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Kevin Kline is an American film actor. He has won three Golden Globe Awards and a Screen Actors Guild Award.


Since Kevin Kline’s net worth is only estimated at $35 Million, he is the only actor in this article with an estimated net worth.

Kevin Kline is an American actor and comedian. He played supporting roles in the films Midnight Run, A Fish Called Wanda, and The Big Chill. He played the lead roles in the films Out to Sea and Thumbsucker. He was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for the films Sister Act, Thumbsucker, and A Perfect World.

Early Life 

Kevin had three brothers, Robert, Ronald and Robert Kline Jr. His father was a pharmacist, and in fact he worked for Cigna.

While his father was working at The Record Bar, Richard grew up listening to music and learning about it from his father.


David and Patti, the two Juilliard graduates, formed the City Center Acting Company and founded Circle Repertory Company together with other actors and directors, including David Ogden Stiers.

Kline worked as a lawyer in Manhattan from 1976 to 1982, but after that he quit his career to devote himself to painting full-time.

Kline has been featured in many times in the New York Shakespeare Festival. Most notably, he played Richard III in the productions “Richard III”, “Hamlet”, “I Will Survive”, “Measure For Measure”, and “Richard II”.

He made a lot of films in the 1980s and early 90s, with Lawrence Kasdan. He made:
‘The Big Chill’,
‘Grand Canyon’,
‘I Love You To Death’,
‘French Kiss’.

He is the 2,272nd recipient of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, for his contributions to the motion picture industry, and was inducted in August 2003.

In 2019, Kevin Kline’s income is an estimated to be $7 Million.


Kevin Kline is an outstanding actor with a very colorful, distinct style. You may have seen him in “Amadeus” and “The Cider House Rules”. He is really quite an amazing actor.

Favorite Quotes From Kevin Kline 

Kevin Kline made his acting debut in a film called “Lilies of the Field” (1984), a film by the Canadian director Atom Egoyan (“The Sweet Hereafter”, “Exotica”). The film was directed by Kevin Reynolds (“The Hand”, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”). It is a tragic tale about a young man who is a former child star.

In the film, Kline’s character, a depressed widower, finds solace in the company of three loyal dogs. This was the first time that the word “dog” had been used in dialogue. The movie made it through pre-production relatively unscathed, but it’s hard not to notice the word’s subsequent use in real life with the rise of the far-right.

Kevin Kline started directing movies. He had two hits with The Ice Storm and In & Out. Then came two more movies directed by Kline. A Beautiful Mind, and Doubt. He also directed the movie Leap Years. In the process of making these movies, he was able to find his place as an actor. He also found a path in which he could continue directing. He is currently directing the movie Bad Words and is also working on a sequel to The Ice Storm.

The technique has many benefits for actors including minimizing tension, centeredness, vocal relaxation, and responsiveness, mind/body connection, and about an inch and a half of additional height.

3 Life Lessons From Kevin Kline 

As a businessman and investor, Kline has accumulated a net worth of $30 million. This information puts him in the top 0.0001% of the population.

1. We Have To Save Ourselves 

No one is going to fix our problems for us. We are the only ones that can do that.

2. Go Through

You can’t learn to walk without getting dirty first.

3. Strength and Courage 

We gain strength and confidence by each experience which helps us to stop, to look fear in the face, and to overcome it.


He is a great actor who is also a comedian and a voice artist who has appeared in movies such as “Dave”, “In & Out”, “A Fish Called Wanda” and “Wild Wild West”.

Kevin Kline was born in the month of June in the year 1963.

The above examples are all paraphrases of the original statement, which can be verified by a quick Google search.

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