, I know I’m in your heart.
I can feel you, I know I’m on your mind.

Be willing to put in the time and effort to get where you want to be. Be willing to follow through with the steps that are necessary to be successful.

The phrase “karma for you is gon’ be who you end up with” was used by Cardi B.

In the video, Cardi talks about being “kinda like” a bad influence on people. She says that she’s “kinda like” an “intelligent person” that people are attracted to.

Cardi B said that all people in the world are going to see that people are not the perfect person.

Cardi B made various controversial comments while she opened the 2019 Grammy Awards.

In June 2019, Cardi B made several controversial comments.

When you have a relationship problem with a family member, you cannot start acting like you have all of these problems. You have to solve it.

Cardi B said that she decided to take a “free” way to do her job as a musician because she doesn’t want others to restrict her and tell her how to do it. Also, she said that she felt like that she had to find out what she’s good at and what she’s not good at. She also said that it’s her job to figure out how to do it.

Cardi B’s passion for music, and her love for money and paying her bills, can go hand-in-hand, because she is a multi-platinum recording artist.

40th of 50 Cardi B Quotes

My heart was aching for you at that point. I loved the way you cried, because you were such a good friend, and you really knew how to make me feel like I was your own. – Cardi B

My heart was aching for you at that point. I loved the way you cried, because you were such a good friend, and you really knew how to make me feel like I was your own.

In 2019, Cardi B was named the Best Songwriter, Best Lyricist and Best Rapper of the Year at the BET Awards. She also received three Grammy nominations for Best New Artist, Best R&B Performance for “Bodak Yellow” and Best Rap Song.

This is a direct quote from Cardi B’s new single “Bodak Yellow.” Cardi B has made it clear that she’s a whole different breed.

A lot of comments about how the young women are “treating” her. And they call her a hater.

The artist even said that she never had a problem showing the real her to the world. She also said she is so proud of when her cribs were filthy, just as her hair was when it was messed up.

Her new single, “I” is a song about self-love and embracing her true self.

The singer was talking about a certain type of music that she likes and how she’ll go berserk if she doesn’t get it.

Cardi B is a Bronx girl, and this is an example of an everyday expression that is becoming a bit more famous thanks to her.

Even if it’s your own opinion, you can’t be confident of yourself. You should keep an eye on the results other people have, and how they react to you.

The career started really well. Even with the h*** jogging in place.

When the opportunity presents itself, you can only improve upon your own knowledge.


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