The 10 Best Naked Motorcycles In The World

The naked bike is a style of motorcycle designed to have the engine exposed. There are naked bikes that have an engine cover, and also naked bikes that have no engine cover. And then, there are naked bikes that are just a bike and not a motorcycle.

Naked bikes give people a reason to get a great ride without having to worry about getting into an accident or paying for insurance.

Motorcycle manufacturers are the largest producers of motorized vehicles, offering custom and standard motorcycles for many different styles of riding. Motorcycle manufacturers come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges, all of which sell in large numbers.

The Best Naked Motorcycles In The World

Naked bikes look good, make a good performance statement and are cheap enough to indulge your inner biker, so it makes sense to check one out if you’re interested in taking your ride to the next level.

The naked bike is the perfect machine for a couple, having nothing but the wind in your hair. The bike is also the perfect ride for a couple of riders when riding together in the middle of the desert. This also makes it the perfect bike for cross country riding in countries like Chile.

10. Yamaha MT-10 SP

The Yamaha Motor Company came into existence in 1955 through the merger of the Yamaha Piano Company and the Imperial Toy Company. The merger resulted in the integration of two companies that were already established in the world of piano instruments and toys.

Yamaha’s naked bikes are amongst some of their most popular, with the MT-10 SP adopting the classic naked motorcycle aesthetic and merging it with the latest technology.

The MT-10 SP is a performance oriented machine with a 111Nm torque, 160 hp and a top speed of over 150 km/h (93.8 mph).

The MT-10 SP is the first turbocharged Yamaha motorcycle to reach speeds of 150 mph. It has a low center of gravity and light weight, plus high-capacity tires. This is the result of a great design and construction.

The Ninja H2 is equipped with an electronic suspension system that allows for three manual modes and three semi-active damping modes, giving riders the possibility of adapting the suspension to the road surface.

Yamaha has improved the MT-10’s technical features. It has new TFT dash, adjustable top speed limiter, souped-up ABS and traction control, and upgraded headlight clusters to improve visibility.

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9. KTM 1290 Super Duke R

It’s a naked bike for everyone to take the fun out of motorcycle adventures, with a performance that matches its appearance.

The engine capacity is 1301 cc, the transmission is six-speed, and the power is 177 hp. So it’s definitely track-focused.

The Super Duke R is equipped with semi-active rear shock absorbers to further enhance the riding experience. Its forged wheels and titanium inlet valves are further improved to deliver an even more exciting driving experience.

The Super Duke R includes new, full-color graphics and decals for a clean, attractive look. The new graphics are a distinctive mix of red and black, along with a subtle pattern that lends a distinctive look to the bike.

The new 1290 Super Duke R is a street bike, and it has a good mid-range torque control and excellent handling in the real world.

The bike has a long wheelbase, and is built like a tank. It is comfortable to ride and is very much built like a racing bike.

8. BMW S1000R

BMW, a German company, has been making very expensive cars for a long time, but they appeal to everybody, from the rich to the poor.

The BMW S1000R is a motorcycle that’s for the masses, that just screams money and power.

The S1000R will be available on a carbon fiber frame, and it will be built for street performance, with an emphasis on racing appeal.

BMW’s flagship entry into the naked bike category, the S1000R is a lightweight naked bike, constructed from carbon and forged wheels, with a lightweight battery and additional carbon elements used throughout its frame. The bike has a dry weight of 585kg and incorporates the brand’s new Sport Motorrad frame that is lighter and more rigid than the classic steel frame. The frame uses aluminium for all major components, including the swingarm.

It has a display that can be customized through the smartphone, and you can control the vehicle by the smartphone. It has multiple modes, including hill-starting, ABS, and the rider’s choice.

It is a race-ready bike which is also adaptable enough to work as a street-riding bike to get you around town, although the open roads are best to experience its huge 165 horsepower fully.

BMW is no stranger to the world of sports bikes, and the S1000R is derived from their pioneering S1000RR superbike which was first introduced to the world in 2008. The S1000R features the same 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled, boxer engine that powered the S1000RR.

The BMW S1000R is one of the best naked bikes to emerge from the German company. The 2017 model provides a consistent riding experience in both racing and cruising, whether you’re thrashing it on the track or cruising on highways.

