7 Most Expensive Equestrian Wear Brands in The World

Equestrian sports are widely regarded for their sophistication and elegance. So, you will not be surprised to learn about the many luxurious apparel brands in this niche catering to the exceptional tastes of horse enthusiasts and riders.

Equestrian wear brands offer the best for riders when it comes to performance and quality, whether you’re looking for horse gear or premium riding apparel. Keep reading to discover the most expensive equestrian brands if you are in the market for premium equestrian wear and equipment. This list includes brands like Vestrum, Ariat, and Holland Cooper.

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  1. Vestrum

Premium Italian brand Vestrum is renowned for its inventive designs, fine materials, and meticulous attention to detail. It provides a selection of riding clothes, such as breeches, jackets, and t-shirts. Vestrum sells accessories as well.

Vestrum’s signature style is chic and minimalist, focusing on simple designs and clean lines. Their range of products is also made from premium fabrics and are made to stand the rigors of this sport. Among the brand’s most popular products is its range of racing jackets, which feature modern, elegant designs tailored to skim the rider’s body.

The competition jackets are made from light and breathable fabric, ensuring the rider is cool and comfortable, even in the face of intense competitiveness. Vestrum’s daring designs and fun colors offer a beautiful silhouette whenever you are at the stable.

  1. Holland Cooper

This is a British luxury equestrian and lifestyle brand established by Jade Holland Cooper in 2007. The heart of the brand is the English countryside in Staffordshire. Holland Cooper creates stunning classic accessories and clothing for equestrians. All the designs are inspired by everything equestrian.

Over the years, Holland Cooper has established itself as a high-end brand that heavily leans on classic British designs. This brand is timeless and elegant, but it will still set you apart from the crowd as you do your rounds at the stable.

Holland Cooper has amassed quite the fanbase, attracting riders and non-riders because of its take on British style. Prominent fans of this brand include Pippa Middleton, Sienna Miller, and Catherine, The Princess of Wales.

  1. Cavalleria Toscana

Cavalleria Toscana is an esteemed name in the world of equestrian fashion, acclaimed for seamlessly incorporating modern functionality into Italian craftsmanship. The brand exudes luxury, offering equestrians carefully designed pieces that elevate their style and provide unparalleled comfort.

Cavalleria Toscana caters to riders who don’t want to compromise on performance or elegance, from everyday training gear to high-quality performance jackets. When you wear Cavalleria Toscana, you are not just donning a brand but also championing a legacy of sophistication.

  1. Kask

Fourth on today’s list is Kask, a renowned equestrian brand offering high-end helmets designed to provide maximum comfort and protection. Kask’s helmets are crafted from light, breathable materials and feature stylish, functional, and innovative designs.

These stylish helmets are also customizable, allowing you to choose from different materials, finishes, and colors. They are also designed to meet current safety standards to assure riders of comfort and safety while riding.

  1. Ariat

Ariat is among the most renowned luxury equestrian brands worldwide. Established in 1993, it has transformed the equestrian market thanks to the innovative athletic shoe technology in its riding boots. Thirty years later, Ariat still makes some of the most luxurious and comfortable performance boots and clothes for equestrian riders. The brand has also earned the approval of American and European Olympic riders and athletes.

  1. Charles Owen

Charles Owen is a luxury equestrian brand that has been around for more than a century. The company was established in 1911 and focuses on riders’ comfort and safety. Named after its founder, Charles Owen, the brand has been in the family for four generations. They manufacture riding helmets from their Wrexham, North Wales, facility.

In 2012, Charles Owen bought Airowear, a brand specializing in British equestrian body protectors. The latter is essential, especially when you’re learning to ride a horse, because it helps protect your organs and ribs in case you fall off the horse. They also have a range of riding accessories, from liners, hairnets, and helmet bags to helmet cleaners and faceguards.

  1. Ophena

Ophena is an equestrian brand popularly known for its cutting-edge innovation. Popular among riders worldwide, Ophena’s magnetic safety stirrups have received praise from professionals and fans for bringing together style and functionality.

The brand combines top-tier materials and elegant designs, and its saddle pads and riding gear offer high performance and comfort. Ophena’s dedication to customer satisfaction has made the brand a first choice for anyone seeking luxurious equestrian equipment.

The bottom line

Horse lovers have participated in and enjoyed equestrian sports for years. As an equestrian, you surely want to be as comfortable as you can be when riding your horse to enhance the entire experience. With today’s technology, you can get your hands on high-end apparel and gear that are both stylish and comfortable.

These seven are some of the most luxurious equestrian brands, and if you are looking for premium gear and equipment to take your experience to the next level, these brands have got your back!

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