50 Strong & Inspirational Lin-manuel Miranda Quotes

The most important is ‘The Audience’.

Miranda has been recognized for his contributions to popular culture. He has received multiple awards and nominations which include a Pulitzer Prize for his song-turned-musical, In the Heights, and a Tony Award for his Broadway play, Hamilton. In addition to those awards, Miranda has been nominated for six Emmy Awards.

Miranda has made it clear that he is very proud to have created the show, and that he does not want to be seen as a celebrity. He would rather be praised for creating a show that is so successful, that so many people love to watch it.

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50 Strong & Inspirational Lin-Manuel Miranda Quotes

You gotta love a guy who makes music and a show like Hamilton, and then does his own podcast about it, and his own movie…

The reason why I love “The 12 Days of Christmas” is because I can sing the heck out of it. I used to make people sit through me reciting “The Twelve Days of Christmas” to them when I was in middle school… even before I had any formal training. I was always the musical performer at school, and I could make people laugh.

I have no idea what I would have done different. But I do think I would have wanted someone else to have played this role.

If we’re writing a script, we might have to rewrite a lot of it, but we’re still writing it. I can only tell you what I know at this point.

When you’re an artist and you’re following your instinct and your instincts and I think there are a million reasons why I think he’s doing what he’s doing. I thought he was doing The Hamilton Mixtape, and then I just went with it.

He started to write the music for the show in 2010, and started sharing his songs with a friend called Tariq Touré. His friend was a classical ballet dancer at the time and he would show him the songs
and Tariq would say “I want to do a show about that”. So he started writing down the stories in his mind in the style of a rap album.

Writing a play about geniuses is the best way of tricking people into thinking you’re a genius.

Lin-Manuel Miranda explained what the “Twilight Zone” did was show us all have a great capacity for good and evil.

A lot of you have said I should stop quoting all these songs because I’m quoting a lot. I know. I know. And I’m trying! I tried. I tried to stop quoting it. But I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I love you guys. I love you. It’s true.

10th of 50 Lin-Manuel Miranda Quotes

I know your sister. I know her like I know my own self. You can never find anybody as trusting and kind as she is.

History is something that is made of our thoughts and feelings and experiences. It is also based in truth, which is a concept that a lot of people are confused about.

I felt like Lin-Manuel Miranda when the play started. Then, I got into the story the way I usually do, and he won me over again.

I can tell you that I did about five years of auditioning for voiceovers where I did variations on tacos and Latin accents, and my first screen role was as a bellhop on The Sopranos.

[Source]: The first line is the original line and the second line is the paraphrase.

It’s difficult to recall a project that started with a full-fledged script, but IMDb listed this as one of his early projects, probably because it became more serious after he started on In the Heights.

Lin-Manuel Miranda was thinking of the creative process of creating Hamilton, and he made sure his team was around to listen to his thoughts, since he can be rather poetic sometimes.

For better or worse, history remembers and remembers well when you do your thing.

There’s something about it that feels a little dirty. I think there was a point when they were just doing something to see if it would work. And it worked!
[Shaydee]: They were both working with the same producer.

I think there’s a good chance “Casa Branca” will be a book, but that’s not a project that has been given a lot of attention, so I don’t have much to say about it.

20th of 50 Lin-Manuel Miranda Quotes

What my responsibility is as a playwright who has a voice is to tell stories that you feel the way you should feel and make you laugh and cry and live your life to the fullest — or live your best life.

We made Rent. We made it up first, back in high school. You made it up. You’re allowed to write. You make it up. You’re allowed to write.

Miranda’s son will not be a new symphony, but rather a reprise. We are chasing the melodies that seem to find us until they’re finished songs and start to play.

It’s not all that big of a deal, but he was so excited about it that he made sure that the people he sent the script to were excited about it too.

My wife is the only person who makes me get up from the couch and go to the kitchen to get myself a cup of coffee. She is the reason anything gets done. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “She has a hundred eyes in her head”. That’s my wife.

