40 Legendary Juan Manuel Marquez Quotes

 My favorite JMM quote is “Never quit!”.

Marques has a fighting style called Puro Sulfurdo, being a boxer who is all about fighting and not going to take anything from anybody. In his last fight, he was able to knock out a guy so fast that he didn’t look like he was moving.

He has competed in a lot of boxing tournaments and won gold awards in many of them, the most famous of which is the gold medal in the 2016 World Youth Games.

Marquez was the most celebrated and talented fighter in his era. He won world titles in four different weight divisions and had a successful career that spanned over 20 years. The International Boxing Hall of Fame inducted him into its prestigious Hall of Fame.

His quotes are great. I really like the ones about his loss last year.

40 Legendary Juan Manuel Marquez Quotes

I thought I won the fight. I thought it was an easy win in the first round. I didn’t think I won the fight. But the two judges thought I won. That’s why I did what I did. That’s why I said the judge was bad.

Marquez says he’ll take on Pacquiao next if they win their rematch while Pacquiao is on a winning streak. “If Pacquiao and Marquez have the rematch, both of us should win at this point in time,” said the Filipino legend.

Manny Pacquiao felt that Juan Manuel Marquez was not fair. He was angry because he felt that he could not get his share of the purse. He did not get it. In fact, it was given to somebody else. He was just happy that he came out on top.

Marquez said that he is not slower due to his bigger muscles, instead he is working hard in the gym and getting stronger.

After fighting Barrera, he went from being a top 15 fighter to a top 5 fighter, as if he was a second or third level fighter who could not continue on, as if he was a lesser fighter.

The two boxers have a deep friendship that will help in the fight and in the future. Marquez will train with Pacquiao to keep his feet up and avoid the effects of the punches and kicks of Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez have a lot in common and they are both top notch boxers. A real friendship has developed between the two of them.

Marquez (36-6-1, 28 KOs) is the reigning WBO welterweight champion. He is a hard puncher and Marquez believes that he has enough ring experience to avoid Pacquiao’s pressure. He is confident of his performance in the ring.

The fight between Juan Manuel Marquez and Juan Diaz is a fight that is going to have fireworks. Marquez knows that if he can’t get the knockout he still has to make Diaz suffer and that’s why he’s in the biggest fight he’s ever faced. Diaz will be smart enough to keep an eye on Marquez. If Marquez lands the first punch then it will be hard for Diaz to keep from getting hit.

10th of 40 Juan Manuel Marquez Quotes

This last interview was an important one for a lot of people who weren’t sure what was going on with Juan Manuel. Some wondered if he was serious when he proclaimed he was retiring after the bout with Manny Pacquiao and some expected Marquez to throw in the towel if he was struggling. On the other hand, many others had Marquez ready to make another run this year after a career of 16 years without losing.

Marquez said he was angry and there was a lot of pride in him. He also said he was very happy to get the fight with Mayweather.

The city of Merida is also a training and fighting sports capital, so it was chosen as the host of boxing in the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and the 2017 World Wrestling Championships.

Juan Manuel Marquez is still bitter that Oscar De La Hoya chose not to step in when he won their IBF championship in 2002, and he didn’t hold back in discussing it on the Joe Rogan Experience. Marquez admitted that he has wanted to beat De La Hoya for a long time, and he also said that he was never promised a fight against his arch-rival.

Juan Manuel Marquez has never tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, and he has never been accused of doing so either. Although some of the news stories that have claimed that Juan Manuel Marquez has tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs have been written in an inflammatory manner and do not take into account the facts, it is still irresponsible for a reporter to make a statement like this and then not back it up with any proof. That’s why I want to ask a question of Juan Manuel Marquez.

Juan manuel Marquez said he didn’t get a boxing lesson from anyone so he didn’t have anything to lose. A few days later he lost to Manny Pacquiao.

The fight between Juan Manuel Marquez and Mayweather was a great fight. Juan Manuel Marquez won, but not only because Mayweather was injured and fought on his terms. The reason was that Juan Manuel Marquez was fighting on his terms! Both fighters were motivated by pride and honor. Both were fighting for their countries and that they will be remembered as fighters of honor.

Marquez didn’t like Pacquiao’s win in 2008 because he wanted to fight Mayweather. He was so angry about his losing to Pacquiao that year, that he even skipped the Pacquiao-Alvarez fight. He fought Pacquiao two years after the Pacquiao-Alvarez fight.