7. Ducati Monster

The Ducati Monster is one of the most influential naked bikes of all time, taking an existing sports bike frame and engine, then building a street bike to go with the naked bike.

Italian luxury car marques know no bounds, with Maserati’s, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Alfa Romeo and so on, all producing vehicles that rival some of the world’s finest automobiles.

The Ducati Monster is a little more upright than the previous model, but the Testastretta 11° 937 cc twin cylinder L-shaped engine still does plenty of power.

It has an off-road package, which gives it extra grip and agility when it’s on pavement, with cornering ABS, improved traction control, and even wheelie control.

There’s a full-color TFT display to make it easy to keep up to date on fuel, speed, and their current riding mode, and there is LED lighting to make this one of the best naked bikes for a combination of speed and accessibility.

 Ducati continues to produce really high quality products, and I suspect in the years to come, the Italian factory will be producing more of the world’s best naked bikes.

6. Suzuki Katana

The Ninja Katana has been updated to make it more street-ready, with the most noticeable being the redesigned headlight and the redesigned rear turn signal.

Suzuki has used decades of experience to develop their Katana naked bike, not least due to its engine that can produce a maximum of 149 horsepower.

The motorcycle is powered by a 1,000cc liquid-cooled engine and has a six-speed transmission. It reaches speeds of over 180 km per hour and has a weight of 165 kg.

With a compact and lightweight chassis and an intelligent ride system, the Katana is a bike that is fun to ride.

The bikes are perfect for commuting or everyday riding. They can handle the speed of a big city without getting out of shape and can handle the trails or dirt roads with ease.

One of the most affordable naked bikes on the market is the Yamaha FZ-10. However, the FZ-10 isn’t just the cheapest naked bike on the market (a title that goes to the YZF-R6), but it’s also one of the most expensive looking bikes in the lineup.

Of course, the Katana is not just a matchbox car: it is a racing bike with real racing history and it is probably one of the most prestigious matchbox cars produced for many years. You can see the history from the original Matchbox ad campaign through to today, and still see its appeal.

5. Triumph Street Triple RS

Triumph is a British manufacturer of motorcycles with roots in Birmingham, England, founded by John William A. Bonham, who also created a similar line of cars called Triumph. Triumph’s classic motorcycles from the 1950’s and 1960’s were characterized by their large, rounded and powerful engines, and often included a sporty sidecar option.

When the Street Triple RS first came out, it looked quite different from other naked bikes like the Aprilia or Honda or even the Kawasaki. This bike looks so different and yet it still manages to look awesome.

The Triumph Street Triple RS is a hot rod version of the Street Triple. It is made available from December 2016. It’s equipped with a 796cc engine with a redline of 13,500 rpm and a power of 125 hp.

Triumph is set to race in the World Championship as soon as possible, and to do so, they had to make the bike ready and competitive, and so the inline three engine was used.

Triumph has taken the TFT display concept to new heights. With an optional accessory, riders can connect to their ride smartphone app via buttons on the handlebars and control music playback or even a GoPro through the handlebar-mounted buttons.

As the naked version of the Street Triple, it’s the same bike with better bits, and a price tag that makes it feel like a bargain as well.

4. Zero SR/F

The Zero SR/F is a sports prototype racing motorcycle. The bike has many advanced features that make it a very fast and comfortable motorcycle to ride.

It may sound like the beginning of an episode of Silicon Valley but Zero Motorcycles became famous because of its unconventional and often brilliant marketing campaigns.

It was an innovative, forward-thinking marriage, between the aesthetics of classic motorcycles with the latest environmentally friendly technology.

The battery capacity is 14.4kWh which is capable of a 1.5 hours fast charge. The power to weight ratio you expect from a Street Triple RS or MT-09, but the added benefit of instant torque from the very low revs.

It is not a toy, it’s a sport product. It is a high performance piece of equipment. It’s meant to be raced. It’s a product that has a lot of utility as well. It’s a product that’s useful for both the rider and the driver. It’s kind of a little bit of everything. It’s sort of an all-in-one product.

The naked bike is a rapid and fun ride that can reach 60mph in under 3.5 seconds, and it can run even faster with minimal modifications to the bike.

It is packed with the latest technologies, and can be paired with the latest smartphones via the app. You can select different ride modes, view GPS, and receive the security alerts in case the bike is touched while parked.

