10 Reasons To Stop Watching Television Immediately

In this article, we’ll look at the affects TV has on people, and some of the scary facts that you might not be aware of.

The top 10 reasons to stop watching television, or the 10 reasons to give up television.

How many hours on average do people watch TV per day?

Average viewers have become more reliant on television in the last decade than they were 20 years ago, and there is only one way that they will continue to increase watching time.

We are spending too much time in front of the computer as well. In our daily lives, we do too much multitasking. And as a result, if we don’t stop and do some more serious things, we tend to have a slow and gradual burn out.

What effect does television have on people?

Many people believe that television has bad effects and can cause people to think differently. If they do not watch television, they will have more time to do other things, like learn new things, play with friends, or read books.

10 Reasons to Stop Watching Television

There’s no way i can get out of watching TV (or anything else for that matter) when you can’t even tell what the news is about anymore. News has just made everything worse than before, they’re just a bunch of liars and cheats and all they’re trying to do is scare us into thinking how bad things are.

It’s about time that the world realizes that the media is just a bunch of liars and cheats who are trying to control the world.

So, go ahead and read on to the next section.

TV is boring, slow paced, repetitive, and takes way too much time out of your life.

1. Watching Too Much TV is Wasting Time

I have been going through a phase of not being able to spend much time on TV.

I don’t know, maybe 5 hours is too much, I’ve been trying to keep it down to 3 but I just seem to have a hard time sticking to that, I end up doing something else. I don’t know, it just seems like I spend so much time doing the same things over and over again on here.

While watching TV series’ for entertainment purposes may be entertaining for you, most of us can easily see the other side of the coin. You may have lost track of time when watching TV series’, or you may have given up reading your books instead of actually reading them.

You could have watched the full season of Parks and Rec in under half an hour.

Well, I’m more relaxed than I was when I went to school for a bit, and I can still fall asleep afterwards.

It doesn’t really have any effect on me, but my wife and mom do complain about how much time they spend watching it.

Watch less TV, do more of the things you enjoy and make them a priority.

So the goal is to make it a priority to make sure that I am not watching TV.

2. TV Provides Unrealistic Expectations

It is still a hell of a lot better than real life.

You may feel that you have the power to tell the truth, but the truth is not always the best. The truth is complicated and can hurt, even though it is more accurate than fake.

It’s a good question, it’s something I’m working on right now. I’ll have more to say on this in just a bit.

Some unrealistic scenes of TV are not so good, the most obvious is when a sitcom shows the characters eating out of a plate full of food, because of the fact that there are only two hands to hold the plate.

If we are to become great in any area of our lives, we must let go of the illusions and limitations placed on us by others and instead focus on becoming the best we can be. We must take the lead in our lives and make the changes we want to see in our lives before we get discouraged or discouraged ourselves.

3. TV Puts Your Health At Risk

The link between watching too much TV and becoming fat has been proven.

While obesity is linked with a higher risk of heart diseases, it is also linked to other health problems, including sleep problems, joint problems, diabetes and high blood pressure.

You might be able to eat more due to the fact that you don’t need to move around while you’re eating. But at the very least you will eat a great deal less of it, so you might want to avoid it if possible.

4. TV Degrades Your Discipline

You might not be enjoying your game, but you’ve certainly learnt some very useful terms.

You should learn to set aside the time to be creative. If you’re not doing anything creative, you’re not going to accomplish anything.

Television is one of the most common distractions in most people’s houses. Thus, the amount of discipline they have is reduced, due to that.

5. TV Programs Negativity Into Your Mind

In the news I think we’re more likely to be influenced negatively by what we hear. In reality, though, we’re more likely to be influenced positively by things that we hear.

We don’t see the negative stories, except for when it is shown on TV.

Exactly. It’s just a single, tiny little issue.

I think bad stuff happens for no reason, or at least it feels that way, so we decide not to go into places even though we’re not afraid of anything specifically.

We hear many things about diseases spreading across the world, and we start being over cautious. People end up staying in their homes due to fears of things going wrong.

It creates a negativity in our brains. It is part of reality. It’s part of life. It’s part of our society. It is part of history.

6. TV Has An Influence On Your Spending Habits

We spend more on TV because we enjoy the entertainment more than before.

You just have to have a bit of common sense when you are watching TV, although it does look a bit bad when you’re watching advertising, which is every 15 minutes.

