15 Alarming Reasons To Stop Watching Adult Videos

You must be crazy to think that you should never watch porn…or perhaps you’re just not a good judge of what is and isn’t harmful to you.

But, it’s a good habit to get started. We are going to help you see the light and start kicking those habits for good.

12% of the world’s websites are porn websites, 42% of the world’s people are men, and 72% of those men watch porn.

I do have a pornography addiction. It happens in my life. I’m not proud of that. It’s not something that I want to be in a relationship with, but, it’s something that I can’t, I can’t help doing.

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15 Reasons to Stop Watching Porn

If you’re worried that porn is ruining your life, it probably is. This article should help you understand all the side effects of watching porn, which you’re probably not aware of.

Here are 15 reasons that you should give up pornography, it can help you lose weight, help you build a better relationship, improve your life, make you a better person.

1. Another Addiction Cured!

It’s well known that the most common sexual fantasies in Western countries revolve around the female body. And I’m not talking about the female body of your own partner, but of all the possible bodies of other women.

When you’re an addict, it will destroy multiple areas of your life. It would consume your time, your money, your energy, and ruin the progress and productivity you have towards achieving your goals.

There are two kinds of addiction, one where you don’t feel bad about it when you do it, and the other where you feel bad about it when you do it.

2. It Causes Depression

Just like with food addiction, when you watch porn and get a jolt of pleasure from it, that releases dopamine in the brain and produces a pleasurable feeling.

To fully maximize your brain’s pleasure, start watching at the beginning of each show, and then increase the time you watch as the show progresses.

As you watch, you’ll get better at judging when to stop, which will leave you feeling like you never need to stop.

I’m sure this is going to be a big problem in the workplace, but I’m sure you would be fired if you told your boss that you were making yourself feel better by watching this video.

3. Porn Destroys Your Productivity

I’ve had these issues ever since I began masturbating. I was very young when I masturbated and I think it was as a defense mechanism to prevent me from focusing on anything else. I don’t understand it but the fact that I have an erection all the time makes me want to do this. It’s a terrible distraction and I think a lot of people who read this article can relate to that.

We all need breaks and time to relax and reflect. But it’s not always possible to just take a break and enjoy it. It’ll depend on the circumstances of the break, whether you have something to reflect upon or just want to chillax and reflect.

We all know what it’s like to check our social media throughout the day. It’s a huge distraction! Before you know it, half the day has gone and you’ve done barely anything.

Get the most out of your time, make the most out of your day.

4. It Can Lead to Sexual Dysfunction

Porn can be a great source of entertainment. It is also a great source for advice on how to improve your sex life. Porn isn’t the only reason you should stop watching porn, and it’s certainly not the only reason you should improve your sex life.

The porn that we watch changes the way that we see the world. This way of thinking causes problems if your in relationships or have sex with someone else.

When you stop watching TV for a month, your brain will go back to normal by itself, eventually. It’s like a reset, like the PC when it runs out of disk space. You won’t have any issues anymore.

5. You’ll Start to Hate Your Body

 And then, they go through the process of making the porn video, where they’re subjected to the conditions of the job, like having to be constantly in great physical shape, or whatever. And maybe that’s why they have so much discipline and drive.

When you watch porn, you are going to compare yourself with the actors. Most times, this won’t make you feel good, but it’s silly to compare because a lot of what you are seeing isn’t real.

6. Porn Causes us to Stop Appreciating People

In the fantasy world of sex, where everything is designed to perfection, we can easily forget to appreciate our partner. With sexy images of perfect bodies in our minds, we can easily forget to appreciate our partner.

So at the end it is a big risk because people have not been educated against it. Most of the students or workers here in Europe come from their countries where this is not common. They have not been around people who use it, they have not been around their parents using it, they have not been around their schools using it. So for most of them it is a huge taboo.

The only side effect was that this will encourage a lot of people to smoke on campus.

7. It Destroys Your Self-Confidence

Porn movies make you question a lot of things; your sexual abilities, your physical appearance, your relationships, your sexual partners, and your gender.

Porn and other things in your life can be a problem. It can destroy your self-esteem. But, there’s a simple solution: don’t watch porn and the doubt goes away.

8. Your Wallet Might Start Emptying Itself

Most adult sites offer free samples to get the people to sign up. They are usually good at getting you hooked, but it takes a large amount of money to sustain a good production.

There are no statistics on how much porn has been consumed. But there is a lot of debate on the net on the dangers of porn, mainly involving pedophiles, that have been linked to the increase in erectile dysfunction.