3. Kawasaki Z400 ABS

Kawasaki recently announced that they will bring back their legendary Z400 to the market as an ABS version. The model is coming back on the market with a more sporty and ergonomic look.

The new Honda Z400 feels like a small bike. It’s a comfortable cruiser that can get up to speeds of up to 65 mph on highways and 80 mph on the streets.

The new CX1 delivers an upright seating position and wide handlebars, making it perfect for riders who might lack the confidence of more experienced bikers.

The Kawasaki Z400 ABS looks similar to the Kawasaki Z400 non-ABS, but this model has 4-wheel ABS, a power-assisted brake system and the standard electronic throttle-control.

The Yamaha is designed to fulfill all the needs of people who are looking for an affordable motorcycle but need something that will get them places.

ABS comes as standard, and there is a neat LCD display which shows your current gear, fuel gauge, digital rev counter, and a large mph display.

The Z400 ABS is the lowest priced Kawasaki naked bike in their lineup and still offers a fair amount of performance for the price.

2. MV Agusta Dragster 800 RR

The new Brutale R makes for a solid and attractive replacement for the aging Brutale, so there are some good reasons to consider it.

Agusta and Ducati are just two of many iconic Italian marques that have been making bikes for over 50 years. And they are no exception, even though they are a bit different in terms of design.

The engine works by compressing a mixture of air and fuel, which is then injected into cylinders with a combustion chamber.

It is built with full support for Ride by Wire, the Dragster features specially designed mapping and traction control which can be adjusted to eight levels, making sure this bike clings tightly to roads when hitting its 150 mph top speed.

The progressive rear shock system makes the bike noticeably smoother, but not to the extent that it will destroy your confidence. It does offer a bit more than the previous version, which offered the most progressive shock on the market.

– Great handlebar positioning, ample legroom and a comfortable seat mean the MV Agusta Dragster 800 RR is a great bike to cover distances, too, giving riders the option to take it on the road for longer hauls.

– This motorcycle is great for riders wanting to go a little bigger.

The MV Agusta F4 RC is a naked racer with a price tag that’s a bit higher than the other naked motorcycles in the MV Agusta lineup. For that reason, this one will have the most exclusivity and the fewest owners.

1. Ducati Streetfighter V4S

The Streetfighter V4S is a very affordable motorcycle with a good base model for those who want more power and a little more performance than a standard street machine.

If you’re a fan of the naked look, but you like a bit of style and finesse in your riding, the Desmosedici Strada is the bike for you. If you want a bike to use for everything from touring all the way to trackday racing, you won’t get much better than this.

The V4 engine offers a 1,103 cc capacity and produces maximum power of 150 horsepower at the 9,500 rpm redline. Also, there will be no turbocharger since all the boost is fed via a twin-scroll Vortice intake system and an intercooler.

The frame design is based on the S-Works Tarmac, with new alloy bars, a shorter stem and the same seat post. The new SRAM Force groupset and brakes are the same as those found on the S-Works Tarmac, with the crank length and bottom bracket being slightly longer.

The Streetfighter is made to make a street bike capable of doing street-racing as fast as possible, and so it’s perfect for use in the city, on country roads, and in the pro circuit.

A bike with a color dash, and a headlight that’s responsive. You get to choose if I can call it a razor, or a katana from a different dimension.

Ducati’s Streetfighter V4S is the best naked motorcycle you can buy in this price category. While it shares some similarities with Ducati’s Panigale V4, it is a very different bike. It shares the same V-4 motor, which is both lighter and smaller. It shares the same basic chassis, which is made of aluminum, steel, and magnesium, and which is also made of carbon fiber.


Naked bikes are a fusion of high performance and top speed from the leading superbikes of the day and the practicality and street-readiness of more traditional road bikes.

Naked bikes are a great place to start for almost everyone. They provide a reasonable platform upon which you can learn more about the art of cycling. Some of these bikes may be well-designed, and others may not have been as well thought out as they are put together, but they’re not going to cost you much, and you can always buy a couple of parts if you get bored and want to upgrade your equipment.

Electric bikes have been gaining a lot of traction in the United States recently. They’re becoming more popular because they’re easier to park than traditional, gas-powered bicycles.

The naked bike doesn’t only start with the seat, but it’s also equipped with the backrest, the engine and the wheels.

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