King Bach Net Worth

King Bach is a Swedish singer who earns a massive amount of money from music royalties and song licensing contracts.


As of July 2022, King Bach’s net worth is 3 Million dollars.

As of 10th July, the net worth of the Bach family is just over $3 million.

Bachelor is often referred to by Vine fans as being one of the best known Vine users. He is considered to be among the first Internet celebrities.

He has continued to make short videos on Instagram and uploaded the video “Sick Of My Life” in September.

Early Life

And Andrew B. Bachelor was on the 26th of June in Toronto, which is in Canada.

He is from Jamaica where his father is a police officer and his mother is an accountant. He is the middle child in the family and has a younger sister. He moved to California when he was 2 years old.

Bachelor attended Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. Bachelor graduated in 2010 and completed his studies at Florida State University.


King Bach has made his way into a YouTube channel that has been dubbed as BachelorsPadTv. The channel has uploaded many videos, and the videos have gained much success online. The channel’s videos have been uploaded to various websites, including FSU News.

He may not have the most prestigious acting resume, but it’s a resume full of entertaining projects. He’ll continue to churn out videos on his Vine account and continue his starring role on ‘House of Lies’.

He made his network TV debut on the Netflix original ‘Blackish’ and on the CBS series ‘The Good Place’.

Also he has a role in the film ‘Fifty shades of Black’ which also stars the rapper Ice Cube as a special guest host. He has a small role in this movie.

He later starred in a video titled “No Homework”, and became a YouTube sensation with his “Dude” series of videos, in which Bart would make a Vine video of himself in the same pose as a famous celebrity, often portraying Justin Bieber or Kanye West. At the end of the Vine, the caption would read “Dude”. The series started on Vine, which became extremely popular within a week, and a few days later moved to YouTube.

As of July 2022, King Bach’s net worth is 3 Million dollars.

As of 10th July, the net worth of the Bach family is just over $3 million.


– He made his debut as the main lead in the song “Love is a Lonely Feeling” from the album “A Change Is Gonna Come”
– He appeared on the cover of an issue of Rolling Stone magazine in 1983.
– He made a cameo appearance on the TV show 3rd Rock from the Sun.
– He appeared on the front cover of Newsweek in 1985.

Favorite Quotes from King Bach

You should take over if one or two Vine users start to make some money with their Vines. If you are truly on top, everyone will start following you.

3 Funny Lessons from King Bach

Learn from King Bach’s mistakes. He was a big goof ball. He did not realize the consequences of his actions and that’s why everything he did was a failure.

1. If People Say That You’re Lazy

In order to decrease the cost of maintaining this computer, as well as to conserve electricity.

2. Doing Nothing

Doing nothing is hard, but I’m willing to learn.

3. Two Wrongs

Even when you are wrong, try to get other people to see the error in the other person’s thinking.


For a long time, Louis-Phillipe “King Bach” Charles was known for having the most followers on Vine, but today he’s not only known for his Vine profile, but he’s also an incredible comedian and actor.

He has worked with a lot of big stars and he has been in movies such as Fifty Shades of Black and The Babysitter.

As of July 2022, King Bach’s net worth is $3,000,000.

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