Watch Some of the Greatest Rom-Coms of All Time with Your S.O This Weekend

Watching a rom-com is always a good idea. You can never go wrong with it while planning a romantic night with your significant other. These iconic films give aww-worthy meet-cutes and some of the best one-liners. We know, they are sort of predictable but who doesn’t want to watch a film of two people coming together, falling in love, and then eventually getting married? We sure do, and we know you are a sucker for it too. So, take out your pen and notepad and start writing down some of the greatest rom-com you can watch with your partner this coming weekend. 

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With this basic utility at your disposal, you are now all ready to stream these below-mentioned rom-coms with your SO.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

With this epic film, you get to watch romance, blended well with comedy, and how about some pinches of the culture of Greece? Perfect! My Big Fat Greek Wedding gives you an original taste of Greek culture, beauty, and the frustrations that come with it once you fall for someone out of your community. Every actor in this film has given such an amazing performance that you cannot help but praise them for it.

Toula has fallen for Ian, great, right? Not so long until she has to get her very Greek family to accept this non-Greek partner of hers. After so many challenges and hurdles, when the wedding is finally in its execution phase, the couple is again faced with several obstacles. 

50 First Dates (2004)

Drew Berrymore and Adam Sandler bring you the magic of true love and the promise of forever with this emotional rollercoaster ride of a movie. Don’t get us wrong, it is not a tragic film. It gives you a perfect blend of all the emotions. You’ll be laughing, crying, and smiling with your partner while watching it. 

50 First Dates is about Henry who falls madly in love with Lucy. But things are never this easy in rom-com, are they? Because here is the thing, Lucky has a short-term memory loss, and every day she wakes up with no memory of what happened the day before. But Henry never gives up and he makes her fall for him until she remembers him. 

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008)

Michael Cera ruled the rom-com industry back in the 2000s and this movie really shows his true talents couple it with Kat Dennings and you get just the perfect film to watch with your partner. If music and songs are your things, and from that, we mean on a very soulful level, then this film is going to be right up your alley. 

Our titular characters are seniors in a high school. One night, they decide to pretend to be in a relationship with each other in hopes of staying away from their friends. Nick and Norah spend the whole night together while bonding over their mutual love for music. 

Set it Up (2018) 

If you want to watch a romantic comedy that is absolutely done right, then Set it Up is the one. It is a perfect example of a film that sticks to its own very unique style and still manages to make you feel for the characters. Zoey Deutch and Glen Powell are the power couple we never knew we needed to watch but thankfully we did, and we can only hope to watch them come together again on the big screen. 

Charlie and Harper are two assistants working for different corporations in the same building in New York. Both are extremely overworked by their bosses so they devise a plan to make their bosses fall for each other so they can finally enjoy their lives. It is all about setting up two people, but what happens when the two highly unlikely people start to fall for each other?

Palm Springs (2020)

This Groundhog Day kind of romantic comedy checks off all your boxes. It is super funny, cute, and gives you something to ponder upon. The movie explores the connection humans have with each other and how deeply rooted they are. Also, it features Andy Samberg! We are sure, you and your partner both have a crush on this charmer. 

Palm Springs introduces us to Nyles and Sarah who are guests at a wedding but they are both stuck in this weird time loop where they keep reliving the same day over and over again. What happens when the two of them start to develop feelings for each other? Will they be able to break the loop or is it going to be their new twisted reality? 

Stream this movie to find the answers to all these pressing questions. 

Final Words

Reignite the passion with your partner this weekend and stream these incredible, super romantic, and cute movies to have a quiet night in. So, start planning for your next date night because love is always in the air.

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