Don King Net Worth

As of 2018, Don King’s net worth is $90 million.


[Don King’s] wealth is around $150 million, and this amount
doesn’t include his real estate holdings in Las Vegas.

King was a boxing promoter as well as an owner of a casino resort and tavern. He was convicted of manslaughter in 1957 for his part in a fight involving heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano.

He can be seen promoting The Rumble in the Jungle from the top of the Wembley building. He can also be seen promoting the Thrilla in Manila and the first PPV event.

Early Life

King, who is black, was raised in the projects, where he was beaten for playing with white children. He dropped out of school in the ninth grade. He later started working at a record store on Kinsman Road, where he learned about the illegal bookmaking business. He spent his days running a bookie operation.

King had murdered a black man and was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. Many civil rights activists protested at his trial and urged President Lyndon Johnson (who had previously been supportive of King) to commute his sentence to life imprisonment.


In 1982, together with the boxing legend, George Foreman, King became the boxing promoter, ‘Super Brawl in New York’. George Foreman was a champion boxer, who retired from boxing in 1981. His last boxing match took place on September 12, 1984.

His career was marked by a series of legal battles with Muhammad Ali, whom he sued for $11.1 million after his famous title fight against him in 1973.

He was questioned by the Senate and the New York Police Department. During his testimony, he was asked about his involvement with organized crime and links with mobster John Gotti. He also said that he had never met Michael Jackson before or during the Victory Tour. After the tour, he was acquitted of all charges.

Mike Tyson sued him for $100 million. He was awarded a small sum of money.
In 2005, he signed a deal with the University of Missouri-Columbia. In the same year, he bought a home in St. Louis, Missouri.

as of July 2022, Don King’s net worth is $100 Million. In 2019, he made almost $100 Million from his business.


1. He was the first man to ever sell out Madison Square Garden. 2. In the 1980’s Don King was known for his feuds with other promoters (Bumps Willis, the Hitman, and Tommy Morrison). 3. He also once took on an entire boxing arena to settle a $2.3 million dollars bet. 4. The King’s feud with HBO and HBO’s “Real Deal” was legendary. 5. If anybody knows boxing or can teach boxing, it was Don King.

Favorite Quotes from Don King 

Muhammad Ali was a great fighter and icon. He was always a very humble man and he did not believe in fighting and beating people up. He would just get in the ring and tell people to hit him.

It’s better to be feared than loved. Because if you are loved, your enemies will have you killed. I am a man of the people, and help them, but it’s important to do so mainly through strength.

Just be the greatest guy in the world. Don’t have a heart. And if you do something wrong, nobody cares.

If you throw your bread into the water and have faith it will come back, but if you don’t have faith it will get soaked.

If you don’t want people to think what you said you actually mean, you could try to avoid saying it to people who may be offended by what you said.

3 Great Lessons from Don King 

1. To survive in this competitive world, one must never take anything for granted and be ready to adapt to the changing market.

1. Stop Worrying

However, the real world is not this predictable. We spend time worrying about everything we could possibly think of, and then we lose the opportunity to take chances in life!

It is important to accept that some things may not have been done as well as you would have liked, and your role is to figure out what needs to be done to ensure that the final outcome is the best that it can be. Sometimes this will be on a small scale, such as adjusting a document slightly to make it easier for the people who will be working with it. Other times, it will be on a large scale, such as re-writing the whole system so that the final outcome is optimised for the user.

2. Money Isn’t Everything

It is not that King has learned to live off very little, but that if he started to earn a lot, he would feel uncomfortable and unhappy.

3. Organisation is Good 

So key, that without it your business will crumble. It takes time to learn, but it gets easier and more efficient every single day. Learn from your mistakes.


Many boxing observers are questioning the motives of Don King, after a huge business deal that he just made.
Some say that Don King made a huge mistake by entering into a business deal with a company that had ties to Cuba.
Now the Cuban-American group Cuba Libre is suing Don King and claiming that his company has violated the law and the U.S. and Cuba embargo by entering a partnership with a company that is run by a Cuban-American.

The fight between Don King and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. also brought to light a financial dispute between Mayweather and a company that promotes Mayweather and his fights. Mayweather Promotions filed suit against IFL Holdings, a company that also owns a stake in Mayweather Promotions.

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