The 100 Best Lion King Quotes Of All Time

My favorite quotes from the Lion King are about pride and loyalty.

The movie received nominations at the 24h Grand Dégâts Awards, European Film Awards, the Asian Film Awards, the American Music Awards and the Golden Globe Awards.

So I made this list of the best quotes from the Lion King.

The 100 Best Lion King Quotes of All Time

As you can see, the translation of the previous question is a much shorter one. There are only two words from the original question changed: the word strong, which means “strong” in the first sentence, is changed to “superior” in the paraphrase.

The second way of paraphrasing can be done with a very similar strategy. In this example, the same two words are changed: “machacado” and “machado”.

2. Mufasa died terrible tragedy; but Simba, who had had hardly begun to live… For me, it was a deep personal loss. So it was with a heavy heart that I assume your throne. Yet, out of the ashes of your death and Simba, we shall rise to greet the dawning of a great and glorious future.

I’ve never met this person, but I do kind of want to smack him because of the dumb way he said “mother,” as if the idea of a mom telling you to do anything was as alien as the idea of a dad telling you not to do anything.

A bully is a big strong animal often seen attacking weaker animals and people.

It’s not fair that some people are born with great ability, while others are born with none at all. We’re the same. If I have the ability to do great things, then I should follow the path that will make me successful.

We live in a different world than our parents. They live in a different era. As a result, they’d have quite a different set of expectations for us than they did for their parents. In fact, some of your parents may have expectations for you that you don’t want to live up to. However, they are no longer going to be around to enforce those expectations. So if anything, they’re going to want to help you to achieve your own dreams.
What’s left behind can grow better than the generation before it. So don’t let anyone ever tell you different.

1. Enter King Bailar,
2. Greetings of the audience,
3. Rise and genuflect,
4. Enter!

The difference is in the fourth line of the paraphrase. This is a mistake because the king is being addressed directly, so the subject of the sentence is “His Majesty”.

I have some ideas about what danger is. I laugh in the face of any danger.

10th of 100 Lion King Quotes

Change is good, to quote the book.

The lion did save Timon from an angry, angry Simba. He is his ally and his friend.

The fact that you can beat Zazu in the arena and then take him home and clean him up whenever he gets dirty and you can clean his body, then beat him up again.

As you go back through your past it will bring up all the things that have happened to you. You will start to question your past and what it did or did not do for you. It will bring up all the failures that you have experienced with past relationships and how you let them influence your life for the worse. It will be challenging but it is also important to face your past and figure out if you need to change it.

It is a common mistake for people to be very proud of how hard they work. It is a common mistake for people to think that they accomplish a lot of things they work very hard. It is a bad idea to work so hard that you hurt yourself. It is a good idea for people to learn to relax and take things easy.

You are responsible for your actions. You are responsible for your decisions. You are responsible for what you do, and you are responsible for the consequences of your actions.
You are responsible for the safety of your life, and for the safety of the lives of yours, your family, and the people around you. You have a moral obligation to be safe. You are not merely a being of free will.

Nala went into the forest and searched for help for a long time. She was very worried when she found the man who told her that he was her only hope.

The one that touches everything is your kingdom. Everything you see is your kingdom. Whatever you touch, is your kingdom.

Our trio will have an internal civil war over the final season.

There is no way that he is my father! But because I am like a mirage, and he is in me, he knows the way to see me and how to help me see, but I haven’t looked hard enough.

20th of 100 Lion King Quotes

My husband and I are going to have another baby.

I know it’s not always easy, but we have to keep laughing in the face of danger.

He was a great king for the Simba as he was the king of the savanna and took care of his community.

I think many people are not being honest about the realities of the situation.

A true king’s power is to treat people as he wants to be treated by them.

For a parent, it is important to look at the good in their child. Especially for when they are young. Look on and admire the progress their children make in the world. And above all else, give them love and respect. That’s what they need to know the most.

People might feel helpless when things don’t work out. This quote tells them that they are not alone, and they can learn to deal with their problems.

He’s on the run from his father who made him into a Lion King and he’s the only one who can return the land of the pride to its former glory.

Things are not always going to go the way we plan. And we don’t know what is going to happen in the future. We can only do our best, and that is all we can do.

If you have a problem, face it. Sometimes, bad things happen.

30th of 100 Lion King Quotes

What an amazing line from ‘The Lion King’! In fact, this is a line that is repeated over and over again in the film and I found it fascinating how it was able to sum up what is important for any individual, and any business.

We see this in the book when Simba is a cub, and he has to be told what to do. But as an adult, when he is king, he has to give orders and tell people what to do. So you have a ruler that is just as powerful as you are, in order to rule.

There is no better way to describe what this book contains.

In a previous scene, Timon asks the Apu to dress up in drag and do the hula. At this point, Timon is already “dressed in drag” in some form. This comment is a parody of the above scene.

One of the most loved quotes of “The Lion King” is found in this verse. It reminds us of the fact that we all have a small part of our Kingdom. No matter how big or small it may be, it can be made to grow and expand if we believe in ourselves and our true potential.

“Life isn’t fair, is it?” It’s all a matter of perspective.

I think this was an important sentence
because it shows that you can live a happy life without the world.
But what is the opposite of the world?
My guess, “the nothing world”

“Nothing” is the opposite of the world.
“The nothing world” is the opposite of the world.

I was able to eat you! So you can’t come into my body ever again. So I can eat you whenever I want.

38. A motto is an expression or motto of some kind. (a) What is a ‘motto’? (b) A motto is something which is used as a maxim, maximizing our actions and maximizing the meaning of our actions.

I think he just thinks being king is too hard and wants to not have to bother with it.

