Alex Trebek Net Worth

Alex Trebek has a net worth of $100 million dollars. He is part of the TV show Jeopardy.


Alex Trebek and I are Canadian Americans.

Trebek is a master of trivia. He has been doing Jeopardy since he was a high school student. He got his start doing a high school radio show where they did games shows on a cassette tape every week. He has been a game show host for over 37 years.

I am sure that we will lose Trebek. It is time for him to go.

Just a day after hosting the show, the beloved host passed away of pancreatic cancer.

While his net worth was estimated to be $75 million, his net worth was estimated to be $20 million.


Early Life 

The first thing that we know about George Alexander Trebek is that he is a Canadian born man.

George Trebek was a French Canadian and worked in a lumber mill during the day. He emigrated to the US and married Lucille Marie Lagace. They had four children: George, James, David and Joan. James and David became showbiz stars and became known as the “Trebek Brothers”.

He was born in Sudbury and he studied at one of the best high schools in Canada, and he continued his studies in Ottawa. He’s a TV host that got started in Canadian television.


He was offered a position at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 1963 where he worked for the show Music Hop.

His first show was the ‘CBC’ show ‘The Journal,’ which ran from 1970 to 1973. He then moved to the ‘TVO,’ where he hosted several shows and did interviews for TV Ontario.

In 1973, James was invited to the U.S. on a scholarship by NBC to host a game show. On this show, he won his first prize of 10,000 dollars. By the time he finished the 10 years of his scholarship, he had earned over 50,000 dollars.

After the show was canceled in June of 1980, he hosted the short-lived, game show ‘The $20,000 Pyramid,’ which aired on NBC from October of 1980 to December of 1981.

Personal life

Witherspoon is married to actor James Garner (1933-2014) and they have two children. They have also had two other children together, a daughter and a son, who also have acting careers.

Jeopardy! has been a part of American television since 1984 and is often thought to be the longest-running game show in the United States with two-time winner James Holzhauer.

He created history when he hosted three games simultaneously in 1991 when he played poker with Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan and Mike Matusow.

At his time of passing, Alex Trebek was worth over $75 Million.

How Did Alex Trebek Spend His Money? 

But on August 14, Alex Trebek revealed that he had been diagnosed with stage 2 pancreatic cancer. This was not a medical secret, and he had already openly discussed with fans through a blog. This is the first time he publicly shared the details of his condition, including its treatment.

Alex Trebek’s House 

Before he passed away, Dan had a 10,000 square foot mansion that he purchased for $2.15 million.

Alex Trebek’s Other Purchases

He bought a hill in 1990 for $1.5 million and envisioned his dream house up on top. He even planned to build a fire house to keep the fires off the hill.



Alex Trebek had a long, successful career as a game show host and actor in Hollywood.


Favorite Quotes from Alex Trebek 

The more you mature, the more you appreciate simple things in life. I’m very thankful that I’ve been given the chance to be with my wife and my kids, and that I have the opportunity to pursue a career that I’m passionate about.

Alex Trebek says that most of his family and friends don’t mind drinking and some of his family members have been drinking for his entire life. He also says that he doesn’t personally know anyone who uses drugs and that he thinks that it is a generational issue.

Alex Trebek told us to be happy and successful. He also said that successful people have a different kind of “restless” than we know. It’s what makes them successful.


3 Motivational Lessons from Alex Trebek 

So now that we know all about Alex Trebek’s net worth and all about his life, let’s take a look at some of the best of the lessons we can learn from him about life.

1. Don’t Take Yourself Too Serious

You have a job to do, but don’t take yourself too seriously.

2. Mother Nature 

If you don’t enjoy seeing the beauty of nature, you are missing out on a lot more than just seeing nature. Nature is a great teacher.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Silence 

It’s essential I know when to shut up. It would be best if I were not afraid of silence.

So, as a second pass at this, we can replace all the [Original]:s with their paraphrases.


Alex Trebek was a game show host for “Jeopardy!”.

Trebek started his hosting career in 1976. From there he took his career in the U.S. After hosting the Canadian show he took a job at the U.S. game show ‘Jeopardy.’ While on ‘Jeopardy!’ he won multiple Emmy Awards.

Just a day after hosting the show, the beloved host passed away of pancreatic cancer.

While his net worth was estimated to be $75 million, his net worth was estimated to be $20 million.

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