9. Keep Your Passions Alive

Many of us have many dreams and passions and goals in our life.

When we let go of them in our life, they become distractions and we lose sight of them. It’s like how we lose sight of our goals when we take a vacation, how we lose sight of our priorities when we spend time socializing or playing video games, and how we lose sight of our purpose when we pursue any one of our desires.

To get past this problem, you need to set aside set times each week to work on your goals, even if it’s only 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Make a ritual out of it. Start planning your 30 minutes as your goal time.

10. The Habit/Addiction Can Get Worse

Addictions always get worse, and eventually consume more of your time and energy than they did at first. This means that every negative effect porn has on your brain will be increased as the addiction gets worse.

Your self-confidence won’t be able to get better even if you drink water every day. You will get addicted to alcohol if you keep on drinking. Do not drink alcohol, and do not watch porn.

11. Less Porn, Better Sex!

Porn is often the first cause of erectile dysfunction.

As for physical effects, the image you are exposed to makes it hard for you to physically interact with your partner. This is what leads to unsatisfied sex.

As for the fact that it’s hard for most to look past it, this is true.

And the porn will take care of you, if not, you will be left with a damaged ego if not worse.

12. Stop Clouding Your Imagination

Porn cloud your mind in many ways. You are being influenced not so much by the actual visual images, but also by the attitudes and emotions that accompany them. These become your new standards.

There are some amazing points in this article, as to why porn is ruining your creativity. The author has listed out the reasons, as to why you need to quit watching porn, before it destroys the creativity in your life.

13. You’ll Have A Lot More Free Time

I just watch the same videos over and over. I think about it for a while, do it, and then watch the next video.

A report from Family Safe Media says that almost 43% of internet users watch porn. And, there are 72 million visitors to porn websites every single month.

I can tell you a lot about the Chinese economy, if you want.

There are no statistics on how long people spend on the websites, because there are no statistics on how long people spend on the websites.

If you ever wondered what the difference between a woman and a man is, let me tell you. It’s time — time wasted on social media. If you’re looking to attract women, you’re wasting time on social media — and you’re not going to attract any good women.

14. It Can Promote Violence Against Women

Watching porn has led many men to feel more violent towards women. In most of the videos online, women are treated in a way that shouldn’t ever be repeated in real life, unless they give their consent to it.

A lot of people think porn can teach them how to behave badly and how to be an abuser. If you want to be an abusive man, don’t watch porn.

15. Stop Feeling Ashamed!

I think we’re talking about different things. I’m talking about shame. I’m talking about the feeling that you did something wrong. Someone else is talking about the feeling of guilt for what you’re doing.

Many people are uncomfortable being recorded and would want someone to ask them to cover their devices or turn their devices off if they recognize them watching an obscene video.

The best way to overcome your depression is to go out, be social, go to your friends. Go shoot a few hoops, hang out with your friends, play basketball. Do something that will make you feel good.

How to Stop Watching Porn

If you are looking to recover from your addiction here are some tips.

If you are stuck in a depression, you can try and get out of it.

1. Spend More Time Connecting With Your Partner

When I was addicted to porn, I noticed that my relationships weren’t going as well as they used to be. I would see it in all the relationships I was in.

I spend more time with my husband, talk it through, and connect with him.

2. If You Don’t Have A Partner, Meet People!

When you don’t have a partner, you can watch porn to explore and learn more about women. You need to step out of your comfort zone. You can’t always rely on someone else to come along and fulfill your desires. You have to go out there and find them yourself.

Perhaps the solution is not as complicated as you think.

3. Block Website Access from Your Computer

If you can’t completely block yourself from watching the stuff, there are a lot of apps that let you block access to websites.

If you want to protect your children from watching adult content online, make it more difficult for them. If your children are teenagers, you can use an app like Family Time to block access to these kinds of websites.

That’s why you should lock the settings by password or email address of someone else. It is possible to have problems if someone is entering a fake password. This is true even when you see a list of all the users of the application or the application that does not exist.

Get a friend to set up a secure passcode lock for your phone. That way, if you’re really struggling, you’d have to ask them to let you in. And that’s just embarrassing.

Have a quick search on Google for “apps I can use”. There’s a ridiculous number of them!


We hope that you have read the article on quitting your porn addiction and have now reached a stage where you feel comfortable enough to quit your addiction.

I’m a woman who lived for a year in the world of men.

You are being dishonest with yourself,

You are becoming lazy,

You are spending too much time on porn,

You are being destructive to your relationships, and

You are being lazy in your sex life.

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