I think the most important part of being a creator is you have to be able to bring your work to life, and the best way to do it is to give people the opportunity to experience it as much as you are experiencing it.

I was in 6th grade, and my best friend was in 7th grade. We were both playing piano, and we both knew that we were kind of advanced for our age. After we performed in front of the music teacher for the first time, we were able to play in the annual recital. I think that was my first time getting recognized in school.

Miranda says hip hop is a huge part of the American musical, and that it’s not all about “hilarity.” Miranda has been writing for Broadway since he was 15, and says he does lots of musical theater for fun. His play “Hamilton” won 11 Tony Awards in 2016, making him a big deal.

“When I was asked to perform at the White House in 2009, I chose to sing ‘Alexander Hamilton’ because I thought I was meeting a moment”.

In Hollywood, even the people in charge have people in charge. Even if someone gives you a chance to make a movie, you may not have a chance to make it.

30th of 50 Lin-Manuel Miranda Quotes

The quote came from Lin-Manuel Miranda and is used frequently in the show by the characters.

And for the first time ever, the Hamilton cast will be joining together to raise money for the first all-African American cast of a White House musical.

In addition to having a play that was one of the most successful shows on Broadway in 2015, the creative team also took home a Tony Award in the category “Best Musical”. The success is a testament to not only the talented people behind the show but also the team of actors who got up on stage every night and made everything seem real.

The music you need to have in your life when you’re a teenager is something you can be proud of. Having it all over the score of Hamilton is one of the reasons why it’s so loved now.

This quote is from the song “Aladdin”, performed by Miranda and cast member Stephanie Hodge. It is the second number in the musical Hamilton.

A lot of good friends of mine have told me that it’s the other way round. Because collaboration makes you smarter. They tell me that working with other people makes you better, and I think that’s true. But it is fun.

I can’t tell the difference between watching football and watching tennis. There’s a rhythmic quality to it.
I played tennis for years when I was young, so it’s something I have in my DNA.

They created a character in the street and made it a character. They were the best storytellers of the ’90s. I get wrapped up in the narrative of what they were talking about.

I love words, and I love making them rhyme. I love that I’m a part of helping someone remember a line by making their mouth move the same way as the lines move on the page. I love that I can make someone go, Ooooooh!

I can play tennis even when watching a tennis tournament or read a book and still be working.

40th of 50 Lin-Manuel Miranda Quotes

I mean, that’s great. But I’m a real Mandy Patinkin fan. I feel like he’s the only person on Broadway who can really pull off a Jewish-Italian-Spanish-Mexican-Cuban-Chinese-Native American person.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton” is the most acclaimed musical of all time. It is also one of the largest-grossing stage productions in history and in 2016, won 6 Tony Awards, including Best Musical. In the show, Miranda introduces the story of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, played by Jonathan Groff, in the form of a rap epic that he also penned.
He was 15 when he made the play.

When I prayed, God did not respond. I picked up a pen, and I decided to write my own deliverance.

[3]: The above translations are my own and do not represent the official translations.
[4]: Note that the following translations are my own, not officially sanctioned by the translators.

He loves to boast about how good his music is and how successful he is. He also talks about his money and how great it is.

All of us have something we feel is owed to us – I feel that we owe each other the chance to continue being human beings.

It was difficult for me to write “Hamilton” because I was so emotionally attached to the story–but watching “Hamilton” five times was truly life-affirming.

You can determine the outcome of history because of how you tell it.

_____says _____ is the first person of color to write an original show for the Broadway musical theater and, in doing so, has taken the lead position of ‘America’s Got Talent’ and is ‘Hamilton’s’ musical theater competition.

I tried to keep my mouth shut, the words were ready to come out. But I stopped myself, I told the truth.

They knew it was coming.

We are living in such times where hate and fear seem to be stronger. We are rising and falling and light from dying memories is remembered. And love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love cannot be killed or swept aside. I sing Vanessa’s symphony.


The quotes are from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s wonderful book Hamilton: An American Musical. It is available to read on this site for free.

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