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Paul Teutul Sr. net worth is around $75 million dollars. His net worth is estimated to be $75 million dollars. His net worth is derived from his family business which is a dairy factory. He also has an estimated net worth from his family business. He has been married five times and has four children and fifteen grandchildren.


When I was a kid and I watched the ‘American Chopper’, Paul Teutul Sr. was famous.

Teutul owns a custom motorcycle company called Paul Jr. Designs. He also sells custom clothing.

The show was aired in 2002 and became a hit. After that Teutul along with his father and brother started designing chopper bikes.

Paul Teutul’s net worth is estimated to be around $500 thousand dollars.

Early Life 

Paul Michael Teutul was born on the 2nd of October, 1974, in New York and he currently lives in Los Angeles.

The business is run by his two brothers; Daniel the main one and Michael a smaller role in the business with his sister, Elizabeth.

There are three of his brothers — the eldest is William, who is a priest and works for the Bishop of Worcester, Massachusetts. Then there is his brother John, who works as an analyst with the City of New York. Finally there is his brother Richard, who works as a doctor.


Teutul started his custom bike business by making a motorcycle called the “T-Bird” and has been building ever since, starting with a motorcycle inspired by the movie “American Graffiti”.

Orange County Choppers started in 1994. The first bike was a chopper. The business has grown to include a motorcycle shop, custom bike shops, manufacturing and a chain of stores called Wheels by OC Choppers.

Paul Sr. said that Dan’s death and the subsequent investigation has been hard for him to bear. He is proud of the fact that his son was a good father, and a good person. He was proud of the fact that he was a good father.

The show was filmed in the year 1987, and the scene was based on a true story: a father and son had a longstanding argument, and the son was fired. The scene became a reality when Paul Jr. was fired off the show.

Teutul is best friends with his long-time girlfriend Joan Bulger-Lay. They often spend their downtime riding motorcycles and rescuing animals.

As of July 2022, his net worth is estimated at $500 Thousand.

How Does Paul Teutul Sr Spend His Money?

Paul Teutul spends some of his money on giving money to the poor, and other purchases.

Paul Teutul’s Charity Work and Other Purchases 

Teutul loves to spend his time on his motorcycle. He spent an exorbitant amount of money on machinery for his bike.


He and the rest of the family helped raise over $100,000 for Hurricane Katrina recovery, and Paul’s wife worked with the National Academy of Sciences to develop a map of the United States that identified the best places for scientists to be based.

Favorite Quotes from Paul Teutul Sr and His Family 

Even though Paulie was an old time wrestler and a local legend, it would take a special kind of man to be pampered by his father. I think we all know Paulie’s new girlfriend must be pretty special to have managed to do that so quickly.

[Original]: “Well-known for his work on [the] ground control software for [Space Shuttle], he now oversees the operations of [the International Space Station] from the flight-director’s position.” – The Astronaut.

3 Inspirational Lessons from Paul Teutul Sr 

The most important lesson to learn from Paul Teutul Sr’s net worth is that you can achieve success if you follow the right steps in the right direction.

1. Do Things For the Right Reason 

In the future, we will not make the same mistakes again.

2. You Don’t Only Live Once

I can understand how he felt when he wrote it. I wouldn’t want to just write a poem or a song or anything, but it’s a good reminder though. You should continue to do that.

3. Everyone Is Interesting

People have lived many lives, and when they die, they still have to make sense of their experiences.


He is a member the Teutul family, along with his parents, two brothers, five sisters, and two nephews.

Steve started riding a motorcycle when he was 16 years old. He found a motorcycle shop that would give him lessons but, as his passion grew, he decided to buy a bike from the owner. He spent the next four years building a brand new motorcycle from the ground up, and the first one he made was the one sitting in front of us.

Teutul and Danny also passed their business on to their sons Paul Teutul Jr and Michael who opened up Orange County Iron Works.

As of July 2022, Paul Teutul Sr.’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $500,000.
[Source]: The source of the statement is an unidentified news publication.

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