25 Inspirational Martin Lawrence Quotes About Life

Martin jokes are just like Martin Lawrence jokes, you just have to be funny.

A lot of people know who Martin Lawrence is because of the sitcom “Martin”. And in this season the show’s name is changed to “Martin”.
The first season of Martin started in 1990.

He plays one of the lead characters in ‘Do the Right Thing,’ which gave him a big opportunity in his career.

Since his childhood, he starred in many successful films and television series including ‘Blue Streak’, ‘Wild Hogs’, ‘Boomerang’, ‘A Thin Line Between Love and Hate’, and ‘House Party’.

Martin Lawrence’s quotes have a lot of depth. He has been an actor and comedian for almost two decades. He is more than an actor, a celebrity and a comedian. These are the Martin Lawrence quotes that have made him the man he is today.

25 Inspirational Martin Lawrence Quotes About Life

I don’t want to talk about subjects that I don’t know about or those that have nothing to do with what’s happening in the world. It’s easy to keep it to what people don’t like and what’s trendy. It’s not easy to speak about things that I care about that are real and relate to the real world.

You have freedom of speech and that’s okay, but if you’re on YouTube and you are promoting violence or hate, you’ll get banned. That’s what YouTube has to do.

Martin Lawrence was a great example of an actor who was on the verge of making it and needed to find the right role to make it happen. He was the type of actor that had the ability to pull it off and could do anything, but he needed the right part.

Even if your car breaks down, don’t just sit there — drive it until the wheels fall off.

You do with the time that you have here. Hopefully, somebody can look back and say you made a difference in some kind of way.

Martin Lawrence describes the meaning of fatherhood as being the father of his kids. They take you right back to the time you were a kid and show you how things could turn out to be all right. I don’t know about you but I can’t think anything better than that.

You probably don’t live just to eat. You eat to live.

In Hollywood, all that matters is the amount of money you can make. You have to be willing to work for minimum wage, but if you can make money, you will be able to buy whatever you want.

With a little bit of humor, Martin Lawrence opens this interview by talking about the situation that he finds himself in. The media and public had made him a household name, though his career was not at its peak as he had hoped. He was in the middle of his career, while his castmates from the 90’s were more famous than he, and this may have made him appear as a “has-been”. The interview opens with Martin talking about the “system” and how it’s keeping him from going out and doing things.

10th of Martin Lawrence Quotes 

Women cannot be sexist against men. Men can be sexist against women. And Americans are the most sexist people on earth. Not only this, but this is an example of the most sexist statement of the entire millennium and in fact, it’s been decades in age.

My grandmother told the truth about my mother and I told the truth about my grandmother. She was the mother figure for me and my mother, but her personality was so different. She was just so mean and tough and the other person I wanted to be. I felt like she was my role model.

Martin Lawrence had problems with “Everybody Hates Chris,” stating that he was happy with the show but didn’t like the forced jokes.

He doesn’t just strive to get along with people, but also to show the love that he would like to be shown to him by others.

If an argument doesn’t anger you, don’t get angry. If you can’t control your anger, then you don’t have to be a part of it.

We all know this fact based on history and statistics. But it is still the same with today’s women.

 Enjoy  a movie with the most hilarious and witty comedy writers in the business.

Martin Lawrence is extremely humble about his success and credit God for being responsible for it. He feels that God has blessed him with such a high profile because he is a good man and has done good things in his life. He believes the Lord has used him to help others and give others hope and faith.

Comedy is like the soul of the city. We love it because it gives us a breath of fresh air and makes us laugh.

Martin Lawrence has been in the public eye since the time he began acting in the movies as a child. With a successful career as the star of the sitcom Martin and then as a film actor, Martin has proven to be quite a success. He believes in God, and is a strong believer and follower. He’s also a successful businessperson and entrepreneur, and he has been very successful in everything he’s done.

20th of Martin Lawrence Quotes 

If you don’t have family, you can be lonely. The love for your family is the most important in your life.

Martin Lawrence was a famous comedian who lived in the hood. He spent his teenage years getting into fights and skipping school. He says his mother tried to steer him in a different direction by taking him to boxing. He says the sport kept him out of trouble and gave him a father figure. His mother also encouraged him to go to college.

Martin Lawrence had to make his goals even further than that to succeed to where he is today. He was a child star and is now an A-list actor who continues to put out great work.

I don’t really judge. You should be able to do what you like. If you like big-boned ladies, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you like thin-boned ladies there’s nothing wrong with that either.

After The Notorious B.I.G. was killed by rivals in 1997, he was a favorite rapper of Martin Lawrence’s. The duo enjoyed rap battles and had a fun chemistry which was evident in their comedy. Martin was also a fan of Biggie’s music and always listened to his music. He can still listen to his lyrics and remember the songs.

I believe that everyone is going through trials and tribulations in their life.


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