 “We are more than happy to know that the score is in our favour and we’ve taken all four of the rounds. I felt like I won the first two, and the third was a close round.

Even though Marquez won, it’s fair to say that the fight was closer than expected. Marquez even said himself that the fight was too close to call. In regards to Pacquiao, Marquez has already said that Pacquiao doesn’t deserve to be champion.

20th of 40 Juan Manuel Marquez Quotes

Marquez feels that the judges overvalued his loss to Mayweather and he feels that he has a lot of respect for Mayweather.

Marquez is expected to have the best camp of the three at the end of it because of his experience and his conditioning, but he also knows that it’s not just about that. Marquez wants a fight with the champ. He’s a huge fan of Pacquiao’s and wants to be the one to get a final fight.

Juan Manuel Marquez mentioned the fights with Juan Diaz and Diego Corrales as critical moments in his career.

Marquez said that he wants to serve his country, and that he will be willing to do that, as long as it’s in the interest of the country and its citizens.

The fight was a war. The war was the first round because Marquez’s first punches were hard and powerful. Marquez’s right hand was the key to the first round. It is true that Pacquiao dominated the first round, but Marquez dominated the first round.

Juan Manuel Marquez, who is also a senator, made a reference to his work with President Maduro in the following statement: “I will continue carrying out acts of reconciliation with the people from the nation”.

 Marquez believes that his fights with Morales were all one-sided, but what he wants to say is that his fights with Morales weren’t fair. In the first bout, Morales dominated him but in the second, Marquez won because he used his size to box Morales instead of using his speed and hand-hand combinations to beat Morales down.

“When he fought Zarco (on April 27), the fight wasn’t really the fight. It was a fight to show respect for me, but also to the promoter and the sanctioning body. But after the fight the relationship was bad, so they fought with me. They always asked who they were fighting, but they didn’t want to work.

The fight is almost inevitable but I don’t think it will happen in 2012. There are multiple reasons: first, it’s Pacquiao’s prime. He’s been in the sport a long time and it’s now or never for him. He’s not losing his skills, so who knows how he would hold up in a 12 round fight against me? The second reason is that I am ready to fight. And this fight will be in May, a month before my next fight. If they want to give me an easier fight next, that’s fine, but it doesn’t make much sense to fight before my next fight. If the fight does happen, I think it can be a great fight.

30th of 40 Juan Manuel Marquez Quotes

1. Marquez and Pacquiao were involved in four world championship fights, all of which Marquez won. Marquez was able to win only one of those fights. He was the defending champion and, as the defending champion, had the choice of either fighting for the title or being challenged. In this case, he chose to fight Pacquiao, knowing that Pacquiao was a heavy underdog.

I have to say this, because I’m a new guy doing bodybuilding. I have never done this before. That’s why my body has changed, because I have been working very hard. I have been working very hard to get more strength.

He’s right. Pacquiao never had a chance with Marquez. He got beat up in round one, and it was only then that he was able to get into his comfort zone. “Mata” never went there.

Juan Manuel Marquez is a very talented Latino fighter. With the recent passing of Manny Pacquiao, Marquez finds himself in the spotlight and, even though he has only fought once since Pacquiao’s retirement, he has spoken a lot about the career of his former rival.

“I’m going to deliver a knockout to corruption.”

* This is not the name of the video game.

Juan Manuel Marquez says he would be more interested in a fight with Manny Pacquiao, as he feels he has already beaten him.

Marquez says Pacquiao is a good friend, so he doesn’t worry about the two not working together in the future.

Morales, an extremely popular figure in the Mexican-American community, would have been a tremendous star at this time, but Morales and Ayala were also friends, and so Marquez used this as a way to sabotage Morales’ career. In his next bout, Morales was dominated by Barrera. Morales did not give up his World, and kept holding out for the biggest fight possible. In the end, Morales won three more fights, two by majority decision and one by KO, before a heart attack forced him out.

In the late 1990’s, Juan Manuel Marquez fought in the junior featherweight division. He fought several good fighters but never got past the regional level. He was just about ready for his big break when he met Manny Pacquiao. In the first Pacquiao fight, Marquez was not ready at all. He was taken out cold in the first round. In the rematch, he fought more aggressively, and managed to turn things around. He ended up winning the fight, and the rest is history.

Morales said he did not need four fights to beat Pacquiao. It is not surprising. He was just asking a question.


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