Even if you aren’t watching television with purchases in mind, because someone else is watching it with their purchases in mind, it still influences your spending habits.

Remember that you are in control over your own thoughts. There is no such thing as TV Addiction. You can control your attention span.

7. TV Can Make You Less Satisfied In Life

It has been shown that people who watch more TV tend to be less satisfied with their lives.

Even though they may want a lot of things, they always come back to their original goals for materialistic things. This can be due to the fact that television shows are not realistic.

8. TV Causes You to Become Less Social

I guess it doesn’t take two to work in television.

Watching TV in the evening while eating dinner or having a snack is a ritual that has existed for generations. However, watching television alone is not always the best choice. Often times, we end up watching the TV alone and eating a snack. This can lead to weight gain, poor diets and low self-esteem. Also, we can become isolated from the real world and not realize that real life is actually quite different from television.

There might be so many people around you to send your time with, and people who would make you happy, and make you feel good, and who will also help and teach you a lot.

It’s more interesting than sitting in front of a screen.

9. TV Can Wrongly Alter Your Beliefs

TV can also implant negativity into our minds and present us with unrealistic expectations and we can be shaped by it.

– I don’t think I’ll be getting that.

Television can be used to spread propaganda, such as the beliefs of the elite. If you don’t want this, then you should stop watching television.

10. How Many Lamborghini Adverts Do You See On TV?

When it comes to the law, a little thinking is a dangerous thing.

You can bet there are quite a few Lamborghinis being driven around the world when you look at the number of movies in which they appear.

No one sees these cars on TV because the ads can’t be done. It’s just too small. Not to mention that you can’t just run a TV spot for a car you’ve never seen. Instead, you have to do things like send people out in the field to talk to real drivers.

Lamborghini and Ferrari may not be attainable for the average person, but they’re still incredibly expensive. It’s a case of supply and demand, and these makers don’t want to make the cars available to the masses.

Ads are the ultimate example of “big business” not wanting to be tied down to
anything. They can be used to justify pretty much anything you want them
to justify.

There is no one single thing that can be put into a TV ad, and there is no single channel that can reach the right people.

The result? A really good commercial!


First of all, there is a “commercial” but it is not a good advertisement:

The product being advertised is a house.

How to Stop Watching TV

There are many reasons why you should stop watching television, including the fact that you’ll get much more out of life without being glued to the television.

First, you need to cut out the TV in your home. Turn it off when you don’t need it. You’ll be amazed how much more productive of a person you’ll be.

1. Sell your television altogether

In the simplest way to stop watching television would be to not own one at all. However, that’s a pretty drastic measure to take if you have a TV. Yet, if you’re really struggling to cut down on TV watching, this may well be a good idea.

Or, you could use a sound system, like an old CD player, instead. You can put the CD player in a closet. It’s quieter than having a TV and it’s less distracting.

2. Try and get out of the house more

If you have more time, you’ll watch less television. So try to get more time out of the house.

3. Give yourself an allotted amount of time to watch television

Set a time every day when you spend watching TV. This way you can always limit the amount of time you spend watching TV and keep a good balance between work and entertainment.

4. Buy a timer for your television

You can grab timers that automatically turn your television off after it has been on for a certain amount of time.

This is a great way to stop watching television because the timer does it for you. Once you’ve watched the limit you’ve set it on, that’s it for the day.

5. Try and be more social

This kind of advice is similar to the one that says if you’re lonely, get a pet. It’s the same idea: being social makes you happy.
However, we know that social interaction isn’t always enjoyable. Sometimes we get into situations that are uncomfortable.
And then we think of all the ways in which we get ourselves out of those situations.
As a result, we can easily get caught up in just trying to avoid those situations.


After watching television for so long, it can easily be hard to cut everything back. If you really want to make a change, you can.

It is the easiest way to lose weight, by taking the tube away from your eyes.

In Conclusion

The thing is, it’s never the case that watching TV is relaxing…
Even though I’m listening to something while I’m doing it, it’s not relaxing.

Watching too much can be detrimental to your level of happiness, productivity and success. You don’t have to go to the extreme of selling every TV you own, just try and cut down the time spent watching. Maybe remove TV’s from bedrooms, offices, etc. Avoid the temptation to keep watching that terrible TV show you’ve been meaning to watch for the past 24 hours.

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