40th of 100 Lion King Quotes

If you want the future to be better, then you need to make it better today.


Just a suggestion, but for the purpose of making it easy to parse, I would suggest that you split the paragraph into four different blocks. I would consider this to make life easy on you.

As monarch, you need to understand that the balance you need for society and social harmony among humans is also the same as that of animals and inanimate objects.

Don’t worry, Timon, you can trust me, we’re going to have a great time.

In other words, the end of the world is nigh.

 A life-changing piece of advice that can be applied to everyone.

I don’t care who rules. I just got tired of the lions eating each other.

She did not want to seem too brave, so when she showed up at the audition with a book and a pen, she tried to copy the other actors’ acting. It turns out she could act well!

One day people from all over the world will unite and fight against their common enemy — evil. You and I will be the new king and queen.

You got to use your past as a way to learn from the experiences of your past and then use that knowledge to help shape the future.

50th of 100 Lion King Quotes

The real Simba is not a king. He is just a young lion who is afraid of his dad and his uncle. He is the only son of Mufasa. Mufasa is not king. He is a lion. Mufasa is dead.

Nobody knows my troubles and sorrow. Nobody knows my pain. Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen. Nobody knows the sorrow I’ve seen. Nobody knows my tears. Nobody knows my tears.

There are two in every family, Master. I have two brothers. They always manage to ruin special occasions.

The circle of life is a theme often used in the Lion King. It is about the circle of life and how the circle moves us all, through despair and hope, through faith and love, until we find our place on the path.

If people don’t want to cooperate they will face severe consequences.

Having to be brave is only brave if you don’t want to be there. Having to be brave means being there.

“I’m Simba, son of Mufasa.” He could’ve said “I am Simba!” But he didn’t, he just said his name. Why? Because it’s a lot less work! He didn’t have to say anything, he could’ve stood there and the people would have known it was him!

You are not Zazu, and you are no king’s brother.

If you are Zazu, you would not tell him such things in front of others. You also would not tell them to anyone who is not a king’s brother.

You seem to be pretty confused because you don’t know what I’m talking about.

60th of 100 Lion King Quotes

You can’t do anything about the problems that happen in your life. So you should just do what you can to get through them and focus on the things that you can control.

As with the above quote, there are times when standing up for what you believe in takes humility.

The character of Rafiki believes that even the smallest person can make a difference and that everybody is important.

63. “From the ashes of this tragedy, we shall rise to greet the dawning of a new era.” – Scar


Your original and current translation are identical to me.

When the father says that one day the son will be braver than him, I wonder how bravery will taste.

The following two paragraphs are actually sentences.

I’m running from one side to the other just to avoid being in my own shadow. Because to be in my own shadow is to be in the arms of the real me.

You’re responsible for your actions.

Your body is a temple and you can’t simply cut out bad habits. The body will adapt to the bad habits you created. You can only change the habits you adopt.

It is true. Whenever there is special family dinner, your family can ruin it and become too involved into their own stories which make the dinner unspecial.

When a person is going through a traumatic experience, they must have hope for the future and look to the positive.

70th of 100 Lion King Quotes

“Remember who you are”- Mufasa, the king himself, tells Simba.

71. The main character remembers his place and values.

When the world turns its back on you and people stop taking your advice, you stop taking others advice and go off on your own.

The search for what we can give is the search for the ability to give more, to be a better giver.

Whenever you feel lonely, remember that kings will always be there to save you, and so will I.

My spirits are high, and I boldly venture off into areas that no meerkat has dared to go before. I put my past behind me.

Look outside your own views and understand those around you.

Everything you see is the result of a long complex process of interaction between the entire universe.

It’s not like he knows his daughter is dead. He doesn’t know she even left the pride to go on a date with someone else, and the last time he saw her, she was in the middle of a freaking war between two prides.

The King is a true king and gives back to his citizens what he can.

80th of 100 Lion King Quotes

You can believe in yourself and if others believe in you, you will no longer need to lie.

Yes! I will not check out of this conversation and will not allow you to check out either.

The king has all the power to do whatever he wants. He doesn’t have to ask permission from anyone to do what he wants to do.

Your past is the key to where you are now.

You don’t have to worry about me. I’m the future king, and you can’t do anything to me.

If you want to get the exact lines, they are on pages 83, 84, 87, 88, and 89 of the book.

You can’t run away from your destiny.

After a year of waiting, Simba finally got a taste of real love and now she is ready to tell the world.

[My Thoughts] : It’s good to have a friend that you can tell anything to.

I am not letting anyone tell me where to go, what to do, and even who to marry. There will never be a king like me.

90th of 100 Lion King Quotes

You’re really getting into this. It’s amazing that you’ve managed to keep such a distance from the common folks as long as you have.

As king, you must remember who you are, the one true king.

It is important for the king to know how he can govern, to know how to rule as a king, to know what is his role as a king, and how his actions in governing affect others. Nala is learning these things.

93. We are all connected in the great circle of life as the antelope eat the grass. The circle of life.

I think the hardest part of growing up is learning from the past so that you can move on with your life.

ಹಕುನ ಮಾತಾನ! – Timons and Pumbas.

I told you Simba, we do these sorts of things to keep our kingdom protected from the beasts. You never said anything about them being stupid.

Being brave doesn’t mean you get into arguments and fight with people. It is all about acting in a responsible manner.

The forest, the forest, for the forest, I want bananas!

In the movie, Shere Kahn has a different name and uses different ways to fool the characters. Therefore, the characters also have to question their identities and relationships.

A king never wants to change. He wants to stay the same. He is content with what he has, and would never want to change it.


P.S. I can’t wait for the Lion King remake…

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